How Much Weight Can A Roof Top Tent Hold?

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Now that the holiday is already here, you could be planning to go camping somewhere you’ve admired for a long time.

If you’ve made up your mind to explore other parts of your city or country, your next decision is what to go with:

Your car or your friends’.

Anyways, camping is definitely going to be fun and memorable.

Remember you have to carry a rooftop tent. Just how much weight does a rooftop tent hold?

A rooftop tent holds an average weight of 45 kg. Remember the roof rank also has some weight. Before deciding to use your car, check the manufacturer’s instructions. Check how much weight your vehicle can comfortably carry on its rooftop. To avoid any risk, don’t go against the manufacturer’s instructions.

Wait a minute, do you have a rooftop tent already or do you intend to buy one? Maybe you don’t even know where to begin.

Your friends’ might have no idea of what to check in the rooftop tent. Relax; here are the three primary considerations that can help you when choosing a tent.

1. Know the Pros and Cons of a Rooftop Tent

Pros of the Rooftop Tent

  • Easy to pitch: When manufacturers are designing it, they understand that everyone is not an engineer. They create it in such a way that anyone can easily pitch it.
  • Beefy construction: The rooftop tents are made with a suitable material that can withstand stormy weather.
  • Comfort: One of the advantages of rooftop tents is that they come with mattresses. They enable you to rest comfortably.
  • You can camp anywhere: When using rooftop tents, you don’t have to fear camping in some areas. You can use them for camping wherever you like.

b). Cons of the Rooftop Tent

The two significant cons include; that it’s costly, and it stays on your roof. If you compare it to a typical camping tent, the top roof tent is quite expensive.

When driving a highway, you will have to drive slowly. Of course, when you get back from camping, you have to remove it from your car.

2. Fitting it in your car

When installing a rooftop on your vehicle, you have to consider a few factors. Does your vehicle have a roof rack?

If not, be prepared to incur an extra cost when purchasing one. You also have to check the weight of the tent — you don’t have to struggle since you can quickly get it in the tent’s products specs:

  • How much weight your car can support: You can’t put a heavy burden on top of your car blindly. You have to check the manufacturer’s instructions concerning the same. Consider the weight of your car rank and the rooftop tent.
  • Check your rank’s compatibility: Not all car ranks are compatible with the rooftop tent. Check the manufacturer instructions.
  • Static weight capacity: Apart from the weight of the rank and the rooftop tent, add your weight and all the others who will sleep in the tent. Then check if the rank can carry the load. Though it is not a big issue, check if your car can support the total weight.

3. Attaching it to the Roof Rank

Image result for roof top tent

Remember that you have to bolt the roof to your car. It’s not an easy task. Even lifting the tent alone can be such a cumbersome task.

You require a reliable person to help you when lifting it. You should also get enough information on how to install it.

Here Are Additional Points about the Rooftop Tent

1. Durability: Tents are meant to stay for long. Some have a longer life span than others. Some get damaged by harsh climatic weather, while others have high resistance.

2. Hardtops: You should purchase one with a hardtop.  You have a guarantee that your stuff will not get lost as you drive. You don’t have to worry about the cost since the fabric models are cost-friendly.

3. Shipping Cost: All thanks to technology, you can buy some products that are not locally available online. Since the rooftop tent is massive, the cost of shipping can be very high.

4. Annexes and Awnings: You can check if the model you intend to buy has an extended living space. It might also be having a covered area.

You might have come across the term hard shell rooftop. You might not know what to check when buying it.

Factors to Consider When Buying Rooftop Tent

1. Shell Materials: In the back of your mind, you have to know that this type is durable. It can last for many years.

The materials that make the hard shell are either aluminum or fiberglass. They have the same quality, and both are excellent.

2. The Weight: They are slim are can comfortably adapt to any shape of a car. You will use more gas since they are heavy. The weight may vary depending on the tent size.

3. The Capacity: These tents are expensive. If you buy a small one, you might incur another cost in the future if you have to accommodate two or three more people. If you know that you might go camping with the family, buy one with a bigger capacity.

4. Roof Rack: It is a nice feature that comes with some tents. Maybe your car has no top rank. If you buy this type of tent, you will not incur an extra cost of buying one.

5. The Shape: Some have a wedge shape, and others have a box shape. Setting the one with a hedge shape is very easy as compared to the one with a box shape.

If you purchase Bundu Top, you will not struggle to set.

It has an electric motor that automatically opens the tent. If your tent is wedge-shaped, the inner frame has a lower risk of any damage.

If it’s box-shaped, you will get more comfort when sleeping and also get enough headspace.

Advantages of Rooftop Tent for Camping

1. It is Durable: It will remain in perfect shape for many years. You might not buy another one in your lifetime.

2. Strong and Reliable: Since they have hard material, they can withstand any climatic condition. You can use them to camp anywhere in any state.

3. More Aerodynamic When Closed: You are worried that your car will consume more fuel when carrying it. Relax, when closed, you can quickly drive along the highway without consuming extra fuel.

4. It is Easy to Open and Close: If you intend to go camping for long, carry the hard shell rooftop with you. You will not have a headache opening it or closing it.

5. Easy to Maintain: After camping for a long, the tent might get dirty. If you have a washing machine, you can wash it easily.

6. Seasonality: Regardless of the season, you can easily use it. Whether you are camping near a mountain or a desert, you are good to go.


  • Cost: Unlike any other type of tent, the hard shell rooftop tent is costly. If you look at the advantages, they are worth the price.
  • Heavier: You will sweat when mounting this kind of tent on your car rank. You need someone to help you.
  • Less customization: When choosing a soft shell, there are a variety of designs to choose from. The hard shell doesn’t give you much option


Camping is fun. You have to get enough information about the tent you need to buy.

You should also consider if it is compatible with your car rank.

Ensure that the car can support the weight.

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