10 Hard Shell Roof Top Tent for Sale (With Pictures & Videos)

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With the holiday around the corner, you might be having many plans.

If you’re planning to have outdoor activities with your buddies and you’re not sure about the tent to carry, this article will help you.

There are different types of Roof Top Tents. Some have a soft shell roof top, others have a hard one.

Most people choose the latter. Why don’t we focus on quality and help you in deciding on the hard shell roof tents?

Here is the list of 10 Hard Shell Rooftop tents for sale that you can choose from:

1.  Roost Explorer

When you open it, it has a length of 90.5” and a width of 57”. The height is 59”. When closed, the length and the width remain the same, but the height is 13”.

The two of you can sleep in it comfortably. You can also accommodate a third person, but he/she must have a smaller body size.

It is made in the United States and is probably one of the best hard shell rooftop tents. Once you buy it, you get a 2” form mattress. It will also have a hammock shelf, and side poaches. 

The Rooster Explorer Tent also has a standard aluminum ladder and universal mounting brackets. Don’t be surprised if you realize that it has heavy-duty rear latches. 

Here’s how to install the Rooster Explorer Tent:

If you are wondering what the benefit of the Roost tent is; you are in the right post. It is comfortable, easy to set, have a longer life span, and is resistant to harsh weather.

It has three doors. Two of them are on the side, and they also act as windows. They help in ventilation.

The 2” mattress is comfortable though you have an option of ordering for 3” for more comfort.

The two main disadvantages of Roost are that it is expensive and cumbersome. When setting it, you will require at least two people. The shiny outer shell comes in two colors; black and white. Inner tent fabric has.

2. Maggiolina Extreme Roof Tent

It’s one of the oldest hard shell tents, and it originates from Italy. It comes in two sizes.

Image result for Maggiolina Extreme roof tent

A small size tent can accommodate two people. The medium size is suitable for three people. When you open the small one, it has a length of 83” width of 51” and a height of 34.

The medium has a length of 83” width of 57” and height of 34”.

It comes with a mattress that is 3.2 thick. In its upper shell, it has two load bars where you can comfortably carry additional things.

When you are not sleeping in this tent, you can put bikes, kayaks, and surfboards in it.

You can easily open it and crawl in. It is durable and robust. As time goes by, it loses some shining glare, but that does not mean that it is weak.

3. Sparrow X Roof Tent

Sparrow X is made by a company in Colorado. Its popularity is increasing rapidly. It is pocket-friendly and can fit in any roof rank. 

When open, the Sparrow X roof tent has a length of 82”, a width of 48” and a height of 36”. When closed the height and the length remains the same, but the height is 16”. It has roof ranks similar to Maggiolina. It has excellent quality.

You don’t have to worry about cold seasons. It has a thick wall of 3000 mm. It makes it a heavy-duty tent.

During warm seasons, the window should remain open to allow some air since the tent becomes very warm. The handing mesh on the window protects you when it is raining.

4. Bundu Top Roof Tent

Image result for Bundu Top Roof Tent

A South African company is responsible for making the type of tents. It is a fantastic model made of aluminum.

Compared to the other hard shell, it is probably the lightest. It can comfortably accommodate 2 people.

It has high quality, durable, and lightweight to carry. When you buy it, you get a two years warranty. Its four windows make it have good ventilation.

The 360 degrees awning helps it to remain resistant to sun or rain.

5. The Stealth Roof Tent

Image result for Stealth Roof Tent

It’s lovely and smooth. It has excellent quality, and it has a black aluminum shell on its exterior. If you have outdoor activities in cold seasons, then Stealth is the roof tent to carry.

Here’s how to install The Stealth Roof Tent


It maintains a proper temperature, so you don’t have to worry about the cold. It is suitable for two people but you can still comfortably sleep if you are three.

When open, The Stealth Roof Tent has a length of 87”, a width of 56”, and a height of 56”.

When closed, the height reduces to 12”. If you are wondering how comfortable its mattress is, then I have news for you.

It comes with a mattress which has a thickness of 3.5”. It also has an extendable aluminum ladder.

6. Adventure Series Automatic 49

Image result for Adventure Series Automatic 49

It comes with a mattress that has a washable cover. The tent has two remote controls, an electric motor, and two storage pockets.

The electric motor in it has 12 volts not to mention a 12-volt solar panel. When opened, it has a length of 85”, a width of 52, and a height of 48”.

Here’s a video showing you how to install Adventure Series Automatic Tent:

It can comfortably accommodate two people. It is a luxurious tent made with high technology.

7. Skycamp Roof Top Tent

Image result for skycamp rooftop tent

It comes with a hard shell locks mattress. It also has an aluminum ladder and a rainfly. Skycamp Roof Top Tent has a length of 85. 8” and width 82.6 and a height of 43.3.

It’s fit for all seasons. You can detach the fabric during the summer to get proper aeration. It’s popular and reliable!

8. Expedition Tent Generation 3

You can confuse it for a machine. It is made in South Africa and comes with a mattress with a thickness of 4”.

It also has an aluminum ladder. Its surfboards come with slotted rack rails. The tent is just amazing. It is not heavy to carry and is very spacious.

It comes with UV walls and waterproof canvas. You will feel warm when sleeping in it, even in cold seasons.

The two of you can comfortably sleep in it. The three-door ensures that there is a good circulation of air.

9. Camper Roof Top Tent

It’s popular and one of the best. It has an aerodynamic design, and it’s not heavy.

If you are a family of four, you can comfortably sleep inside with your two children. Three adults can sleep well in it.

You can easily set it or dismantle it. It is suitable for all seasons. Apart from being spacious, it has quality material. Unfortunately, it is costly.

10. Big Foot Tent Explorer Series

The mattress is 50% cotton. It has an aluminum ladder and interior light. Its compatibility with different rooftops makes it a versatile product.

Some of the advantages include; it is quick to set up, streamlined designs, and an interior reading light. It is costly to buy it.


This information will help you when preparing for wilderness camping. You can decide to check the price or quality. Both of them matter.

An advantage of having a hard shell rooftop tent is that it is durable.

Once you purchase it, you can take many years before going to buy another one.

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