How Long Does A Child Use A Balanced Bike?

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If you’re wondering how long a child can use a balance bike, this article will help you.

A child can start using a bike from 18 months up until they’re about 7 years old; when they’re grown and mastered it. 

Also how long a child can use a balance bike depends on when the child starts. There are some children that start as from 1 year or more.

Kids mainly ride a balance bike for 2 to 7 years, depending on the age they start. Though the earlier they start, the longer they will ride their balance bike.

A child that starts at the age of 2 years will master it earlier than those who started early.

So, the number of months or years that a child will use a balance bike depends on when they start.

However, once your child masters a balance bike, they move up to a pedal bike. There’s no specific number of months or years a child can use a balance bike.

What Is A Balance Bike?

A balance bike is a two-wheeled that has no pedal or is a pedal-less bike. A balance bike is a two wheel bike that you can use to teach toddlers as young as 18-month on how to be focused and coordinated, to balance on two wheels.  

Though, it doesn’t require much training, after a brief learning period, toddlers and kids can easily ride.

A balance bike is a two wheel bike that kids find easy to ride without much assistance from their parents. 

These are designed to replace tricycles and training wheels because they help kids to be self dependent as early as 18 months. 

Kids start to use a balance bike as from the age they are supposed to learn tricycle and a wheel for training.

However, a balance bike has a frame, fork, handlebars, wheel, seat, etc. It has no drivetrain. 

Kids are required to push through with their legs to move forwards. Balance bikes lack stabilizers, therefore, kids need to use their legs to balance and stabilize the bike.

Balance bikes prepare the kids on how to balance on the bike before they move over to the pedal bike.

As young as 3 years old, kids move straight to a regular kid bike with the assistance of a training wheel.

Kids ride a balance bike as the pedal bike even though they’re pedal-less. They don’t get stuck on the ground surface, easily move over rock, dirty, curbs, and even jumps sometimes.

Balance bikes are sometimes called glider bikes, strider bikes, run bikes or pedal less bikes.

Get a balanced bike for your kid today to learn how to be focused. 

What Is The Best Age For Using A Balance Bike?

The best age for kids and toddlers to start a balance bike is from 18 months till when they master it and they can then move over to pedal bikes.

Mainly, kids and toddlers begin to enjoy balance bikes from 18 months to 5 years old.

Kids are happier to ride a balance bike as from 18 months — as push-through with their legs. At this age, they start to become more familiar with the activities around them.

Whatever age your kid is, they can still ride a balance bike so long they are not above 7 years old yet. Once the kid is 18 months plus they can use a balance bike

There are balance bikes made for all sizes ages of toddlers and kids. It is never too late to get a balanced bike for your kids. 

So your kid can easily learn how to ride a balance bike.

The earlier your child starts learning and riding a balance bike, the longer their learning process becomes mature and the learning curve.

It’s joyful to watch your kids moving the balance bike and promote to the pedal bike.

Sometimes, an 18-month-old may not be confident enough to run confidently on their balance bike, while your average 2 years old or 3 years old will grasp the process more quickly.

At this age they don’t require much training. But it’s good if a child starts early as from18 months to get used to the balance bake.

From day one, toddlers can hop on a balance bike and start walking and scooting around.

Balance bike doesn’t necessarily need the assistance of an adult hand to assist the kids to push. It’s only designed for kids to ride on their own.

For much younger kids, there are ride-on toys that will help prepare a child to ride a balance bike.

Are Balance Bikes Safer Than Tricycles And Training Wheels?

Yes, balance bikes are safer than tricycles and training wheels. It’s more practicable and self dependent than tricycle and training wheels. 

They control with their legs and arm while focusing on the front.

Tricycles and training wheels are too slow for kids to learn faster — since adults help them to push through.

Kids find it difficult to easily maneuver their way when they are riding tricycles or training wheels. They can easily tip on a non level surface.

Balance bikes help kids to get prepared for an unexpected loss in balance since there are no pedals. So they’re more focused on balance.

With a balanced bike, Toddlers can also walk or run for several miles without not getting tired, unlike the tricycle and training wheels.

Tricycles and training wheels always come with handles because kids find it difficult to ride for a long distance without the help of their parents or any adult around.

Balance bikes are useful for kids and toddlers as from 18 months plus. They are safer than the tricycle. 

They can easily move by themselves. They don’t require much support from their parents. Parents are more relaxed when their kids are riding a balance bike compared to a training wheel.

Are Balance Bikes Important to kids?

Yes, a balance bike helps your kid to exercise their body. Most times kids prefer balance bike exercise to any other exercise.

Kids get independence from a balance bike much earlier than the traditional pedal bike with stabilisers/ training.

Balance bikes weigh less than other bikes. That is why Kids can easily push through without stress.

Balance bikes are important to kids because they get a lot of fun when riding a balance bike. They move it to any direction they prefer. Especially when they are exercising with their siblings or friends.

Kids don’t require any further training before they pick up a balanced bike to ride. 

Most times kids pick up a balance bike and ride without any formal training. It’s very intuitive for kids.

They just grab the bike and go their way without any instructions needed. 

By taking the task of pedaling out of the mix, kids are able to concentrate on the skill of how to balance the bike.

Balance bikes have several ways of improving the life of your kid. Another important way is that a balanced bike helps you to introduce your kids to the biking world.

There are several reasons why you should expose your child to a balanced bike. Buying a balance bike for your child is a great way of growing up their morale.

Balanced bike will help your kids get used to the pedal bike faster when the time to learn it comes.

Riding a balance bike is a great way to exercise their muscles while riding.

How Does Balance Bike Work?

Major work of the balance bike is done with kid’s legs and arms. That’s what they use they use to push forward.

Balance bikes are low to the ground — kid’s legs reach the ground when they are on it for better control.

To ride, the kid simply needs to walk the bike forward, while they cross over the balance bike. From walking the bike, they progress to running, striding and gliding.

Once they start gliding independently, it means they’re ready to switch over to pedal bikes. 

Balance bikes also teach kids how to steer properly by leaning the bike towards the corner, with the assurance of having their feet on the ground.

How To Ride A Balance Bike?

Kids are faster to catch up with how to ride a balance bike more than the traditional bikes. Most times, they won’t need much guidance or teacher on how to use it.

The kids start riding a balance bike by sitting on the low saddle while holding the handlebars. 

Then to move forward, they begin by walking with their leg while on the bike — it’s either they run, stride or glide, depending on how confident they’re and experience.

Likewise the smaller timid kids can start on a balance bike by standing over the frame, in front of the saddle, and just walk normally. 

This process will build in them how to be confident and self dependent.

Just by holding the handlebars and getting used to the weight and feel of the bike while they’re standing over the frame, their coordination will improve and they can progress to riding while seated.

How Do I Teach My Child To Ride Balance Bike? 

To teach your balance bikes is quite easy. kids don’t require much instruction before they ride. Kids usually hop on and ride without much fear. 

However, there are fewer check-lists you need to check and ensure they’re in place before your kid can ride on. 

Here are some of the check-list:

  • Begin the training in an open space free of obstacles and rough surfaces.
  • Get the kid a decent helmet to put on, by this you’re certain a gentle fall doesn’t disturb their confidence to ride on.
  • Set the saddle height that will make your child’s legs get to the ground when they cross over the flame.
  • If a balance bike has a brake instruct your kids how to use it.

It Helps Kids To Be Focused

Balance bikes help kids to be focused. They’re not just focused but also learn how to be concentrated.

Balance bikes help kids to master bikes earlier in life. They learn faster with the aid of a balance bike. 

Cadel says. “Balance bikes don’t have any pedals, so kids only have to focus on one thing – balancing. This makes the learning process a whole lot easier for them.”

Balance bike has a way of teaching the kids on how to be focused in life. Balance bikes teach kids early enough about how to control activities.

Since pedaling has been taken out of a balance bike, kids are able to concentrate on the ride.

It makes them dependent as they push with their legs.

They Are Easy To Use By Kids

Since they use their legs to control and push forward, they learn faster. They only require minimum training. 

Kids learn faster with a balanced bike — because they use their legs to control it.

Balance bikes prepare the kid to ride any other bike easily. As they master the balance bike, it becomes easy for them to ride the pedal.

Balance bikes also, teach the kids how to use their feet to stop, steer and turn around, giving them more control, as well as the confidence to keep riding.

It Helps Kids To Be Coordinated

Balance bike helps your kids on how to move their legs and control the bike at the same time.

Balance bikes teach kids how to coordinate things around as they grow up. It built in them the control skill.

Balance bike encourages kids on how to use their arms and lift their legs when moving forward. 

This not only helps them to build up their strength, it also helps them to fine tune their motor skills, coordination and agility.


How long a child uses a balance bike is dependent on when they start. 

A child can ride a balanced bike for years. Because mostly they use it for exercise as well.

They stop riding a balance bike as soon as they master it and they move over to traditional bikes.

Kids use balance bikes for exercise as well. They get their body and muscles strengthened when they ride a balanced bike.

Get your kids to balance bikes today to improve their confidence and build up their morals about life.

The more they learn or ride a balanced bike they become aware of the environment. Balance bikes help them become environmentally friendly.

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