Is Strider The Best Balance Bike? (Best Strider Bikes Review)

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Why choose a balance bike? They allow the new rider joy, growth, and safety.

Propelling a balance bike is as easy as walking.

The new rider develops confidence as they sense balance and begin to steer the handlebar. All the while, they can merely put their feet down should they want to stop.

The balance bike offers multiple advantages to the chain-driven youth bicycle.

  • First, the rider does not have to maintain a sufficient pedal speed to keep the bicycle stable.
  • Second, stabilizers (training wheels) are not required.

Stabilizers affect the steering and provide a tipping point. Third, the balance bike is intuitive. The new rider needs little instruction.

Strider Bikes: Dedicated To Balance Bikes

Strider Bikes is dedicated to bringing balance bikes to the new rider. They are neither a toy company lending their name to a generic product nor a bicycle company just trying to cover the market.

It was 2007 Bode McFarland was two years old, and his father Ryan wanted to share his love of cycling. Ryan went to work on Bode’s traditional 12″ bicycle. The result was lighter, safer, and definitely fun.

Strider Bikes come in a variety of sizes to grow with your rider or to start a new rider at any age. Riders as young as 18 months have 12″ models (bicycle size refers to the wheel size). Riders from 3-6 years find the 14″ models ideal.

16″ & 20″ models are available to larger riders. The entire Strider lineup can be found at http:/

Strider Bike Models

The Strider 12 Classic and Strider 12 Pro feature flat-free rubber tires. Anyone who has tried to change a 12″ tube can appreciate that.

The affordable Classic is a light steel frame, durable, and available in three colors – red, blue, or pink.

The Pro is a super-light aluminum bike weighing less than 6 pounds. The Pro also boasts a wider seat height range adding to bike life. The Strider 12 Sport and 12 Pro come fully assembled.

The 14x Sport is Strider’s next model size. The 14x has all-purpose inflatable tires providing a softer ride.

The 14x is the true transition bike for your rider as an optional Easy-Ride Pedal Conversion Kit is available. Along with the coaster brake, your rider is now truly off to the races.

The 16 Sport and 20 Sport feature BMX-style handlebars and hand brakes. The brakes found on these bikes are identical to those found on many mountain and BMX bicycles.

Riders 6 and over will find the 16 Sport ideal.

While 10+ aged riders will find the 20 Sport a good fit, the 16 Sport and 20 Sport have more than ample weight capacity. The 16 Sport and 20 Sport are equipped with kickstands.

Some special needs riders may never move on to pedals. The 20 Sport is an option for these riders to participate.

Strider Bikes are available in a variety of colors. For the latest in selection and availability, the Strider Bikes website is informative and easy to navigate. Click http:/

Accessories & Upgrades

Strider Bikes also provides a number of balance bike-specific accessories to enhance the rider experience.

Of course, there is a lid. Your rider needs to learn safety from the start. So, the Strider Splash Bike Helmet is perfect.

It comes in two sizes with easy-to-adjust straps, a no-pinch buckle, and a padded chin guard. Well vented, your rider will stay cool and be “cool.”

As your rider takes off, they may want to leave some skid marks.

Add the Strider Foot Brake to the 12″ models, and your rider will increase his braking power without interfering with propulsion.

Maybe your rider (or you) wants to change handlebars. There are a variety of riser and BMX style bars for Strider Bikes.

If your rider is headed for Balance Bike X-games, Strider has full-face helmets as well as pad sets (elbow & knee). Half and full-finger gloves round out the X-game experience.

When your rider is transitioning to pedals, there’s no need to purchase a new bicycle. Just add the Strider 14x Easy-Ride Pedal Kit with chainguard.

The McFarlands started Strider Bikes in South Dakota, which probably explains the next set of accessories. Strider 12’s and the 14x can be modified with Strider Snow Skis!

You provide the jacket.

Maybe you can’t wait for your rider to ride. Strider Bikes offers the 2-In-1 Rocking Bike.

Purchase as a complete 2-In-1 unit rocker plus bicycle, or purchase the rocker separately if you already have Strider 12″ model.

Your rider wants to set speed records. Upgrade to Strider Ultralight Wheels. Think of the mag wheels of your youth.

No flat tires and the wheels come in a variety of colors.

Or, if your rider is already jumping curbs and seeking ramps get them the Strider Heavy-Duty Wheel Set. This wheelset features pneumatic tires with steel rims & spokes.

To see all the accessories available from Strider Bikes, visit

Strider Bikes Making A Difference In The Community

Strider Bikes has demonstrated commitment to the balance bike concept and focus on developing the balance bike experience.

Lifetime cyclists ride because they have a passion for cycling. That starts with positive riding experiences on quality bikes that fit.

To that end, Strider Bikes offers a program to promote cycling and other positive lifestyle causes.

The Double-Down Charity Bikes program offers themed Strider 12 Sports bicycles with custom color schemes and number plates.

Each bicycle purchased under the Double Down program generates a $20 donation to

AllKidsBike is a campaign to get balance bikes into kindergarten PE programs and teach kids how to ride.

Another $20 is designated for the partnering charity (e.g., Hope for the Warriors, Peace Love Happiness, Why We Ride).  


Strider Bikes are the choice when starting a youngster’s cycling experience.

From design through materials through assembly and support, Strider is dedicated to balancing bikes.

The intuitive ride minimizes tears and falls. The smiles are priceless, and the rider will spend hours riding their Strider Bike.

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