13 Fun Games to Play with Friends Indoors

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Here are 13 games suitable for friends to play together indoors. While playing games, you and your friends might want to give out prices. For game prices, we recommend GSJJ.

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It’s funny the way technological advancement is distancing people who are closer and connecting those who are far.

In some cases, when friends meet, instead of talking and playing, you might find each of them glued to their mobile phones.

They are all trying to chat with other friends who are far away or searching for the latest news.

It doesn’t always have to remain this way. Meeting your friends should be memorable and enjoyable. You have every opportunity to play together in a nearby pool, camping ground, or play in the boat.

Better yet, you don’t have to go out once you meet. You can stay indoors and have fun.

Unfortunately, your friends might not like the games you are suggesting. You have to strike a balance to ensure that each one of them will participate actively. 

When you have a wide variety of games, it will be comfortable choosing the one the majority likes.

In this article, I’ll show you the 13 games you can play with your friends indoors:

1. Charades

It’s a classic world game. If you are many, you can split into several teams. Each team should have at least 2-4 players.

You will decide on the side to start. One of the players in that team should think of a famous movie, book, song, or person. 

He should write it on paper.  Upon giving the team some clues about the name, he thought; the team should start guessing.

If you have written the name of a song, you will pretend that you are singing. You can pretend to read if you have written the name of a book. 

You can indicate that the camera is rolling if you thought of a movie.

If the team knows the answer before one minute is over, they get one point. The same continues with the other team. The team that gets the highest points becomes the winner.

2. Two Truths and a Lie

it doesn’t necessarily have to be a lie. it can also be a future dream. You will request your friends to sit around a circle.

Each member will tell two truths about themselves and a lie. It is the work of the group to vote in to know which statement was a lie. 

Later on, the member will disclose which statements were true and which were a lie.

3. Freeze Dance

This game is enjoyable. One of you will become a DJ. He or She will play music as the rest of the members dances. He or She will stop the music at some point.

All of you must freeze immediately without moving your body or taking any extra move.

If you move the body after the DJ stops the music, you will not participate in the game until the next round. The winner is the person who remains alone on the floor.

4. Likes and Dislikes

You will provide the members with pens and index cards.

Each one of you will write a list of five things they like and things they dislike. You can write about food, music movies or any other thing you decide.

Once you finish, fold it and put it in a basket. Shake it and let one member pick randomly. Once he read the likes and the dislike, the rest of you will vote on who could have written the index card.

5. React and Act

Do you want to know the drama queens and kings in the house? React and Act is the game for you. The members have to be so creative.

You will think of scenarios and act on them. The members can guess the scenario you were reacting to.

You could think of episodes like how you would react if you meet your favorite actor, stepped on a python, found money on the ground, or even dumped by a partner or beaten by a teacher.

When acting, you should not talk. Members should guess what they were reacting to. If you act well, you should get some points.

6. Cops and Robbers Tag

You should have two groups. One group can act as police and the other one as robbers. You can set aside two spaces. One should be a police base, the other one for robbers.

Place some objects somewhere so that robbers can attempt to steal. If the police tag the robbers as they try to touch the objects or take them, they should take them to the police base (jail).

If the police imprison all the robbers, then they win the game. If a robber sneaks inside a prison and tags a fellow robber, then the robber is free.

He can come back and join the team. If the robbers take the objects without being tagged, then they win the game.

7. Name That Song

You can make a song playlist.

Play a song in less than two seconds. Let the members of the group raise their hands and tell you which song that is and even the singer.

Give the first chance to the one who raises his hands faster. Instead of raising hands, you can give them the option of hitting a pot using a spoon. Let the person who hit the pot first answer.

Add a point to him if he knows. Deduct it if he fails. You can give a chance to the others who have a playlist.

8. Alphabet Game

You will decide on a certain category. It can be countries, names of people or fruits, etc.

The first person will give at least one name of the category you choose that starts with the letter A, the second one letter B, and so on.

If one fails to give a name that starts with a certain letter, is disqualified until the next round.

9. Single Sentence Game

You will pick a paper and write a sentence.

The next person next to you will draw a picture relating to that sentence. You will hide that sentence and give a pass to the third person.

He will think about what you could have initially written about concerning the picture and write a sentence.

The fourth one will draw, and the game continues until the story end. You can read the funny story and laugh.

10. This or That Game

Sitting in a circle, you will come up with two products that you would like eliminated from the world. It could be a biscuit and chocolate. All the other members will discuss which one to eliminate.

Continue discussing and eliminating things. Come up with a list of all things you would never want to see in the world.

11. Group Story Game

Take a piece of paper and write some nouns. Give each noun to a member of the group.

Let each member makes a story of the noun; you will enjoy listening to some funny stories. To save time, you can allocate each person a minute.

12. “Make Paper Airplane” Game

Use a paper marker to color. You can Google to get ways how you can fold papers airplane.

You can go through them in the sky and see whose goes highest and fastest in a straightway.

13. Video Games Tournaments

Thanks to technology, you don’t have to die of boredom. Video games are popular. Your friends may not like all the other games.

They cannot ignore the video game tournament. You can add some cool music to enjoy more.


Next time your friend comes knocking, you will be waiting to surprise them with a variety of games.

Make the moments memorable.

You don’t have to bury your heads into your devices and keep silent the whole time.

Pick the best games from the list and enjoy.

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