Can You Rent A Truck To Tow A Fifth Wheel? (Where, Cost, Checklist)

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Can you rent a truck to tow a fifth wheel? Yes, you can, if you don’t have a truck on your own. There are places where you can find affordable rental trucks that can tow a fifth wheel.

Meanwhile, read on to find out why I said yes. 

Though, to tow a fifth wheel is sometimes a difficult task for many people, even as they are quite expensive to tow.

However, the benefits of having a fifth wheel outweigh the challenge you might encounter when you want to get a truck that will tow it.

Camping is enjoyable when you travel with a group. It’s more memorable when you travel with your family.

Spending someday in the woods with your family outside your vicinity is refreshing and it increases your energy. 

Everyone needs a rest from their normal routing job to improve their capacity and strength to do more once in a while.

Those who find this to be true, have taken advantage of going for adventure either with family or with colleagues in the offices to re-strengthen their union.

According to research by Camp Jerry Stone, roughly 9 million families own RVs in the United States.

These numbers of people own recreational vehicles because of its usefulness for camping.

Then, what is now the big deal when it comes to the fifth wheel? To many, getting a truck to tow it is their major challenge.

Buying or hiring a recreational vehicle is one aspect when planning for camping — then getting a truck to tow it is another aspect, especially when it’s the fifth wheel.

Oftentimes, many people go for the fifth wheel because it has enough space that can contain many people and carry their cargo as well.

This is one of the advantages why many people go for a fifth-wheel recreational vehicle.

Due to these advantages, you may be asking, “can you rent a truck to tow a fifth wheel”.

The answer is yes, as I earlier said at the beginning of this article. You can rent a truck towing a fifth wheel.

Read on to find out why I said yes you can.

Facts About Fifth Wheels

Oftentimes, many out there find it difficult to tow a fifth wheel — due to its size. It’s a big deal for many to tow a fifth wheel. 

Even at that, to tow a fifth wheel is quite expensive. But then, you can get a low tow price when you contact the company that tows a fifth wheel.  

Fifth wheel recreational vehicles have different sizes and floor plans. Some fifth wheel compartment is 22 ft spacious with 45 ft in length! Inside.

Compared to other RVs, the fifth wheel has more room. You don’t need any additional cab when going camping with fifth-wheel RVs.

The fifth wheel is a complete home outside the four walls of your house. The fifth wheel makes the camper feel at home more than any other RVs.

Fifth wheels have an amazing setup that makes it different from every other RV. The fifth wheel makes camping pleasurable to adventurers.

The fifth wheel has two floors, which campers find both conducive and comfortable for their uses.

You might be asking “how is it two-floor?” The part of the RV that is usually hung on the bed of your truck is called the second floor. Mainly, this part is called the master bedroom.

Likewise, the kids have their own room on the first floor of the RV. The fifth wheel has a well-thought-out layout for families who enjoy privacy. 

Do you know that the fifth wheels are the most luxurious of all the towable RVs out there? Yes, they’re.

Fifth-wheel trailers have so many amenities that other RVs don’t have. This makes it more useful for campers, especially for families.

Below are some of the amenities you find in most fifth wheels you might not possibly find in some million-dollar homes out there. These features are standard on most fifth wheels.

  • Full-size appliances
  • Solid countertops
  • Full-sized showers   
  • Luxury leather lounges
  • Fireplaces
  • Premium entertainment systems

Some model fifth wheels have washer/dryers, dishwashers, and outdoor kitchens as well.

These facilities make fifth wheels more pleasurable for camping than other RVs.

Mainly, fifth wheels are the easiest towing van in all the RVs, especially when the driver is used to it. 

This is true because the fifth wheels have a hitch, which is called a Gooseneck hitch, that is normally attached to the bed of your truck.

Duel to this fifth wheel that hooks on the axle, which is not behind the truck, gives you a better turning radius and stability when towing a fight wheel.

Is Fifth Wheel Safer?

Fifth wheels are stronger and safer, in terms of traveling irrespective of the speed compared to other RVs.

Fifth wheels give you peace of mind when traveling with your families and other passengers.

Fifth Wheel — Gas Vs Diesel?

Do you know that vehicles that use diesel engines last longer than gas engines? Yes, they are — the truth is that gasoline engines are cheaper compared to diesel.

Gasoline’s upfront cost is lower than diesel. Gasoline is also cheap to maintain compared to diesel engines.

Gasoline engines will save you more money because it’s not a day-to-day haul, but when it comes to day-to-day haul diesel is more economical.

Diesel engines have the highest capacity to tow heavier equipment — that is why construction companies go for it.

Diesel engines last longer than gasoline before you think of maintenance.

This makes it more advantageous compared to gasoline engines. Therefore, diesel engines are often recommended more than gasoline engines.

Factors to Consider Before travel With Your Fifth Wheel

There are certain things you need to look out for in your fifth wheel before you enter the road.

These factors are important in order for you to avoid any mechanical fault that could lead to a breakdown.

Here’re the factors you need to consider before traveling with your fifth-wheel trailer.

Maintain the Required Weight Limit

When it comes to the weight limit, don’t just assume the weight of your fifth wheel. Get the exact weight first before you travel with fifth-wheel trailers.

Always maintain the weight standard recommended by the manufacturers before you hit the road to avoid breaks on the road.

This is one of the major reasons why you should know the official weight limit before you embark on an adventure journey.

When it comes to finding out the weight of your fifth wheel, you don’t have to worry about the weight limit. Visit their website to get the weight limit.

The fifth wheel weight limit can also be found in the owners’ manual book. If after all these you don’t still know the empty weight limit, then relax your mind, read o to discover where you find it.

you can use an industrial scale that is used to measure heavy-duty items such as large vehicles to get the weight of the fifth wheel.

The Effect of Higher altitude on the Fifth wheel.

Having a fifth wheel is very good but having the knowledge of how altitude affects the fifth wheel is better.

The more altitude you go when traveling with your fight wheel on the mountain, the more the pickup truck’s engine drop power.

Remember this is only associated with gas gasoline engines but diesel doesn’t work.

For example, when you move a weight of 1,000 feet, then your truck gas engine needs a 3 to 4 percent reduction in power.

So, the higher the mountain the delay your truck encounters when climbing with the fifth wheel.

Decrease the power to the engine, this will make it pull the load that is the fifth-wheel trailer.

Though you can avoid this problem by reducing some things like gear that you may not use during camping.

Be Conscious of Your Lug Bolts

No matter how happy you are, safety is another thing you bear in mind.

Then you have to constantly check your lug both that hold your fifth wheel together.

There are no recommended ways of doing this checking but it is better to do it as much as you can.

Tightening it is one aspect, but also ensuring that it’s always oiled is another aspect of it.

How to Tow a Fifth Wheel with a Fifth Wheel Hitch Rental

Getting the right towing vehicle to tow your fifth wheel is very important.

You don’t just choose a vehicle for it because most of the fifth wheels can be as heavy as 10,000 lbs.

Based on this it is sometimes difficult to determine the towing capacity of your truck.

Meanwhile, if you’re renting a truck to tow your fifth wheel, go for a larger super-duty truck for you to be on the safer side.

For better clarification, you’ll need to know the under listed weight for both trucks and the trailers:

When renting a fifth wheel from RVshare, kindly ask for the gross trailer weight of the fifth wheel when it’s fully arranged (stocked, packed, and with a full tank).

Don’t overload your truck to exceed the weight rating, better still get to know the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).

This will help you to know how much weight your truck can carry when fully loaded with passengers and cargo.

To be on the safer side don’t allow the weight of your loaded truck and the trailer to exceed the Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR).

GCWR is the total weight of your fully-loaded truck and the fully loaded trailer.

Likewise, it’s your duty to find out the amount of weight your fifth wheel hitch can carry. Know the Gross Hitch Weight Rating to find the heaviest fifth wheel the hitch can handle.

After checking all these, look at the Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR), for you to know the maximum weight each axle of your truck can handle.

The knowledge of these weights stated above will guide you to know the type of truck you need for your fifth wheel and at the same time will enable you to know the weight of your fifth wheel.

Fifth Wheel Truck Rental 

There are different weight categories for different trucks. It may not still be clear to you which truck will tow your fifth wheel.

But if you want to tow a larger trailer, then you will need a large tow vehicle, which will be more likely to be up to the challenge.

Fifth Wheel Hitch Rental Prices

When you want to rent a fifth-wheel hitch rental, find out if your rental charge additional fees for the fifth-wheel hitch you want to rent. The reason for this is for you not to overcharge.

For you to get a fair price when you want to rent a truck, visit tow companies and local truck rentals.

Though, rental prices vary as the truck varies in the capacity of load that it can handle. When making a plan, budget around $100 per day for the truck and hitch rental.

In most cases, a ¾-ton truck like Ford F-250, Chevrolet Silverado 2500, or a 1-ton truck, will definitely give you the capacity you need to tow your fifth wheel.

These are heavy-duty trucks that you may likely use.

When you’re towing a small truck, you may go for suspension enhancements to help balance the vehicle.


You can rent a truck to tow your fifth wheel but it is your duty to find out the best fifth wheel truck rental.

Though, getting the best fifth wheel rental depends on the factors discussed earlier in this article.

So, renting a fifth-wheel truck is not something that is not achievable, though it involves some careful research that you need to carry out to get the best truck for the fifth wheel.

Towing a fifth wheel can be somehow not flexible or tricky, as a result, you want to be sure that your rental truck can handle the RV before you set off on your camping trip.

You need to do thorough research for you to have a smooth, safe road trip, and overall have stress-free camping.

The luxurious you get from fifth-wheel trailers overweight the stress in getting a truck to tow it.

Give your family the best of camping by providing a fifth wheel that has all the comfort you get in the four walls of a house.

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