Are Balance Bikes Good for 4-Year-Olds?

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Balance bikes are good for 4-year-olds. Because it helps them to build self-confidence, focus, become agile, and coordinate. 

In this article, I will show you the importance of balance bikes for your 4-year-old child.

Are you considering getting a balance bike for your 4 years old kid? Sure go ahead and get it. 4-year-olds will benefit greatly from beginning their biking experience with it.

Balance bikes have different sizes for different age brackets. It doesn’t matter what age your child is, so long they are still under the age bracket of 18 months to 7 years old.

There is a balance bike for 18 months to 7 years. Irrespective of the age, if your kid starts their biking experience, it will benefit them very well.

4 year olds learn faster with a balance bike than any other age bracket because they’re exposed and more aware of their environment. They have the sensory ability to make better use of a balanced bike.

So, teaching a 4 years olds child becomes easier than a child that is 18 months old. 

What Makes Balance Bike Better For Older Kids?

Balance bikes are better for older kids because older kids make better use than younger ones.

Their sense of understanding is much more advanced than the younger ones. They learn faster as well. 

At age 4, kids are eager to know and learn, therefore, when you introduce them to balance bikes, they pick up immediately. 

Hence, the training from balance bikes makes them master the traditional bikes. 

However, there are different sizes of balance bikes for different age brackets. A balance bike for 18 months old is what 4-year-old kids will use. 

There are specific balance bikes for 4-year-old kids. Since the balance bikes are specially designed for them, they will benefit them more.

Also, the taller kids have their own balance that will suit them more than those who’re not tall.

Basically, there are attributes to be considered when planning to buy a balance bike for your kids.

Here are the attributes to check out in a balance bike before buying one for your kids:

  • Higher maximum seat height
  • Check if there is a functional break
  • Wide handlebars
  • Long wheelbase

These attributes listed above make the balance bike more comfortable and easier to maneuver for older, taller kids.

Irrespective of your child’s age, there is a balance bike that will be best for them and make them have enough exercise and have fun.

Here’s a list of different types, sizes, and the number of balance bikes. The list below will help to guide your buying decision.

Here Are 9 Best Balance Bikes For 4 To 6-Year-Olds.

Best Balance BikeBest Pant SizeSeat Height RangeMSRP
Strider 166-819.5″ – 24.5″$200
Strider 14x4T-615″ – 22″$150
LittleBig Convertible3T/4T14″ – 21″$187/$239
Ridgeback Scoot XL4T-616″ – 22″$225
WOOM 1 PLUS4T/5T14.8″ – 18.7″$269
Frog Tadpole Plus4T/5T15″ – 20″$260
Ridgeback Scoot3T/4T
14″ – 20″
Radio Flyer Glide & Go3T/4T14.2″ – 18.5″$45
Bixe 166-8
18.25″ – 22.4″$90
Saracen Freewheel3T/4T13″ – 19″$180

The above balance bikes are listed to guide you on which one you want to acquire for your kids.

Balance bikes are not just meant for toddlers, it’s a way to teach kids who are 4 to 8 old to learn how to ride a bike.

Balance bikes are used to build confidence in kids. It’s a great way to improve the focus of kids.  

A balance bike is the simplest way to transition the kid from the use of a training wheel to traditional bikes.

They are very lightweight and easy to balance by 4-year-olds. They’re designed to help the 4 years old kids to be focused on the goal — balance a wheel while seated on a bike.

They’re more focused when training with the balance bikes than the one with the pedal and training wheel.

Balance bikes are good for your 4-year-old kids because they have one thing to care about, which is the idea of balancing the bike — they channel all their energy toward balance.

Are Balance Bikes Better For 4-Year Olds Than Stabilisers/Training Wheels?

Since you want to buy a bike for your 4-year-olds kid, you may probably be asking, “Which is better; a balance bike or a pedal bike fitted with stabilizers?” 

Balance bikes are the best option for your 4-year-old kid to start the biking experience. This will help them to clear faster and become more focused since a balance bike is pedal-less.

Now, what is a stabilizer/training bike?

A stabilizer bike is a bike held upright with two small outrigger wheels. This stabilizer is usually set up a little higher than the rear wheel.

The stabilizer bike tips from side to side as the child’s weight moves from one direction to the other.

Your 4-year-olds kid doesn’t have control over the control of the stabilizer bike. As they start up the process.

However, from these functions of stabilizer, you discover that balance bikes are better and safe for your 4-year-old kid.

They are more focused and they hardly fall to one side because they’re able to balance their weight.

Bikes with stabilizers are more difficult for your 4-year-olds to ride on the rough surface or slop.

Getting a bike with a stabilizer for your kid is like teaching the kid how to walk with crutches. I know you may not like it then, get it off from the kid and buy a balanced bike.

It’s somehow difficult for a 4-year-old kid to use a bike with a stabilizer at the corner. It is usually difficult for turning because the kid’s weight leans on one side which leads to the fall.

But with a balanced bike, the 4-year-olds are able to lean the bike towards the inside of the corner in a correct way.

The 4-year-olds find it difficult to pedal a stabilizer bike when it’s on the wrong gear. Therefore, a balance bike has no gear and the kid can easily start out at any time.

A balance bike, on the other hand, is another way of teaching the kid how to walk — a natural progression from crawling, walking, and running.

Are Balance Bikes Safe For A 4-Year-Old Kid?

Balance bikes are very safe for your 4-year-old child. They’re intuitive for kids to use, making them not to be afraid of riding a bike. It also helps them to build confidence in the bike.

Balance bikes are safer for your 4-year-olds to learn how to ride the traditional bike. Balance bikes help the 4-year-old to develop concentration in handling the traditional bikes.

Balance bikes are safer for your 4 years kid because they are easily familiar with the bike.

Get a balance bike for your 4 years kid to experience the pleasure and the fun of riding a bike.

Where Do They Put Their Feet?

Balance bikes are designed without footrests because it helps the kids to be more focused as they ride instead of bothering on how to pedal — pedaling and focus are two assignments for kids.

The idea for balance bikes is to teach kids how to be focused — focus on one side instead of having dividing attention.

Kids pick up their feet as they’re gliding. The absence of a pedal is a calculated idea to get the kids to pay attention in one direction while riding.

Do Balance Bikes Have Brakes?

Most times, balance bikes come without a brake, rather than a rear hand brake. And sometimes it has the front brake or both rear hand and front hand brake.

A Balanced bike is for those kids who can use their feet to stop the bike when it’s on speed

Why those with front or rear brakes is for those kids who can’t use their feet as brakes to control the bike when on speed.

A 4-year-old kid might likely control a balance bike without break. They’re more focused and understandable than 18 months old.

There are balance bikes for 4 years for kids with rear brakes or front brakes. Study your kid to know the one they ride successfully and get it.

How High Should A Balanced Bike Seat Be?

The saddle on a balance bike should be set so that the 4-year-olds can have their feet flat on the ground.

Some of the balance bikes for 4 years olds have seat clamps. The seat clamp is set for easy adjustments.

The seats are also built to enable the kid’s hands to reach the handlebars comfortably, with their torso angled slightly forwards.

How To Choose The Right Balance Bike For 4 Years Kids?

There are factors you need to consider before you choose the right balance bike for your 4-year-old kid.

In subheading, I want to show those factors you need to look out for in a balanced bike before you buy.

These factors will also guide your decision to buy the best for your 4 years old and any other age your kid may be.

These factors are informative in directing you on what not to buy.

Here are the factors:


Balance bikes are sized factors based on the inseam instead of the wheel or the frame size.

The reason is that your kid should be able to push the balance bike and have control of the bike at the same time.

Size is an important factor in buying a balanced bike. Because the feet of your kid have to be flat on the ground while sitting in the saddle.

The size of a balance bike has two side effects. One if it’s bigger than the child they will not be able to use it, and if it’s smaller than the child the same thing applies as well.

Apparently, it’s important you buy the exact size for your child. 

To get the exact size balance bike for your child, measure your child’s inseam, with shoes on. This will help you to know the exact size of the balance bike you will buy.

The measure of your child should be a little longer than the minimum saddle of the bike while sitting.

But when the measurement is longer than the maximum saddle height of the bike, you need to choose a bigger bike. 

Your kid’s arm should be able to reach the handlebars without stress and with their torso leaning slightly forwards.

Arm reaching the handlebars will give the child the ability to be able to control the balance bike.

This is easy to measure, just follow the procedure here to get the right measurement of your child’s inseam for the appropriate balance bike.


Another important factor is the balance bike’s weight. 

The weight of the balance bike is what will determine if the child will be able to move the balance bike.

Get a lighter weight of a balance bike that your child can push through.

There are four types of materials used in producing the frame of a balance bike. The materials are:

  • Aluminum alloy
  • Steel 
  • Wood 
  • Plastic 

The frame from the above materials has a different weight. But the lighter one is the one produced from Aluminum alloy. 

Aluminum alloy frames are rustproof and durable. Your 4 years kid can easily push through the frame made with aluminum alloy.

The best material frame to buy for your 4 years kid is the aluminum frame. 


One of the best wheels to get for your child when buying a balance bike is air (pneumatic) tires, alloy rims, and hubs with steel spokes.

The air tires will give your child more confidence because of the cushioning and grip when riding on a rough surface. 


A Balanced bike will help your 4-year-olds to master the traditional bike on time.

A balance bike is good for your 4-year-old because it will make them become more coordinated and focused.

A balance bike is good for your 4-year-olds. Introducing your 4-year-old to a balanced bike is a good way to improve their vigor for life.

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