First Time Boat Owner Checklist: The Quick Guide

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Boating is something we all relish.

We crave those immensely enjoyable boating rides under the romantic sunset, or during those cold winter evenings, every time & then. Today, buying a boat is no longer a big deal, as it was a decade before.

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All thanks to the increasing consumer income, developing recreational needs & emerging sports interests.

Boating & safety come hand in hand.

Buying your first boat is an extremely interesting affair, yet you must not overlook some aspects of your purchase in that childish excitement.

This article will enlighten you on the method of purchasing a boat for the very first time.

In the end, it will be briefly summarized in the form of a checklist.

Selecting a Type of Boat

Before buying you must have an intention of what kind of boat you want to purchase. Boats arrive in various different types, from canoes to motorboats & till sailboats.

It must be well decided & you must stick to your choices. Need help in deciding? Well, we have an answer for that. Considering your interests while the purchase of an important hint.

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Fishing boats are another option for our dear fishers.

If you have a specific budget in your mind, then it could also hint you towards the answer to this question.

New or Used

Boats could be newly manufactured or could also be used.

Used boats are relatively cheaper than brand-new ones.

Buying an old boat or a new boat, might not make much difference since all the used boats are first refurbished & then sold.

It is recommended, that first-timers must go ahead with a used product as it will help them realize its operations & help them to justify their tastes & preference with a lesser calculated risk factor.

Boats are made up of aluminum, fiber does not degrade thus you do get a fresh boat. This decision also depends on your will to spend on a boat.


Research is the most integral part of purchasing a product for the first time. It is the most crucial step. The research includes making a budget, shortlisting some boats & engaging in test runs. So how do research?

Well, you must first browse some random e-commerce websites & garner some background information on your preferred boat type. You should analyze the same boat over different websites & understand the trends of differential pricing.

Different prices might often bring the product to suspicion, but this is natural. Your research must primarily be based on acquiring some background information about your selected boat type. Through this research, you must be able to deduce your budget.

Research need not only be restricted to the internet, you can physically approach some boat shops & have a discussion with the shopkeeper. You must inquire about the price, quality & genuineness.

Technical Knowledge

This might be just a part of your research, but you must pay enough heed to the technicalities of your shortlisted boat. You must check out the engine model, beam range & fuel consumption.

Having prior technical knowledge would help you to judge the complexity or the simplicity of its operations.

You must decide upon the fuel type, whether you want petrol or diesel. Petrol is a cheaper option but has a lower average. Diesel engines giving you a higher average has higher maintenance costs.

Calculation of Other Costs Involved

Every purchase itself is an affair including money, but it also includes other subsidiary investments/costs attached to it.

Having a budget without considering the maintenance costs is incomplete research & you might be unconvinced in the future. There are many additional. Fuel is the primary elixir to run your vehicle (Unless it is operated manually) which acts as a variable cost.

Secondly, you must also give a thought about the storage for your boat, essentially during off-seasons.

Ad hoc expenses are the most painful ones! Thirdly it is necessary to view your purchase from the legal as well as the environmental aspect.

Environment plays a crucial role & if the operations of your boat hinder the existence of aquatic life in any way, you would be subject to fines (depending on the country of origin).


Refer to this checklist in case you are still not convinced of your decisions.

  1. Firm intent on what your purpose of the purchase is.
  2. New boat or a used one?
  3. Formulate a budget for purchasing your boat, considering all the subsidiary costs.
  4. Internet surfing or just googling about your boat.
  5. Technical awareness about your product.
  6. Petrol or diesel (if applicable)
  7. Provision for ad hoc expenses.
  8. Being well versed in all the fundamental marine laws.
  9. Finding the right dealer.

Making the Purchase

While seeing the technical aspects & conducting your research, you might have established a firm choice for a specific boat.

Clearly reinvestigate all the reviews, pros & cons, and features along with the deal which you are getting. Making an informed decision is necessary. You can browse the internet/retail shops for better deals & discounts.

Although you might stumble upon the same boat at a lower price, you must be aware of the credibility of that source. It might not be legitimate & the boat might be bogus.

Once you make the final choice, it’s time to crack the deal. Do not ponder much after reinvestigations, as that creates unnecessary suspicion & would lead to delays in your purchase.

You must settle the payment & get all the legal paperwork done, affirming your ownership of the boat.


Congratulations, you have purchased your first boat without any major hassles. Now you are free to do anything with your property (unless that interferes with the domestic/international law). Take a ride, go for a fishing tour, or canoe upstream, it’s going to be immensely exciting.

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