Bosch Blue Brake Pads Review (Top Rated 2021)

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I wrote this Bosch Blue brake pads review to help you learn the features, benefits, and whether or not Bosch is a reliable brand.

No matter how skillful and experienced you’re in driving vehicles, without the right brake pads, your safety is at stake.

Every driver cares about genuine brake pads that’ll match and be responsive to every application.

If you’re in this group of people, then be assured that you’re in the right place where the highest-quality brake is unveiled.

Bosch blue brake pads are designed and known to deliver quality, and reliable performance you can trust.   

They’re driven by service in ensuring quality brake pads are delivered to you for your vehicle performance. 

Bosch brake pads are one of the leading brake pads in the U.S for delivering high-valuable and reliable maximum stopping power.

In this article, you’ll learn why you should choose Bosch brake pads for your vehicle.

Can Bosch Blue Brake Pads Withstand Stress?

Driving on high-way or not, so long your vehicle is on the moves the brake pads are under permanent stress. 

One of the vehicle parts that are always at work at any time a vehicle move is the brake pads. This subject the brake to extreme loads. 

Even though you’re on the high speed or not, the pads are always at the service of those in and out of the vehicle.

For example, if an engine horsepower is 10 times, brake pads horsepower will be 100 times. 

The capacity is always higher than the engine horsepower you may see out there. This is designed like a brake to be able to reach high temperatures upon any application.

When you drive on the slow traffic high-way or stop and go high-way traffic, the brake pads can easily reach maximum temperatures.

The maximum temperature degree should be 650°C. To ensure safety, brake pads, therefore, need to be regularly inspected and replaced only with high quality.

Bosch blue brake pads are built to withstand any stress be it from the slow and-go traffic.

An excellent brake pad that responds to automatic stop, when there is a need to stop the vehicle is the Bosch blue brake pad.

The Bosch brake pads have been in the market for years without any product limitation from the manufacturer since all these years.

Is Bosch Blue Brake Pad High-Quality?

The functionality of any brake pad depends on the quality materials used in manufacturing it.

Likewise, Bosch blue brake pads are produced with high-quality material that makes them one of the most recognized brake pads in the U.S.

The material used by Bosch makes the brake pads to be able to withstand any heat you subject them to at any drive. The brake is worth the amount of purchase.

Bosch brake pads are durable because of the extensive treatment and the NVH dynamometer testing along with an extreme environments to further prove the durability of the pads.

It has a longer life of service than most other brake pads on the market. So choose the Bosch blue brake pads that’ll make you enjoy your drive.

Why is hardware important in brake changing?

The hardware is what helps the component to fit in properly and reduce the noise. Hardware reduces the vibration and the component movement friction. 

How hardware glides the surface depends on the smoothness of the edge’s dimension. 

Another aspect of the hardware is the lubrication that frees the surface from rust across the slipper. 

The components of the hardware that ensure the glide properly takes place are the caliper, slipper, and backing plate  — often change of these when necessary will reduce brake noise.

The proper service of brake pads requires the replacement of the brake pads and rotors for the utmost response.

Brief History of Bosch Brake Pads

Bosch automotive is of the leading manufacturers and supplies of precision vehicle components, which includes brake pads.

Bosch has been in the production of brake components since 1927. Ever since then, the quality has always been on the high side. 

Bosch brakes have been the exceptionally quality brake that enhances the safety of vehicles and the occupants at all times.

A lot of drivers have unfailing trust in the brake pads with the exception of the company. 

It’s designed to improve the divers’ convenience — to stop the anywhere they want to stop.

The company has increased and doubled its sales because of the acceleration of progress of automotive technology with advanced innovations.

In 1936, Bosch applied for its first brake system design patent. Ever since then, they remain the leading brake pads supplier. 

According to AO. Bosch-Automotive, bosch has over 374,000 employees and has manufactured over 200 million brakes anti-lock braking systems (ABS).

Over 125 years, the quality of the Bosch brake pads has never dropped but is on the increase and continuously ensuring the safety of the users.

Brake pads from Bosch have the most viability of mobility and guarantee safety for any vehicle that has the brake pads.

Types of Brake Pads

There are various types of brake pads with different qualities.

How functional and durable brake pads depending on the materials used in producing them.

How the brake pads are able to glide the surface that produces automatic stops when there is the application of the brake depends on the materials used in producing it.

Some people complain that their brake pads don’t last long even though it was not subject to rough use.

Unknown to them, one of the causes of brake pads wearing out easily is the type of materials used to produce them.

That’s the part of the reason I want to show you the various types of brake pads in the markets.

Let’s dive into the various types of brake pads. 

1. Semi-Metallic Brake Pad

These is both metal and organic materials. This type of brake pad is called a semi-metallic brake pad because of the composition of the brake pads. 

Depending on the composition of the pad tells or shows how solid/durable it will be when it’s used on a vehicle. 

This type of brake pad is composed of both metal and non-metal materials. 

The semi-strong brake pad is composed of 30% metal while the organic material is 70%. 

The semi-metallic brake pads are composed of 70% copper, iron, or steel and 30% organic or mineral filter materials. They’re strong and durable brake pads.

However, semi-metallic brake pads have great stopping power, durability, and heat dissipation.

One of the defects of semi-metallic brake pads are usually noisy and create more dust than other sets of brake pads like ceramic pads.

You can easily fix the semi-metallic brake pads. The outer body is coated to make it simple to lap. 

2. Complete-Metallic

Full-metallic brake pads are the advanced form of semi-metallic brake pads. It has a higher performance than brake pads. 

The complete-metallic brake pads are more stronger and stable brake pads than semi-metallic brake pads.

Because of the complete metal, the brake pads offer more reliability, smoothness, and potent stopping power. 

These are the types of brake pads that you can use on the hard street or track use. 

The fully-metallic brake pad defects wear off rotors quickly and faster than the semi-metallic brake pads.

Though, complete metal brake pads last longer than most other brake pads out there. It requires little maintenance — highly effective at the application of the brake.

Fully-metallic brake pads have produced more glide because of the high fiction that exerts on the rotors. 

3. Ceramic

These sets of brake pads are produced from thick, dense ceramic materials. Though, they’re more recent and more expensive brake pad materials you can find.

Ceramic brakes are far better than the semi-metallic and fully-metallic brake pads. They offer higher stopping power than the fully-metallic brake pads.

Ceramic brake pads have less noise, and quiet operation, are more durable and have low brake dust buildup.

It has reduced wear of rotors compared to fully metallic and semi-metallic brake pads. ceramic brake pads are more effective in a wet environment. It offers more stopping power in a wet environment.

Ceramic brake pad defects are, it has reduced efficacy in colder climates and are more expensive than any other brake out. 

Ceramic brake pads are better ideal for city and highway driving in most weather conditions.

4. Non-Asbestos Organic

These are eco-friendly materials brake pads. Because these brake pads are produced from organic materials that easily decompose when they’re bad 

Non-asbestos organic (NAO) brake pads don’t pollute the environment like the polluted friction material is worn down.

Non-asbestos organic brake pads have softer friction material than other brake pad types.

NAO brake pads produce less noise and reduce the wear on your brake discs and rotors.  

These brake pads are easy to wear out and produce high dust because of the soft materials used to produce the brake pads.

Non-asbestos organic brake pads are the best functioning on vehicles that are not heavy.

Benefits of Bosch Blue Brake Pads

Let’s go straight on to the benefits of Bosch blue brake pads.

1). Bosch Blue Brake Pads Has Consistent Increase in Stopping Power

Safety is paramount to everyone that drives or is inside the moving vehicle. 

One of the sure ways to guarantee safety on the road, irrespective of your driving conditions is to have effective or increase your vehicle’s stopping power.

Bosch blue brake pads are designed to be effective and powerful brake pads that have the capacity to prevent you from colliding with objects and give you automatic stops.

This is the most excellent stopping power brake pad you can get on the market. Wide brake pads that are known for their good performance.

2). Bosch Brake Blue Pads Have Excellent braking performance

Bosch blue brake pads aren’t known for optimal braking power but also will deliver to you a smooth, and reliable braking performance. 

Bosch blue brake pads are one of the most of the brake pads that you can count on to resist heat and fade, which increase safety any time — even in the rough terrain and wet environment. 

3). Bosch blue brake pads have a Longer Lifespan

Bosch brake pads are technology built to last longer than you expected under normal uses.

The Bosch blue brake pads of semi-metallic, complete-metallic, and ceramic brake pads are the longest-lasting brake pads on the market. 

Bosch brake pads of ceramic, semi-metallic, and complete-metallic reduce the rate of wear out of your vehicle’s rotors and disc

These are brake pads you can trust to deliver outstanding performance.

4). Bosch blue brake Pads Reduce brake dust

Generally, there are certain brake pads that produce more brake dust than the others.

The Bosch ceramic brake pads are the best pads when it comes to dust buildup. 

The organic Bosch brake pads are next when it comes to dust buildup. But the semi-metallic brake Bosch pads produce most brake dust. 

Bosch brake pads have a better and unique friction formulation that greatly reduces or brings dust to the minimum bearing.

5). Bosch Blue Brake Pads Are Quieter In operation

What most people use to know their other brands of brake is worn out is pestilence noise during the application. 

However, Bosch brake pads are designed to minimize the noise when the brake pads wear out.

Bosch Blue Brake Pads Key Feature

The best Bosch brake pads out there are metallic. These sets of Bosch brake pads offer higher-stopping power than every other type of brake pad.

The complete and semi-metallic brake pads are durable, and have excellent braking performance. 

So, metallic materials brake pads are the most high-quality brake out there you can count on to get the best braking experience.

The organic pads produced by Bosch are eco-friendly and greatly reduce the rate of wearing of your rotors and discs.

The ceramic pads manufactured by Bosch are known to be silent, powerful, and have reliable braking power.

Bosch blue brake pads are designed to be easily installed into your vehicle. The brake pads are normally sold as a set of front and rear.

The front and rear are to complement each other and the shims to make it easy for you to install it.


Bosch blue brake pads are well built by highly qualified engineers who knew everything about stopping the power of vehicles.

Bosch brake pads offer the highest stopping braking power you can confidently rely on in whatever terrain you drive on.

Bosch brake pads are durable and reduce the rate of rotor wear and increase performance.

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