12 Enjoyable BBQ Party Games Ideas for Adults

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Summer is finally here, and you are busy thinking of interesting BBQ party ideas.

All you need is good friends, delicious food, and sunshine. The center of attention is the yummy food. Could be you want to invite the entire neighborhood or some old college friends.

You have to come up with exciting games that will make you bond. You don’t have to stay glued to your devices.

Here are 12 enjoyable BBQ party games that you can play in your backyard.

1. Egg Race

It is an enjoyable game, and all the things you need are available in your kitchen. You will require spoons, eggs, and small ropes. You should tie one hand of each player behind their back.

Then let them hold a spoon with an egg on top. They should run up to a certain point and come back without dropping.

Do you think this game is easy? Try it. You require a couple of eggs since the majority breaks.

2. Water Bottle Bowling

It is a fun indoor game. You can fill ten bottles with water. Set them up at a certain distance from you.

Get a ball of any size and try knocking them down. Try to hit the first to the last. Don’t be shocked if you miss any shots or knock them without any order.

3. Bean Bag Toss

It is an excellent game. It is not only meant for kids. It is enjoyable for adults. If you are wondering how you can get them, relax.

They are available in most toy shops. You can also make one at home and save that extra cost.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any bean bags in your house. Any Ziploc bag can be an excellent substitute. You can fill it with floor or salt and use it to play with your friend.

4. Bocce Ball

This game has been in existence since time immemorial. Fortunately, it remains enjoyable now. It has various forms.

It comes as bowls in Britain and petanque in France. So long as you are two or more, you can play this game.

If you are playing as a team, the team that gets closer to the small ball gets some points. Your team will win if it gets 12 points first.

5. Water Balloon Fight

Your BBQ party does not have to be boring. You can have some balloons and fill them with water.

If you are many, you can divide the teams into groups and then give each group a balloon of a particular color.

You can start throwing them away and enjoy. Filling water in each balloon can be a task. Currently, there are balloons that you can purchase and fill in water in bulk.

6. Silly Olympic

Are you a professional athlete, I guess not. You don’t have to be one to play this game. For the silly Olympics, you have to set the bar lower to accommodate everyone.

You can play many games. You can divide the team into a group of two and let each team come up with the country they want to represent.

The winning countries must get some medals. The first one to win will be given three points to represent the gold medal. The second one will receive two points to represent silver.

Last but not the least, the third country will get one point representing bronze. After each participant in the team plays, you will tally the total to know which country won. 

Some of the games you can enjoy playing include the backward crab walk, sack race; capture the flag, Frisbee tossing, and balloon volleyball among others.

7. Pictionary

Pictionary is an enjoyable game that tests your creativity and artistic skills. It can be challenging and fun at the same time. You should have a timer, pencils, and paper.

If you manage to purchase, a Pictionary set it’s okay since, in it, you will get aboard and some Pictionary cards.

One of the members of the team will write a few clue cards. They should feature the names of movies, locations, songs, and even objects.

You can divide the group into smaller teams, where each member of a team will get the clue card and draw a visual representation regarding the clue.

The other member of the team has one minute to guess what he is drawing. If they manage to speculate successfully, they get some points. The team that wins is the one that gets the most points.

8. React and Act

Do you want to have some fun? Try this game. You will understand the drama abilities of your friends.

You can start by imagining and listing different scenarios on small paper.

Put them inside a bowl. Divide the group into two. Let each member of a group take a paper and read the script he or she should act.

For instance, a scenario can be how to react if you step on a snake. The actor is not supposed to speak. The other group will guess which scenario each member was responding to.

If a member acts so well that the team will guess easily and know, he should get some points. This game remains my all-time favorite. Try it, and you will live to tell.

9. Oreo Challenge

Do you love some sweet treats; this is the perfect game for you. You need several boxes of Oreos, plates, and blindfolds.

You can purchase different flavors of Oreos and get some dishes from the house. You can buys flavors like banana split Oreo and some candy corn Oreo.

 You can also add a peanut butter Oreo. You can blindfold some team members.

Put your cookies on a different plate. Let them taste each Oreo and tell you which flavor it is. The one who knows most of the flavors becomes the winner.

10. The Maltesers Game

Other than the Oreo challenge, you can enjoy the Maltesers game if you have a sweet tooth. You are wondering how?

Get a packet of Maltesers. Give each player a bowl and a straw. Have your friends sit around the table. At the middle of the table dump the Maltesers.

The payers will use the straw to blow as many Maltesers as they can into their plates.

The winner is the person who collects the majority. You must have some extra chocolate, enough for everyone to get a share and celebrate at the end of the game.

11. Name That Song

Do you love music? Test your expertise here. One of the team members can have a playlist. It should contain songs that all of you have heard before.

Have a pot in the middle of the table and give spoons to each member. Let one of you play the songs for less than two seconds.

If you know the song, you should hit the pot and answer. If you don’t have the pot, you can raise your hands.

12. Truth and lie

How well do you know your friend? This game helps you to know them more.

Each will tell a lie about themselves and two facts. Each one of you should vote in to know which a lie was and which the truth was.

Of course, lies are unethical. Instead of telling a lie, you can tell two realities and one future dream about yourself.


Your next BBQ should not be boring. After getting some excellent food and inviting your friends over, you should have some fun playing some games.

Don’t spoil the moment by checking your phone all the time. Make it memorable and look forward to the next one.

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