Can A Range Rover Pull An Airstream? (Table + Checklist)

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Range Rovers are strong SUVs.

But do you think it’s strong enough to pull an Airstream considering its weight?

There are two important factors that adventurers put in mind when trying to figure out the type of van, and truck that can tow their trailers.

Let me quickly answer the question.

Can a Range Rover pull an Airstream?

The answer is Yes, a Range Rove can pull an Airstream because its capacity ranges from 3,500 – 25,000 pounds against Airstream’s weight of 2,500 – 10,000 pounds.

These two predominant thoughts are the core values that every camper checks out when planning for adventure.

These factors are:

  • Safety
  • Features

Adventurers are mainly concerned about the safety of their lives and property.

They also care about the features inside their recreational vehicles.

Safety encompasses everything about the van or the truck, from the towing capacity to the speed limit.

Most people need an SUV or truck that has the capacity to pull through the RV they wish to camp with.

Since most Range Rovers can pull an Airstream, you might be wondering what the total weight of an Airstream is — before and after it’s being loaded with cargo and passengers.

Let’s take a study on the weight of an Airstream.

The Weight of an Airstream

There are 9 different types of the airstream (such as Basecamp, Caramel, etc.) in the market with different weights.

Whichever one you desire to camp with among the 9 airstreams you will definitely get the maximum comfort you desire.

It’s important you know how much weight your airstream weighs. This knowledge will guide your decision.

This will help you to make a well-informed decision on which Range Rover will pull your Airstream.

Don’t search for an SUV that will pull your Airstream without not knowing the weight of your Airstream.

The clear knowledge of your Airstream weight will help you not to get an underweight Range Rover that will not pull your Airstream.

Basically, the weight of an Airstream ranges from 2,500-10,000 pounds. Every Airstream is built on this range, including all the 9 different types of Airstreams.

The table below shows 7 different types of Airstream with their weight, sleep capacity, and length.

Source (Camper Report and Airstream)

Airstream NamesWeight (lbs)Sleeping CapacityLength
Classic7788530 – 30
Tommy Bahama 4200424
Flying Cloud Weight3852823 – 30
Bambi3500416 – 22
Globetrotter5297623 – 30

The table above is an overview of an airstream, which could possibly guide you on which SUV to go for.

Just as I said earlier on, Range Rover can haul any weight stated here.

It’s important you know the types of Airstream you have and its weight will save you from the stress of the long search.

Here are different types of Airstream with more detail on how they weigh.

The Classic 30RBT Model

The Classic 30RBT is the most heavier Airstream model with a unit base weight of 7,788 pounds and a GVWR of 10,000 pounds.

The hitch weight of this Airstream model is 886.

This simply means that the pressure that’s exerted onto the trailer hitch is 886 pounds.

When looking for a Range Rover or van to tow classic Airstreams, it’s good you have an idea of the Airstream weight before you proceed to get a vehicle that has the capacity to pull it.

The vehicle that has the capacity to tow this model are trucks, SUVs, and cargo, though there could be other vehicles.

This simply means a Range Rover with a towing capacity above 10,000 pounds can comfortably tow this Airstream.

The Basecamp Model

As the name implies, it’s a small and basic Airstream.

Though it’s small in size, it has all the features of other Airstreams. These are as follows:

  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge
  • Appliances

Also, offer the maximum pleasure you may want in an Airstream.

Most people prefer this Airstream because of its size and it’s easy to tow.

Basecamp Airstream has the capacity to carry more cargo than Bambi, this makes adventurers prefer it to other Airstreams.

More also, camping with a Basecamp model will make your adventure memorable and pleasurable.

Basecamp Airstream has a lighter unit base weight that makes it unique and simple compared to other Airstreams.

Basecamp is small in size but has every feature you need in an Airstream that will make you have a happy camping experience.

Range Rover is a perfect vehicle to tow Basecamp.

There are other towing vehicles like Jeeps, trucks, Cargo vans, and Minivan that can as well tow Basecamp.

The Globetrotter Model

Are you looking for a more comfortable Airstream?

Then, Globetrotter Airstream has modern facilities that will give you the ultimate comfort you so desire.

Globetrotter Airstream will give you the home type of comfort you need when you are away from home.

When you’re looking for an Airstream with perfect style and comfort, then Globetrotter Airstream is what you need.

The Airstream has gained popularity in all of Europe because it has a well-furnished interior.

It has a bedroom that is queen-size. The bedroom is a home-like bedroom on a motorhome.

The queen-size bedroom is equipped to meet your all bedroom needs when you are away from home.

Globetrotter model Airstream has a well-furnished kitchen area, bathroom area, dining room, and a complete sound system.

These are the facilities that make up Globetrotter’s interior.

The floorplans of a Globetrotter Airstream range from 23 ft, 25 ft, and 27 ft in length.

These lengths are designed to meet individual needs — families or groups who are going camping might likely choose the big size of 27 feet.

Globetrotter models of Airstream furnished interior space will make you feel at home when you’re actually away from home.

Range Rover can tow Globetrotter Airstream .

You can also tow Globetrotter Airstream with SUVs, cargo vans, and modern trucks.

Likewise, you can tow it with Jeeps, though this depends on the towing capacity of the jeep model you have.

The Caravel Model

The Caravel Model

Source: Airstream

Caravel Airstream is small in size but still has all the comfort in every other Airstream.

Caravel Airstream makes life camping enjoyable with a glossy look and a nice modern interior.

The floor plan of a Caravel model Airstream ranges from 16 ft, 19 ft, 20 ft, and 22 ft.

This is made available for you to choose the one that will best fit your camping at a moment.

Caravel model Airstream is perfectly nice for a quick adventure like a weekend or for a few days.

The size of this Airstream makes it easy for towing. Range rover Airstream can tow caravel Airstream.

The Flying Cloud Model

Among all the Airstreams out there, the Flying Cloud model of an Airstream is the most popular one.

The Flying Cloud Model has two-floor plans, which range from 23 feet to 30 feet.

These two-floor plans have options for queen-sized beds, bunk beds, and twin beds.

This Airstream is called the Flying Cloud Model because it has a unit base weight of 3,582 pounds.

This weight makes it lighter than among the mid-range out there.

One of the advantages is that It’s easy to tow around by a Range Rover.

SUVs, Jeep Grand Cherokee, modern trucks, and cargo vans can tow Flying Cloud Airstream as well.

The Nest by Airstream

The exterior body of Nest by Airstream is built with fiberglass, which makes it a unique model compared to others built with aluminum.

Nest by Airstream has two-floor plans that are both 16 feet.

The unique feature of the Nest by Airstream is that it has a floor plan of the same feet.

The floor plan has enough space where you can fix a bed and a dinette, which you can as well convert into a bed.

The Nest by Airstream can be towed with trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs.

Different Types of Weight of an Airstream

There are various components of weights that made up the weight of an airstream. Let us quickly study those weights to know how you can actually apply them and calculate them.

Once you have concluded the type of vehicle to tow your Airstream, then it’s important you differentiate between their weight and their limit.

There are 5 major different weights of an Airstream. They’re listed here below:

  • Net Carrying Capacity (lbs.)
  • Unit Base Weight (with LP and Batteries)
  • Fresh Water Tank (gal.)
  • Hitch Weight (with LP and Batteries)
  • Maximum Trailer Capacity (GVWR) (lbs.)

Net Carrying Capacity (lbs.)

The maximum weight of cargo that you should load your airstream with is called the Net Carrying Capacity.

This is inclusive of the tankers, like the water tanks, propane tanks, and everything you add to your trailers.

Though the manufacturer usually adds this to the unit base weight of the trailer.

Unit Base Weight (with LP and Batteries)

This weight excludes every other item or gear you may load your trailer with. The weight a trailer can weigh when it leaves the assembly line.

This doesn’t account for any water weight. Whatever is the type of water weight inside is excluded when calculating the Unit base weight.

Fresh Water Tank (gal.)

The freshwater tank is the total amount of water that the freshwater tank holds.

This will tell the available water in your Airstream tank when using your recreational vehicle.

It is incredibly good to know the weight of your Airstream before you buy it.

The knowledge of this trailer weight will guide you on the type of Range Rover that will pull your Airstream.

This knowledge is very important because a vehicle is not just pulling the trailer only but inclusive of the cargo, people, and the trailer as well.

Hitch Weight (with LP and Batteries)

This is also called tongue weight. Is the total amount of downward pressure exerted upon the hitch by the trailer when the trailer is attached.

It’s always advisable to buy a hitch that has a larger tongue weight than the trailer. This is for safety and also for buffers.

Maximum Trailer Capacity/Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)


The maximum trailer capacity is the combined weight of cargo and the base weight.

This also includes the water weights and everything you put inside your trailer before you start towing

Even the total weight applied to the axles plus the total weight that is applied on the trailer tongue.

The maximum permissible load of the weight of your Airstream that is set or determined by the manufacturers is called gross vehicle weight rating.

This weight includes both the passenger, cargo, and the weight of the vehicle itself. This gross weight is about safety.

Before a manufacturer comes up with the maximum weight a vehicle can handle they might have put into consideration the suspension system, axles, frame, wheels, and other load-bearing components.

This weight amount is usually found on the driver’s side.

It’s risky when the total weight of your vehicle including the cargo and passenger is more than the recommended weight by the manufacturer.

Net Carrying Capacity (NCC)

The Net Carrying Capacity (NCC) is the total amount of weight (both the passengers and cargo) that your Airstream can carry.

However, the net carrying capacity excludes the unit’s weight itself.

Whenever you are going camping, ensure your trailer isn’t overloaded above the recommended NCC weight by the manufacturer.

The disadvantage of overloading your Airstream is that it will affect the brake, suspension, frame, and engine. For your airstream to last long maintain the same loading capacity as your Airstream.


The weight of your Airstream is what determines the type of vehicle that you can use to tow it.

Once you know the Airstream weight, then figuring out the Range Rover that will tow it becomes easy then.

Airstream weight mostly ranges from 2,500-10,000 pounds, this means that Range Rover can pull Airstream successfully, but this is subject to the size of the airstream.

Range Rover has the capacity to pull an Airstream of the pounds above.

Airstream has all the features that will make you feel at home while you’re away camping.

Many adventurers go for an Airstream because of the safety as well. Traveling with Airstream RVs you have nothing to fear because it’s safer and well-balanced.

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