6 Ways To Get The Best Workout Of Your Life While Hiking!

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You’ll get a great opportunity to have the best exercise of your life through a hiking trip. Indeed, you can put your body to the test and test your limits during a hiking trip.

Although it’s true, you can get full-body exercise in a gym. It’s not quite the same as hiking. Because an indoor gym doesn’t provide as much challenge as a hiking trip will.

In a gym, you exercise on an even surface with a treadmill, dumbbells, etc., which can give you a challenging workout season, but it’s too predictable. 

A hiking trip can bring you several unknown challenges that pump up your adrenaline level and make it more enjoyable. Besides, on a hiking trip, you can enjoy the purity of nature, which freshens up your body and soul. 

Lower Body Workout Time Through Hiking

Lower Body Workout Time Through Hiking

No other workout method can give you as much thrill as hiking would. Not only are you able to enjoy the beautiful scenery nature has to offer, but you also get a full lower body workout in the process.

It’s true, that on a hiking trip, you’ll get complete body exercise, but the lower portion of your body is most affected while hiking because hiking involves a lot of walking, running, and climbing. It’s an excellent way to reduce the extra calories from your body.

Ask yourself, what is the purpose behind your exercise? To stay healthy and fit and burn the extra calories from your body, right? So why do it in a confined manner when the whole world can be your exercise ground?

Now, let’s get to the central part. We’re about to discuss 6 ways to help you get full-body exercise during a hiking trip.     

6 Most Effective Ways To Get Workouts During A Hiking Trip

6 Most Effective Ways To Get Workouts During A Hiking Trip

A hiking trip is an excellent way to be fit and active. As previously mentioned, a hiking trip not only freshens up your mood but only helps you to stay in shape. 

How? We are going to discuss that as you proceed further into the topic. But for now, we’re going to discuss the six most effective ways which will help you get the best workout season of your life during a hiking trip.  

Walk Downhill Slowly & Uphill Fast

The hiking trip involves a lot of climbing actions. It’s the primary reason behind your workout. You should try to take opposite actions while climbing downhills & uphills. It allows your lower muscles to work harder than natural. 

Because while walking down hills you tend to move a little bit faster than usual. Slowing down your average walking pace puts a strain on your legs, thus burning your calories more quickly.

The same goes for climbing uphills. While climbing uphills on a mountain top, tends to slow your walking pace. So you can try to move faster while climbing the mountain. It’ll give your leg a serious workout.

Do Push-Ups

As you know by now, hiking is an excellent workout method for the lower part of your body, such as your legs and lower back. But you can try doing push-ups now and then, turning it into complete body exercise.

When you do push-ups, your lower body gets a little bit of rest as well. So, you can do exercise to your upper body part while providing proper rest to your lower leg. It helps you to regain energy for the hiking. 

If you’re too tired to do regular push-ups, you can use a rock or a desk to do half-body push-ups. So you can do proper exercise without tiring yourself too much.

Use Hiking Poles

You might think you don’t need hiking poles, hear us out before making any decision. Yes, we know using a hiking pole can look a bit silly, but it’s the best weapon for your hiking exercise.

A hiking pole provides support while climbing mountains and increases the count of burned calories with less energy usage. 

As you know, in hiking, you need to use your legs the most. Your arm doesn’t need too much but keeps your balance in check. Using a trekking pole, your arms and upper body parts also get an additional workout.

Run Uphills

Running uphills is another effective way to burn some extra calories. Walking towards uphills is a workout in itself. Running towards uphills can increase the effectiveness of your exercise during trekking.

You should remember to run at a decent pace. Otherwise, your knees might hurt after some time. Don’t over-exhaust yourself; you should take a rest for a minute or two whenever you get the chance. 

You can also try to walk slowly after running uphill for a bit, and it allows you to keep a steady pace and provides adequate exercise while hiking.   

The Right Walking Posture

Walking in the proper posture can help you go a long way in hiking. A bad walking posture can hinder your energy, affecting your workouts during hiking. 

Keep your shoulder drawn back while keeping your back relaxed, and try to keep your chest and spine in a straight line while taking a stroll hiking. It helps to do trekking properly with less effort.

Set A Goal And Work Towards Achieving Them

When you start hiking, it’s better to set a goal for your destination. To improve your hiking efficiency, you can set a specific route, a rest point, and how long you will walk or run. You can use a tracking tool to organize yourself better. 

A tracking tool is essential to evaluate your hiking progress, so you don’t have to detour a single place twice. Whenever you can see your progression, it will encourage you to move on further. This creates a sense of achievement.

When you set specific goals and work toward achieving them, try to avoid setting unachievable goals. It not only demotivates you but also ruins the hiking experience.    

Hiking Trip Is A Life-Changing Experience

Hiking Trip Is A Life-Changing Experience

It’s said being close to nature extends your life by several years. Hiking trips can bring us closer to mother nature.

We believe that a hiking trip can be a life-changing experience for you for that reason alone. We have listed down the primary reasons behind it in the following segment.

Let’s go through them together, shall we?

Hiking Is Good For The Heart

A hiking trip is beneficial for keeping a good heart condition. Death by cause of bad heart condition is a common issue globally. 

The hiking trip is an enjoyable experience and a good workout for your body, and both of these things have a good effect on your heart.  

Anxiety Reduction

Anxiety is something that comes naturally in today’s time. Work anxiety, relationship anxiety, etc., are common among thousands of people. 

You can take a break from your day-to-day activities, go on a hiking trip, and be one with nature to reduce your anxiety level. 

Teaches Up Survival Skills

Being one with the wild on hiking trips is a way to build up excellent survival skills. We don’t get many chances to be one with nature in this organic world. A hiking trip provides such an opportunity. 

Unlike at home, you have to fend for yourself while you’re out in the mountains. Thus increasing our survival skills and knowledge makes us stronger mentally and physically.

Final Words

After going through all the above discussions, we’re sure you have already packed up your bags and are ready to hit the road for a hiking trip on the mountain. While hiking, please make sure you’ve all the necessary things packed up and ready. 

If you think you don’t have a lot of stamina and are not fit for a trip, don’t worry, it’s okay to start with a short hiking trip. Gradually when your energy and fitness improve, you will be able to go on a long hiking trip for sure. 

However, it’s crucial to stay hydrated while on the mountain. So, remember to drink lots of water while hiking. 

Good luck.

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