Are 7 Speeds Enough On A Bike? (Read This First)

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The 7-speed is an effective standard gear mechanism for bikes. It’s the simplest and easiest gear to operate.

Let’s quickly answer the question: are 7 speeds enough on a bike?

Yes! 7 speeds is enough for a bike because it has a functional system, which allows easy pedaling from the lower gear while the higher gear allows smooth movement on any terrains.

The 7 speeds bikes have the capacity to travel on any terrain. It gives riders the highest comfort at any ride.

The mechanism standard arrangement of 7 gears bikes, allows the external position of different-sized clogs, which causes the chain to shift inside the derailleur as you pedal. 

In this article, you will learn everything about 7 speeds gear. Also, I will compare 7 speeds with other related speeds for you to know that 7 speeds are enough on a bike.

Why are 7 Speeds Preferred on a Bike Over 3 Speeds?

The 7 speeds have complete components, which make it to be enough on a bike compared to its counterpart gears like 3 speeds.

The essence of gears is to increase the acceleration of bikes through effortless pedaling. Once the gears fail to accelerate the bike’s speed, then it’s not enough for a bike.

The climbing of the hill becomes pleasurable because of the gear. You effortlessly climb any appropriate hill with a bike as a result of 7-speed.

Any set of bike gears that still finds it difficult to incline hill, then the speed at which the bike runs at it’s not enough for the bike.

Bicycles have different levels of speeds, which are also known as gears. The gears range from 1, 3, 7, 18, 21, and 24, or 27 speeds. Gear 10 and 15 are obsolete and the new modern bikes don’t have the gears.

The most effective and common speeds on bikes are 7, and 3. But 7-speed is the most preferred gear by many riders because of the features. 

Let’s study the performance of 7 speeds and 3 speeds differently to find out, which one is really enough speed on a bike.

What is a 3-speed bike?

The composition of the gear system of this bicycle is neat. The mechanisms shifting tucking are far from the cycle, which gives the frame a clean look.

The 3-gear system (3 speeds) bicycles are easy to maintain because it’s well-seal, which prevents road tar and other weather elements from getting into the gears.

It is a chain-less bicycle and doesn’t require a derailleur before it functions. There is no chain cover on it as well. 

You can mount a chain cover on it by yourself to prevent the bicycle’s drive-train from being destroyed by any weather elements. 

The 3-speed bike’s drive-train lasts longer than you expect — the hub doesn’t easily bump out of the alignment if by chance your bike tip-over.

The 3-speed bike is built in a systematic way that you can shift to a complete stop without worrying about whether your gears will jump.

It requires little maintenance, especially when you drive it on poor roads. In a nutshell, 3 speeds bikes are reliable, durable, and easy to use.

The internal composition of the 3 speeds bikes is more complicated than the 7 speeds bikes.

A major fault on the 3 speeds is that it will require a standard repairer to fix it when it’s bad.

The mechanical performance of the 3-speed bikes is quite low compared to other speed bikes like the 16-speed bike.

What is a 7-speed bike?

The 7 speeds are bikes with a 7 mechanism system of gears to improve speed through little pedaling.

The compartment of a 7-speed bike and a 3-speed bike isn’t the same. The numbers of gears that made up a 7 speeds bike are different from the 3 speeds bike.

The 7 speeds bike is built with a standard gearing mechanism. It’s not complicated like that of a 3-gear bike. 

The 7-speed bike has different-sized cogs that position beneath and the chain shifts by the process of pedaling through a derailleur medium.

The 7 speeds are enough for a bike, especially for those who use their bike on a daily basis. You can ride on rough terrain, bumps, and gravel because of the 7-speed. 

The gear system is organized in such a way that at each level there is a performance going on. 

The lower part of the gear is responsible for the easy pedaling while the upper gear is what controls the movement downhill. 

The 7 speeds bikes have easy adaptability compared to 3 speeds bikes. You can adjust the gear to any level of speed you want. 

It takes a little more effort to operate, though once you are familiar with it, becomes very simple.

If one cog develops any mechanical fault, then you need to work on the whole gear. What easily leads to the breakdown of the cog is when it’s roughly ridden on rough terrain. 

The structural complexity of the 7-speed bike makes it work on the entire gear if anything happens to one component of the gear.

The Features of a 7-speed Bike 

Categorically, there are features that make a 7-speed bike stand out among other speed bikes in the market.

The 7-speed bike has average gear that’s more effective in climbing hills and any terrain you wish to ride it on. 

Riders prefer 7 speeds bikes because of the unique structure compartment built into it. 

Nevertheless, here are the features that make 7 speeds enough on a bike.

Chain Guard For 7 Speeds Bike

Most speed bikes out there don’t have chain guards. Therefore riders’ clothes always get sucked into the bike chain. The chain guard protects your loose fabric from being sucked into the chain. 

The 7-speed bikes have this unique feature, which makes them different from other speed bikes.

Riding 7-speed bikes make you feel relaxed because you aren’t worried about your loose fabric being sucked into the bike chain.

The chain guard is to protect riders’ fabric from being sucked into the chain while they enjoy the pleasure of riding.

​Front and Rear Lights

The first thing every rider seeks from any speed bike is safety. This is the primary important feature that characterizes a set of brands from other brands.

Riding a bicycle without the rear front and backlight in poor visibility isn’t advisable especially when you have to strain your eyes to see clearly.

The 7-speed bikes come with front headlights and rear reflectors, which you can use to see clearing during poor visibility.

The reflector lights help income behind objects to quickly see you from a long distance even though they’ve yet to come close to you.

The 7 speeds bikes have rear reflectors and headlights, these lights are built into the frame of the bike. 

You can either remove or add these lights into a 7 speeds bike frame. This is mainly possible for the 7 speeds frame because of the way it’s built. Though, the front and rear lights are part of the bike’s design.


The road may look dry, but when you ride a bike without a fender you’ll notice how dirty your clothes will be.

Fender and rain guards help to keep off the water, oil, and other elements from leaping off the road into your clothes.

The features don’t only serve as a protection against dirt, rain, oil, and other elements from getting into your clothes but also beautiful the bikes.

Front Racks and Rear Racks

This is a great feature that allows riders to convey their essential goods from one place to another. 

The 7-speed bike has these important features that you wouldn’t like to do without having it on your bicycle. It’s used to run errands and is a good storage facility for bikes.

What Makes 7 Speeds Enough on Bikes?

The essence of gear on a bike is to make pedaling become simple and easy for riders

The roughness of the road and the climbing of hills shouldn’t affect pedaling speed. 

One of the major qualities of a high-quality bike is its capabilities for efficiency and proper acceleration.

So, let’s dive into the features that make 7-speed bikes stand out among other speed bikes.

The 7 Speeds Bikes Are Perfect at Rough Terrains

This set of bikes is usually built for such surfaces or rough rides. This is the perfect bike for bumps, potholes, and some other road difficulties. 

The 7-speed bikes are enough for bikes because of their outstanding performance in the cycling world.

Adjustable Gears

One of the easiest gears bike riders can adjust easily to suit their level of speed is 7 speeds bikes.

Though at the beginning you may find it difficult to operate the gear once you get used to it, it becomes the easiest gear bike.

The 7 speeds of bike gears are flexible to operate. The speed at which it runs is higher than other speeds.

Little Maintenance

Among the lowest-cost of maintenance bikes, you find is the 7-speed bikes. It allows easy change of gear without pedaling. 

Riding this bike on rough terrain isn’t a big challenge because the maintenance is low compared to the nature of what it does.

Easy to Pedal

Unlike other speed bikes, the 7-speed bikes offer great ease when pedaling.

The lower and higher gear makes pedaling to be easy and smooth.

The lower gear of the bikes makes riders enjoy pedaling while the upper gear allows riders to hop downhills more easily.


The easiest bike speed that a beginner can start out with is the 7 speeds bike. It gives the amateur total control of the bike. 

Regular cyclists prefer the 7-speed bikes because of the outstanding features that it’s built into it. It makes riding easy and simple.

The 7 speeds aren’t just enough on bikes but riders enjoy commuting with it around town.

Riding on rough terrain and climbing hills is easy when you ride 7-speed bikes.

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