20 Boat Paint Design Ideas (with Photos)

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Are you concerned about the types of paint design for your boat?

Then you have nothing to worry about. Because you are in the right place.

In this article, you will discover creative boat paint design ideas, which will inspire you to paint your boat with an awesome outlook.

I carefully selected adoring boat paint designs, which you can choose from or guide you to bring back your boat to a new look.

Even though the lifespan of boats lasts longer than cars, they still require maintenance.

Boats require paint maintenance because they’re always exposed to tough weather conditions. These weather elements change the outlook of boats.

I’m here to show you how to use custom paint to boost the outlook of your boat, which will make it last longer than you expected. Paint plays a better role in the lifespan of a boat.

Read on to discover the unimaginable ideas to spark the outlook of your boat.

#1. Aaron Blue Paint Boat (Source)

This is an all round blue design paint for boats. The Aaron blue paint is a customized way to make your boat look unique.

It’s used for both exterior and interior because it has the capacity to withstand weather elements.

Turn your boat into all round blue paint today and see how amazing it will look. Very simple design that is cost-effective but lasts longer than you expected. 

#2. Blue And White Paint Boat (Source)

Are you looking for paint that will stand-against the weather elements? White and blue paint may be a great option you can consider.

The more you expose white paint to water, the more it shines and looks new. White paints have fade-resistance with water elements.

This is a beautiful idea to make your boat look good and amazine. Blue and white make your boat stand against weather elements.

The blue paint prevents the sun from destroying the boat while the white paint stands against water elements that might cause rust to the boats.

These combinations will help your boat stand against any weather elements like the sun, and the water. These are two factors that cause rust. 

#3. Airbrush Wizards Boat Paint (Source)

Do you want to customise your boat with a unique paint design? This custom paint design will definitely give your boat uncommon beauty. 

This is a creative boat paint idea, to bring you thought into realities without you having to bother your brain too much.

I know you need a boat paint that will be different from others. That is why these colors combination paint ideas are beautiful for you to check it out. 

If you’re the type that’s design caution, this idea will give you the maximum satisfaction you need for.

#4. The TOAD Boat Paint (Source)

This is an exceptional custom paint that your boat needs. These are mixtures of different paints to make your boat look differently.

it painted both in and out of the boat to make it last long. This kind of custom paint increases the value of your boat.

Investing in this type of custom paint will increase your return on investment.

This is one time paint that is unique and amazing that everyone desires to have. This paint will boost your boat in an extraordinary way.

#5. Mystic Boat Paint (Source)

This is a high-quality paint that can increase the standard of your boat. The design is unique — combinations of many colors to communicate one idea.

The colors are well combined to give your boat excellent beauty. 

Can this design last long because of the weather condition? Yes, the design is durable.

This is an excellent graphic design to magnify the beauty of a boat in a unique way that isn’t common.

In the midst of boats, your own will definitely stand-out — because of the unique way the colors are combined to give your boat the best outlook.

#6. 3 Custom Colors Paint For Boat (Source)

Do you have a top-flat boat that’s directly exposed to the sun? Of which the sun tends to change the color often. 

Take a look at the color combinations of this boat. The top-flat is painted with blue because the sun has minimal effect on it.

While the sides that are directly on water are painted with anti-water element colors. 

These three colors combined will make your boat last long. You’ll not bother repainting if not after many years.

This is an awesome way to bring back your old boat into a new look. Blue, light yellow, and red are good combinations that will outshine any deterioration that your boat might be exposed to.

Try this wonderful ideal of color combinations to give your boat the best design and make it last long.

#7. Rainbow Boat Paint Design (Source)

This is an excellent creative art work. The rainbow paint is not common in the boat painting. 

Define your boat today with an exceptional custom design that will make your boat stand out — and make it classic.

Take a look at this rainbow color boat. This is a creative idea to make your boat different from other colors.

You can increase the number of colors for your own, to make it more unique than this one above.

Customize your boat with any natural symbol to make it unique from every other boat in the market. 

Though this might be expensive, your boat deserves the best. This type of color design is not common — because they are creative ideas to add value to your boat. 

#8. Lilly Sport Boat Design (Source)

The lilly sport design is like a river line design way to beautify your boat. Using paints to beautiful your boat in such an excellent way. 

Different colors of paints are used to mark every section of this boat. This signifies beauty and uniqueness.

They’re not just marked but carefully designed to make your boat one of the best in the neighbourhood. 

You can decide to add as many colors of your choice. The beauty and shining of this boat is beyond imagination.                                                              

#9. Art Work Boat Paint (Source)

This is different layers of color design to add value and beautify a boat. Using paint to create layers on the exterior body of a boat.

The artwork is beyond imaginations. If you can imagine it, then you’ll get it done. An excellent way to make your boat be the best you dreamt it to be. 

The combination of these colors will make your boat look unique. A crafted way to make your boat outshine others. 

This is not common boat paint you can easily see in the boat industry. If you need your boat to look different from other boats, then let the art worker give your boat a special design.

#10. Amazing Paint Colors For Boat (Source)

How often do you want to repaint your boat? Are you looking at annual repainting of your boat or 4 years before you repaint again? 

This color combination is for those who want their boat paint to last long.

Irrespective of the number of years you want the paint, this will definitely exceed your imaginations.

No matter the weather elements you expose the paint to, it will not easily fade away but last longer than you expected. 

#11. Nakane Boat (Source)

This is an excellent way to beautify your boat. This idea of paint is not something you can easily find in the boat industry.

Your boat deserves the best paint color idea. Give your boat this amazing creative idea to boost the quality.

Amazing colors combinations that will definitely make your boat look exotic and different from others. This easiest way to add value to your boat is through good colors combinations.

#12. Custom Flag Paint Design For Boat (Source)


The first day my wife and I saw this boat we were astonished because of the excellent work done in the paint.

The creative is superb and is not common. It takes creativity to bring this into realities. The idea is amazing and awesome.

This is a significant way to make your boat stand out in the midst of many boats. 

People who paint their boat with this kind of paint; use it to either keep memories or for the special love they have for it.

You can also paint your boat with a design you love most or any symbol that defines your personality.

#13. Baby Boat Paint Design (Source)

This is an excellent shining boat paint. It’s a mirror like paint that will increase your love for boats.

This paint defines the weather element. The more it’s exposed to weather, the more shining it becomes.

The water also makes it shine more. At night the reflection of light makes it look more beautiful and excellent.

#14. Yellow And Red Boat Paint Design (Source)

Are you the type that likes one straight color or maximum of two colors in your boat? Or you have special love for one particular color?

You can get inspired with this two colors paint idea, to give your boat an exceptional beauty.

Two color paints are an amazing way to make your dream paint come through. This kind of design lasts a long time.

#15. Vintage Jet Boat Design (Source)

This is another way to beautify your boat with a unique symbol. The idea of this kind of paint is to engrave your company symbol into your boat. If you want to. 

This symbol makes it different from other ones, especially when the symbol is for your company. Or anything you admire so much.

Choose any logo today to have it engrave in your boat in a unique way you will like.

#16. Fish Mouth Design Paint (Source)

This is a fish mouth design to make your boat extremely significant and stand out among other groups in the system.

The artwork is an excellent design to give your boat any symbol of your choice. Give your boat a realistic feature design. 

You can make your boat paint design to look like this or customise it with any design of your choice.

#17. Boat Paint Artwork Design (Source)

Whatever designs you desire to paint your boat with, it’s possible. Use artwork to add value to your boat and make it the best you desirs.

Give it a realistic paint to beautify the outlook of your boat. Increase the beauty and make it last long.

Many boat owners’ take advantage of artwork to bring back their old boat into high selling points in the market — the paint designs attract attention in significant ways.

The beauty of your boat is in the artwork sometimes. Also the value is embedded in the paint work.

#18. Red Zigzag On White Background (Source)

Those who like the zigzag pattern of painting, will like this combination of paints. The red zigzag on white background is a simple way of using paint to increase the standard.

This design is not peculiar to only red and white color only. You can choose any colors of your choice to customise your boat.

This is a beautiful paint idea to increase the standard of your boat — even though zigzag is common in our contemporary world.

You can choose any pattern to customise your boat when you need zigzag design. The zigzag might come first unlike the picture above where the zizarg is at the center.

You can choose any combinations of paints that are more than what you are in this picture above — to increase the value of your boat.

#19. Fish Design Paint (Source)

No matter how you boat has been you can still bring it back to a valuable stage. Paint is one of the ways to make it look beautiful and excellent.

This is an aquatic design to give your boat a customized look. 

This design is realistic ideas that bring out your thoughts in pictorial format. A beautiful way to make your boat look attractive and magnificent.

To make your boat unique, give it this kind of design. This design has the capacity to withstand any weather conditions. 

#20. One Straight Color Design For Boat (Source)

Are you the type that likes a simple and unique paint on a boat? This custom paint will definitely exceed your imagination.

This design is for those who don’t like many colors on their boat. The design is adoring and appealing to the eyes.

It’s very simple and unique. It brings out the beauty of your boat. The under is painted with anti-water paint to prevent it from deteriorating. 

This is simple design and with an excellent outlook. You can give your boat this simple design with an excellent outlook.


These designs are carefully selected to guide you on your boat paint decision. 

I understand the importance of paint to a boat, that is why in this article, I carefully selected the best options for you.

Your boat deserves the best outlook, especially if you want it to have a high value in the market.

No matter how old is your boat, paint can still make it look new. Paint defines the exterior and the interior look of your boat. 

Whatever boat paint design you have, get into work and make it happen.

Making the exterior and interior look of your boat uniqure isn’t difficult. Just have the idea of what you want and let the art get it done for you.

Let me know what you think below

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