How to Prevent Falling Off a Bike and Become a Master Rider

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Riding a bike is always fun especially when the weather is ideal. Besides enjoying the fresh outdoor air you will also be enhancing your health.

This is because while riding a bike you will be exercising most parts of your body. Because of this even professionals recommend cycling for people who have weight issues and would like to exercise without struggling.

I personally know this because I have been cycling since I was a little kid. In fact, I got my first bike when I was just three years old. Since then I have been cycling on a regular basis and I have made it almost like a career.

But while cycling you need to ensure that you are good at it. This simply means that you need to know how to ride a bike perfectly in a way that you do not fall off. This is not hard for most of us, especially those who learned how to cycle when we were kids.

There are certain tactics that you can apply to ensure that you do not fall off the bike and you are a master rider.

The tactics are simple and you can apply them in an easy manner. Here are helpful tips on how to prevent falling off a bike and becoming a master rider.


The most effective way of ensuring that you do not fall off a bike is to ensure you practice a lot. This means that every time you get free time you should try to ride your bike.

If you practice a lot of times you shall eventually know the right way to balance the bike and it will be hard to fall off.

While riding my bike I always ensure that I am optimally comfortable mainly to gain balance. Just get a route that you like and be practicing on a regular basis. It will cost you almost nothing but you will get a lot of benefits.

You can plan a schedule where you will be practicing at certain times of the day. If you have a good schedule you will eventually learn how to balance yourself and with time you will become a master.


It is not advisable to try and ride your bike when you feel that you are fatigued. This is mainly because there will be a higher chance of losing your concentration and you might end up falling off your bike.

To ensure you are not fatigued just relax prior to riding your bike. Create time and make sure you are not tired prior to getting on your bike.

Before taking my bike out I always take time to relax. This helps me a lot because I am able to focus on what I am doing. I also have several routes which I enjoy most riding on and this also helps me relax for I know the routes well.

Take time and make sure that your body does not feel fatigued. You can even listen to your favorite music prior to taking your bike so that your mind can be properly relaxed.

This way all your concentration will be on riding the bike and as a result, you will be able to avoid the mistakes that might make you fall off.

Use the Ideal Bicycle

There are many types of bikes and there are certain that has been specifically designed for beginners. This means that you can get a bike that you can practice with before becoming a master.

If you use the bikes meant for professionals you might find it hard to balance yourself in the initial stages.

But if you get a good bike meant for beginners you will eventually learn how to ride like a master. Most beginners’ bikes are not that costly and you can easily get one that suits your needs. With time you will eventually learn and become an expert.

Get Help

If you want to become a master and not fall off your bike you can get help from other people who love cycling.

You can even get into a team of neighbors or friends who love cycling. By being in the company of other people you will increase your chances of learning quickly and becoming a master.

I have a group of friends whom we cycle with on a regular basis. Even when I feel as if I do not want to cycle my friends usually encourage me. We also discuss various things about cycling and this further motivates me.

The people you ride with will give you the necessary motivation. This way you will be able to learn from them or even get help in case you experience problems while riding.

Use the Right Outfits

To avoid falling off your bike you should ensure you are wearing the appropriate clothing. The clothes you wear should be optimally comfortable to make sure you do not struggle to balance the bike.

There are clothes primarily meant for riding a bike. I learned this when I bought my second bike and I realized the clothes I used to wear were not very comfortable.

In fact, it is better to invest in buying the right clothes because this will save you a lot of time and resources.

It is also paramount to ensure the clothes you wear to provide you with optimum safety. This means that your body should be properly protected in case of an accident.

It is paramount to ensure that even your head is covered properly. In most bike shops you will also get clothes that are specifically meant for cycling.

You just need to know your style and the colors you like. You will also get the necessary advice on how to make wear the attire you get in the right manner.

Just take time and get a good shop that sells bicycle-related clothes. If you buy cycling cloth which fit properly you will even enjoy cycling more.

Therefore, if you apply the outlined tips you will be able to learn how not to fall off your bike and eventually become a master.

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