13 Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet You Should See

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Are you looking for the best cycling shoes for people with wide feet, here’s a list to choose from:

  • Gavin VELO Road Bike Shoes | Make your adventure memorable.
  • Shimano SH-M200 SPD Mountain Bike Shoes | Leave a trail somewhere.
  • Lake CX160-X Wide SPD-SL 3 Bolt Road Cycling Shoes | Feel comfortable on it.
  • Shimano SH-XC61LE Performance Racing Mountain Bike Shoes | You need it for balance.
  • Lake MXZ 303 Wide Winter Mountain Bike Shoes | Recommended for urban commuting.
  • SIDI ERGO 4 MEGA Road Cycling Shoes | Modern, Sleek, and Beautiful.
  • Northwave Sonic 2 Plus Wide Cycling Shoe | It’s time to explore some more.
  • TriSeven Premium Nylon Triathlon, Lightweight and Unisex Shoe | Lightweight and sexy.
  • Gavin MTB Mesh Indoor Fitness Cycling Shoe | Take this indoor shoe out with your bike.
  • Weideng Professional Cycling Shoe Breathable Men Women Bike Shoe | Catch your breath.
  • Smartodoors Sidebike SD002 Men’s All-Around Cycling Shoe | Trusted and valued.

Cycling is a real passion for those who love it. If you are simply a cycling lover or a seasoned professional, a good pair of bike shoes will be essential.

If you’ve been blessed with wide feet, you need to be deliberate when choosing your cycling shoes. This is very important.

These shoes will guarantee good ventilation of your feet but also be able to offer you a perfect adhesion to the pedals so that your feet do not slip when you pedal.

There are several models and brands of bike shoes on the market, so you should be careful when you buy yours. If you want to get the perfect model for your needs, focus on the comfort of the shoe.

Indeed, a pair of comfortable shoes will allow you to pedal quietly without being embarrassed since you will pedal to travel several kilometers.

For that, do not hesitate to test the shoe before buying it to be really sure of its comfort.

What makes a good cycling shoe for wide feet?

Cycling shoes are a very important element in the performance, for 3 reasons:

  • Comfort, which can be limiting if your bike shoes hurt you, in the long run,
  • The transmission of man-bike power, primarily for performance,
  • The weight of a rotating object is much larger than it seems.


First, what seems most obvious is comfort. It is clear that if you are not comfortable in your bike shoe, after a while, you will have pain in your feet.

And when we have a bad place, it deconcentrates, it takes away power and, clearly, it decreases the performance.

Imagine that you have a pebble in your shoe, this is the classic example, after a while presses, and it hurts.

There are those who often have the bottom of their feet warming, or a bulb in the heel, or compressed feet, and after a while, especially in summer when the feet swell, we feel compressed and it takes away a little bit of power.

A power transmission factor

The second very important aspect, for which the shoe is very important, is that the shoe is the transmission of your power to the bike.

So, if it is not good, again, you lose energy, you lose efficiency. Well, the bike shoe is not a motor, it’s not what will make you pedal at 5 km / h faster, but, again, in the long run, over the course length, it makes a real difference.

The first advice obviously concerns comfort. This is what we see as most important.

The bike shoes for those with wide feet have progressed enormously since the 80s. In the 80s, it was limited climbing shoes, very uncomfortable.

Today, most bike shoes are very comfortable. Only, you can have a strong foot or a foot end, and it has an importance on the tightening you have to choose, on the shape of the shoe — you have shoes that are more suitable for fine feet, others rather feet wide.

You must also pay attention to size, do not take too small; take a half-size above, it is absolutely not embarrassing on the bike — in running you take up to a size above because with the shocks, the toes can bump.

In cycling, there are no shocks, we could take tighter, except that sometimes, the foot swells, or strength of support is spread over the toes, so we recommend taking a half size at -above. It’s useless to take more, but the less dangerous it would be.

Comfort is very important. And again, on that, you can have brands of very high-end that do not suit you at all in terms of comfort, because the shape and fit do not suit you.

Perhaps also, the products used do not suit you, you are sensitive, you prefer some materials rather than others, and there, the idea is to try them and if they go comfortably when you try them in the store they will fit you comfortably when you go pedaling.

Take it that it is well adjusted, that you feel that the fasteners – there are different levels of attachment — you take the foot well, that’s what is important.

The second important point: we will arrive between performance and comfort is the sole.

One important thing is that today there are mainly two types of sole components: molded polyurethane (plastic) and carbon.

Which road bike shoe to choose

  • Molded polyurethane has the advantage of not being expensive.
  • It can be very rigid, but in general, to be rigid it must be thick.
  • It is important that the thickness between your foot and the grip of the pedal is as thin as possible to have the most direct re-transmission and the least energy loss. And the second disadvantage of polyurethane, if it is made rigid, is that it will become heavy.

But if you are looking for comfort, you may prefer a sole that is less rigid, a little more flexible and there, the polyurethane is perfect, because with a not very thick sole, you have a good level of comfort, a soft sole and it’s comfortable.

If you want more performance, it will require a rigid sole. As I said, polyurethane is possible, except that it is thicker and heavier.

For this, the way that manufacturers have found is carbon. Carbon soles are very thin and still very rigid and very light. This is an important advantage.

The shoe is the interface between the cyclist and the bike, it is by the shoe that will pass all the power from where the interest to choose well.

The parameters for the choice will be:

  • shape and dimensions according to the foot
  • the insole following your foot
  • the camber is very often forgotten
  • practical following sole
  • fixing following practice and holds
  • footwear for comfort
  • Thermoformable shoes?

Shape and dimensions according to the feet:

Types of foot

  • The shape of the footwear will be guided by that of your foot.
  • All brands of shoes have made choices of shapes and it must be said that few know why.
  • As in the bike world, many do but little know how to explain why (apart from wanting to make money easily).
  • We must begin by measuring his foot in length and width.

If your foot measures 250mm long and your meta 70mm (you have to read 1st phalanx) you will need 2 to 3mm of leather at the heel 3mm of play at the end of the shoe + 3mm for the leather.

You will need to measure externally (measurement taken at 15 mm above the sole) 250+ 8 to 9mm at most 258 mm.

In these conditions, your foot should be perfectly positioned in the shoe (with a bike sock) and if you put on a tennis sock your foot should be almost tight.

In fact, the foot must be maintained but not tight because when you press hard on the pedals the foot will “crash a little” so he needs a little room for that, otherwise, it would cause a slight compression and would harm venous return.

This means that you have to try shoes and preferably at night when your feet are “tired”.

The other point to check is the kick of the footwear so that it is adapted and that the clamping elements can do their function.

Sometimes this form of kick can be a problem with straps too high or too low that would interfere with pedaling at the kick.

1. Chrome Unisex Truk Pro

With the Chrome Unisex Truk Pro white bike shoe, you will immediately notice its lightness as well as the comfort it gives you by wearing it.

These characteristics are conferred by its upper which is both comfortable and resistant because it is made with different different materials.Well adapted to the morphology of the feet, this bike shoe is unisex, so it is suitable for all feet whether male or female.

But his biggest asset is his technology called “Dynalast”. With this technology, the upward movements of your feet are free and optimized, reducing energy loss when you ride a bike for a long hike.

In addition, it is fully compatible with the various automatic shims, but also offers a good clamping system thanks to its two scratches and its micrometric buckle can leave a good air circulation.

2. Giro Factor ACC Road Shoes

The comfort that the Giro Factor ACC Road Shoes offers you is the main quality you will notice.

Indeed, being a shoe specifically designed for professional cyclists it is made of a breathable material that gives it its ability to be waterproof and able to evacuate sweat from the feet and moisture.

Moreover, its interior is made with cotton, so you can put your feet in, climb on your bike and pedal without irritating your feet regardless of the distance you travel.

Especially as its clamping system with a micrometric strap gives you the speed to tighten or loosen at your leisure.

As for your performance during your pedaling, the Giro Factor ACC Road Shoes will optimize your performance with its crampons that will stick perfectly to your pedals.

3. KEEN Men’s Rialto H2

Image result for KEEN Men's Rialto H2

The KEEN Men’s Rialto H2 shoes will give you the performance you need for cycling.

Whether you are a professional in the field or simply a bike lover who is looking for reliable and comfortable equipment with a well-finished design, this shoe is ideal for you.

Especially since it has a very adaptable fit thanks to its advanced closure system to offer you a perfect fit and adapted to your requirements.

This adaptable fit will also ensure the stability of your feet when pedaling while giving them more comfort and more power.

It will offer you an incredible comfort thanks to its different characteristics, to mention only its Air Mesh fabric that improves the perspiration of the shoe to be able to evacuate moisture as well as its non-slip removable heel pad made of rubber.

4. Vittoria THL

Image result for Vittoria THL

Thanks to the carbon soles, the transmission of power is much more efficient. These shoes are distinguished by their closing system.

They incorporate the Soft Instep soft kick closure system. To optimize the runner’s comfort, the dimensions of the morphological strip have been reduced, but it has been coupled with a flexible and thermoformed material.

Thus, the pressure exerted during the pedaling is distributed equitably on the plantar arch. Thanks to this innovation, runners no longer need a stent for kicking.

Sidi’s official size guide recommends that riders ride a size above the fact that the shoes of the whole range are small. In any case, the fasteners of the shoe will give you the support and optimal comfort of your feet.

In a ranking, the Vittoria THL would be among the most expensive bike shoes , but that can perfectly be explained by its design, the types of materials with which it was manufactured and the technology it is equipped with.

5. Teva Men’s Sterling Lace-Up Sneaker

The Teva Men’s Sterling Lace-Up Sneaker shoes are unisex, they have been designed to suit the morphology of male and female feet. In fact, these shoes are intended for the fun practice of road cycling.

These shoes feature a comfortable and durable upper that combines mesh, insert, leather and other synthetic materials.

Despite the use of these many materials, the shoes are comfortable and ensure good air circulation. The in-sole is equipped with a modular arch support for ultimate comfort.

The real innovation of this pair of running shoes lies in the “Dynalast” technology which optimizes the movement of the ascending foot and reduces energy losses during long hikes.

They also have an accurate adjustment system that is based on two scratches and a micrometric loop.

For a cheaper bike shoe, but of very good quality, you can direct your choice to the Teva Men’s Sterling Lace-Up Sneaker. The latter is, among others, made with quality materials, to mention only synthetic leather, mesh, nylon and fiberglass.

6. DZR Shoes Jetlag Nero

Image result for DZR Shoes Jetlag Nero

The DZR Shoes Jetlag Nero shoes combine comfort, robustness, and aesthetics. In fact, these shoes owe their high popularity to the comfort they grant. They have a micrometric buckle combined with classic laces that ensure optimal foot support.

The insole optimizes the cushioning and overall comfort of the foot. Despite the simplicity of its design, the DZR Shoes Jetlag Nero shoes are the result of a technological feat unique in its kind.

The transmission of power is optimal with these shoes thanks to the combination of fiberglass and nylon for the design of the soles.

These pairs of shoes are chosen by many professionals because they meet their every need. This model is very successful on long journeys.

Which bike shoe to choose? Sometimes you get lost with a multitude of offers or flinch on the first comer. If you have not made your choice yet, let yourself be seduced by the performance of the DZR Shoes Jetlag Nero.

7. Shimano SH-ME5 Trail

Image result for Shimano SH-ME5 Trail

The Shimano SH-ME5 Trail shoes are high performance. They have been designed so that you can improve your sporting performance during the cycling event. With a Velcro fastener, these shoes will remain adapted to your feet even after miles of travel.

These shoes have been designed to perfectly fit the shape of the bike pedal. Their upper is synthetic leather. The toe area has been reinforced to provide greater comfort and durability.

They also facilitate the transfer of power. These insoles have been coupled with a non-slip membrane 0.6 mm thick for perfect stability of the heel.

The wedges of these shoes are steel, in principle, they are suitable for all models of road pedal. The outer soles, for their part, are made of aerated and patented composite carbon.

To choose the best brand of bike shoes, why not indulge in the LShimano SH-ME5 Trail. Moreover, this shoe has all the criteria relating to your comfort and your safety during your hikes, your short walks and other more professional uses.

8. DVS Men’s Enduro 125

DVS Men’s Enduro 125 are the best shoes for professional cyclists. Designed in a breathable material, these shoes offer incredible comfort. They also have the distinction of being unisex. In other words, they are suitable for men and women.

This explains why these shoes are available in a wide range of sizes. Whether you’re wearing 37 or 45, you’ll always find DVS Men’s Enduro 125 that will fit your feet. Available in several colors, these shoes will marry with the colors of your jerseys.

In keeping with professional footwear, the DVS Men’s Enduro 125 feature a micrometric strap and two Velcro straps for optimal fit. You will also have the opportunity to tighten them without having to get off the bike.

These sculls will sit perfectly at your feet, be assured. The crampons of this range of bike shoes will allow you to get the maximum performance at the pedal stroke, especially during the final sprint, it is also for this reason that they are chosen by a large number of professional runners.

9. Pearl iZUMi Men’s X-Road Fuel IV

Image result for Pearl iZUMi Men's X-Road Fuel IV

If you decide to buy this shoe, you will get a high quality product at a reasonable price. The Pearl iZUMi Men’s X-Road Fuel IV shoes have all the features you need on the ground: With their waterproof, breathable and yet durable material, your feet will always feel at home and enjoy the highest wearing comfort.

The midsole is ergonomically shaped to provide a cloud-like appearance thanks to cushioning and extra stability. In addition, mesh inserts protect against scree and other smaller particles. Also a mud protection did not forget the manufacturers.

So you can lace up the shoes quickly, there is the Quick Fit lacing system, which also has a small compartment for the laces – after all, you do not want to stumble on your trip.

A protective cap on the front also protects the toes from shocks. All in all, this is the perfect walking shoe in the terrain and accompanies you safely on your outdoor adventures. Please remember to impregnate the shoe before wearing to keep it waterproof.

10. Louis Garneau

This is a shoe model that both women and men can wear and with which you can easily walk on uneven ground.

The walking shoe has a robust, durable outer material made of suede leather and is characterized in particular by a very good out-sole, which has optimal cushioning for easy hikes.

Breathable polyester is used as inner lining, which dries quickly and contributes to the comfort of the foot. Another advantage is the low weight of the shoe: With 950 g, you hardly feel that you ever wear shoes!

Unfortunately, after a while, the straps seem to tear at the sharp-edged eyelets – which is a shame, but can be quickly resolved by replacing them with a new pair of straps. The best way to order a replacement pair of laces! For such a cheap walking shoes that’s okay too.


Image result for X-ALP ENDURO IV

These shoes are ideal for a trip to the countryside, small hikes or long walks on slightly uneven ground. Thanks to the optimal cushioning, the shoes offer maximum comfort.

So while the inner part is designed for comfort, we find the outsole is a particularly robust material that is clearly geared to longevity.

And compared to most other models in this price range, X-ALP ENDURO IV has the Personalized Heel Fit System, which uses memory foam for a perfect fit. Comfortable is not possible! However, the shoes are quite small and should be bought one size larger.

12. Five Ten Men’s Kestrel

Are you looking for a lightweight cycling shoe that you can wear when planning a hike?

Whether you are traveling for two or ten hours, this shoe will surely satisfy you. First of all, there is the lining, which is characterized by breathability and yet waterproof.

So your foot is always in a pleasant climate, even if you sweat. The moisture is directed directly outwards and your feet can rejoice.

Even from the outside, no moisture gets on the foot, because the Five Ten Men’s Kestrel materials are patented and deliver what they promise.

The mid-sole ensures a smooth appearance. As far as the out-sole is concerned, it is provided with studs so that you have a secure grip even in wet or generally slippery terrain.

Incidentally, the preformed insole is specially made for women’s feet and offers you a better fit compared to unisex models. The shoes are quite small and should always be ordered one or two sizes larger.

13. Madden Men’s M-Cool Fashion Sneaker

This model falls into the category “safety shoes for women”: light, modern and functional. With a suede upper, a rubber sole and heat resistance up to 300 Degree Celsius, this shoe can do everything you need in extreme conditions.

Flexible anti-penetration penetration protection is significantly lighter than commonly used steel. Here, the foot is protected from penetrating hazards by a flexible layer of ceramic-coated fibers.

This model is very solid thanks to its ultra light leather upper. It is therefore a model resistant over time and wear. Thanks to its white color, it is also aesthetic and can be integrated with any style of bike.

Wrap Up

These shoes are very stable and reliable for your adventure. This article is provided with three scratch closures. So you can easily adjust it to your feet without the slightest effort. With its non-slip sole, you can not slip pedals easily. The practicality is then at the rendezvous.

In terms of comfort, these road bike shoes for wide feet have a breathable nylon mesh. As a result, your feet can stay dry even if they are tight in this pair for a long time.

Those who have had the opportunity to compare this pair with others deduce that it is both solid and comfortable. They added that it comes with very interesting features for any cycling enthusiast.

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