Are Rancho Shocks Good For Towing? (Best Shocks Review)

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Are you looking for a durable, and well-performing rancho shock that’ll help your vehicle last much longer?

What you need is Ranch shock, which is globally known for high-performance suspension systems, off-road accessories, and greater shock absorbers.

Are Rancho shocks good for towing? 

Rancho shocks are recommended and good for towing because they have the capacity to haul heavy trailers, boats, UTVs, or campers and they feature 9-position adjustable damping with a 2.75-inches diameter body. 

Under the worst demanding towing conditions, most shocks will barely function but Rancho shocks will run more consistently and provide the vehicle a cooler environment to move smoothly.

Rancho shocks are super designed to enhance performance and durability with a larger than 18-mm diameter chromed piston rod you can count on any adventure journey.

Let’s go into details about why Rancho shock is good for towing.

Why is Rancho Shock Good For Towing? 

Rancho shocks are molded and finished in liquid metallic silver.

The metallic silver is an anti-rust that has the solid capacity to withstand the load pressure you may subject it to.

This is a universal shock product to accommodate most vehicles and one of the highest supportive weight-bearing shocks as well.

The Rancho shocks help your vehicle to produce a smooth ride and reduce the harsh ride you would have experienced.

They are built with good-weight material carriers. Rancho shocks are a highly-compatible and wireless controller that has gained popularity over the years.

Rancho shocks have the best elastic spring that balances the weight and makes it easy and comfortable when you drive it on rough terrain.

The wireless controller makes it easy for the driver to control it with a variety of one-touch presets, including highway, sport, tow/haul, and off-road.

The wireless features give drivers total control of the vehicle without any difficulties in any terrain.

Rancho shocks have excellent adjustability features, which allow the driver to adjust it to any level they want it to be.

Rancho shocks are popular in the U.S, and it has been recognized by Special Equipment Market Association (SEMA).  

SEMA awards rancho shocks as the winning technology for the high-quality production of shocks.

The Specialty Equipment Market Association placed more value on the Rancho shocks because of the high-quality delivery. 

Rancho shocks are tested and trusted shocks that are ideal for large wheel and tire combinations. They deliver the best mechanism for hauling trailers, campers, and other off-road.

The adjustable features of the Rancho shocks are built to be an effective distribution of weight and are good for strenuous distance rides.

Rancho shocks are built to deliver high-performance delivering of rugged work and good play in any on or off-road environment. 

No matter how rough the terrain, with Rancho, shocks your vehicle is perfectly good to go. 

Rancho shock makes you enjoy the highest comfort even when you’re driving off-road.

Is Rancho Shocks Heavy Duty Absorber?  

How sturdy and durable your shock absorbers are will determine how smoothly it will be when you drive on different surfaces on or off-road trails.

Rancho shocks are heavy-duty absorbers that are designed with high-quality material to handle heavy weight without any default.

The components of Rancho shocks are for both heavy-duty and lightweight vehicles. That is arranged to give a more excellent performance of bumps absorber.

A steady suspension performance of shock and absorber especially on the off-road and mud terrains.

Rancho shocks have 10-stage velocity sensitive valving enabling the components to adapt to any terrain.

It has an expanded tube design that helps promote better fluid capacity necessary for maintaining a cool operating temperature. 

This tube cools the hurt when it’s on a steady ride and allows better performance of the absorber. 

It produces a lubricating fluid substance that keeps the shock absorber active and absorbs the potholes on the road.

The fluid also ensures a cool operating temperature of the shock that makes it last long and requires little maintenance.

It has twin-tube polyurethane components that make it match most truck applications and promote better shocks when driven off-road.

Rancho shocks have 9 adjustable shocks that make them compatible with handling heavy-duty vehicles. 

As a heavy-duty driver, Rancho shocks control how firm or soft the ride quality is likely to be off-road.

The shock is positioned in an extra-large shock body, which controls the cooling system and maintains consistent performance even in the worst driving situations.

Rancho shocks compartments are 9 features, 2.75-inches body diameter, liquid metallic finish, and a large 18mm nitro carb rod. 

These features make it suitable for towing heavy-duty vehicles and lightweight vehicles.

Features And Benefits of Rancho Shocks

Rancho shocks have many benefits you stand to gain when you use them on your vehicle. Rancho shocks are accurately designed to promote comfortability.

Let’s dive into the benefits and features. 

Progressive Engagement Valving

The Rancho shocks are built with patented progressive rebound and compression discs that allow smooth drive.

One of the features is that at the lower speeds or at the beginning of the shock’s movement, the eccentric disc in the valve shim starts to engage the valving at a slow frequency. 

This helps to regulate the energy of the motion as the cycle of the shock increases or decreases in performance, which balances the weight all around.

When you drive a vehicle that has Rancho Shock absorbers on the road that has a pothole or off-road trail, the continuous engagement of the valving allows the flow of the fluid, which helps to reduce the harsh initial impacts.

The continuous engagement of the valving also controls the flow of fluid in a progressive manner via the valving.

When traveling on an off-road driving adventure like the corrugations or on the rough fire trail, the first flow of the fluid helps to minimize the rough ride.

The first flow fluid also helps to keep the piston gliding through with minimal ground impact or force.

The engagement of the valves also maintains the stability and control of the vehicle no matter how bad the road.

Does Rancho Shocks Have a Capable suspension lift kit for the ultimate off-road adventures?

Even though it is the most expensive route to travel on, Rancho suspension lifts can significantly impact your vehicles. 

Rancho shocks improve the way your off-road vehicle reacts to the rugged terrain that you may encounter on the trail.

Rancho shocks are built to add vertical boost from a modest of 2 inches to 6 inches or more. 

Rancho lift will give your vehicle better clear uneven terrain, water crossings, steep inclines, and many more. 

Rancho Shock has an extra space that allows you to mount huge boggers, which will help you to crawl through rocks and mud.

The Rancho suspension lift kit is designed to give your vehicle a more aggressive personality on the trail. 

Rancho has a bolt kit that has the capacity to lift vehicles up to 3 to 5 inches so that you can be cleared to wrap around 37-inch rubber on your wheels.

Do you know that Rancho products will not interfere with the electronic stability control in your vehicle from the factory? Yes, it doesn’t.

Rancho products will help your vehicle’s wheel to have a complete balance on the ground and on the rough terrains.

Does Rancho Have Tune Compression Control Valve?

Rancho has tuned compression that controls the valve. It has a disc flutter that controls and maintains the stability of the vehicle in virtually any environment.

It has a clamped disc base valve, which regulates the rate the fluid transfers during the shock’s compression cycle that helps in absorbing bumps.

Rancho products have high-quality precision-tuned shim stack valving that allows the motion of the shock to work in harmony with the vehicle during on and off-road driving.

Enlarged 2-1/4-inch Twin Tube Body

The RS5000-X series features a 2-1/4-inch diameter shock body. The larger the shock body, the higher the flow of fluid capacity to operate cooler and increase the vehicle controls. 

It has a larger shock that includes fluid to serve in all weather. The fluid helps to regulate the internal temperature for a better vehicle cooler. 

Gas Pressurization of Shock

Rancho shocks have a functional variety of gas Pressurization that minimizes air-to-air mixture, which usually results in foaming and shock fade.

Gas pressurization also helps to boost the vehicle spring rate. With the gas pressurization, you can be sure of the durability of your shock. 

16 mm Nitro-Carburized Rod

Rancho shocks piston rods are treated with a nitro-carburizing process, which increases the scuffing resistance.

It also protects the shock against corrosion and enhances its overall performance the durability.

Rancho shocks are strengthened with Nitro-carburizing because they are more eco and environmentally friendly than the chroming process.

Rebound Bumper

Rancho shocks have a high-strength, polyurethane bumper that helps minimize rebound motion when you drive it on rough terrain.

The rebound bumper helps to decrease/reduce wear and tear during on and off-road driving. 

When your vehicle encounters a high rebound from an obstacle at a high level, the polyurethane bumper dampens or controls the piston rod cycle at its peak point of travel.

Low-Friction, Self-Lubricating Seal

Rancho shocks have a low-friction, self-lubricating seal built into the shocks, which retains gas and oil that help to prolong performance quality.

It also provides a quick rebound and smoother compression during the shock cycle. The seal has an extra layer, which defends against dirt and debris.


Rancho shocks products are high-quality products designed to improve the overall road performance of your vehicle mobility.

It makes it easy for your vehicle to pass through the mud and another rough terrain.

The silver-coated cloth helps to preserve it from rust.

One of the shock absorbers in the market is Rancho shock. They’re durable and high-performance.

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