4 Best Blue Water Sailboats Under 50 Feet: 2021 Edition

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Enjoying the serenity of the ocean with the 4-Person Inflatable Boat(Available on Amazon) or a typical sailboat can be adventurous and a lifetime experience.

The choice of the right blue water sailboat can give you an unforgettable cruising experience. Trust me.

You will certainly be bogged down by the wide range of sailboat choices available these days and you might not be able to point out the best one outright.

In this article, we provide you with a brief review of the four Best Bluewater sailboats under 50 feet that will fit your needs and provide a comfortable cruising experience.

Bavaria Cruiser-46

The credit for satisfying the needs of millions of cruisers goes to Bavaria Cruiser-46. The boat has earned its place among the four best blue water sailboats for being the most economical under 50 feet sailboat.

Bavaria Cruiser-46
Bavaria Cruiser-46

It is designed for couples who enjoy sailing down to the Bahamas for winters. However, it also possesses other specifications that can keep old sailors away from retirement. The opening transom of Bavaria is electrically operated with a manual override option for safety reasons.

Its fine engineering is evident through the Jefa steering system that complements the wheel and twin rudders, providing a smooth sailing experience.

Bavaria Cruiser-46 is designed by Bruce Farr in connivance with Bavaria Yachts to cater to the needs of both regular and non-regular sailors.

For this purpose, they have kept the mechanical installations above criticism using traditional bow thruster and generator.

Furthermore, to avoid any bang from the anchor, they have also provided a striker plate as a precaution against this possibility.

X-Yachts X4

If you are of the view that optimal cruise size hits somewhere between 40 to 50 feet, then you should consider 42 feet boat of the year X-Yachts X4.

X-Yachts X4
X-Yachts X4

It paved its path to the top in the 2017 boat of the year competition due to its interesting innovations.

The sailboat is designed specifically for fulfilling the needs of coastal and social cruising. And to that effect, you might want to arm yourself with the Mantus Anchor Galvanized (Available on Amazon).

Mantus Anchor Galvanized
Mantus Anchor Galvanized

The design offers the ability to make passages but does not provide support for long-term living aboard.

If you want to roll high on waters and admire owning classy things, then X4 is the right option for you.

The stern has a pop-up gallery along with a sink and a platform to clean the fish.

The sailboat offers a complete lifestyle in a non-traditional way. By moving the gallery forward, they have made things work pretty well in an eccentric manner.

The cruise provides better performance than its counterparts as it has a lightweight design.

This allows the cruise to hold more fuel and cruising supplements without affecting its cruising performance.

Baba 30

If you admire beauty with elegance in a sailboat, then this 30 feet design by Bob Perry would mesmerize you.

The double-ender design with simple canoe stern and perfectly balanced long keels along with the flag of affordability are what claim the merit of Baba 30 on this list.

Baba 30
Baba 30

It is a perfect couple boat to provide enough resources and facilities for amateur cruising needs. Although the design is a bit old-fashioned and may have some out-of-fashion engineering solutions, it will still give you a joy ride you will always remember.

Overly emphasized safety measures led Baba 30 to have a small cockpit area of around 5 feet. It may not be as comfortable as other sailing boats, but provides enough headspace of 6 feet 4 inches and storage area more than other conventional under 50 blue water sailboats.

Alajuela 38

If you are fond of stout-cruising then you would be happy to find Alajuela 38 on our list. The outlook of Alajuela 38 may baffle you for its close resemblance with Westsail 32; however, this is another beauty in itself.

Alajuela 38
Alajuela 38

The massive rudder with long keels provides the sailor a grip similar to a freight train on track. The hulls of Alajuela above water look similar to Ingrid 38, but the underwater improvements are far ahead of it.

The design and engineering excellence of Alajuela 38 served as the reasons to be on our list. To ensure high standards of engineering, the hull is molded in one single piece from hand-laid fiberglass of 1-inch thickness.

Without any liners inside the hull, it is bonded by all wood to provide access to every part of the cruise. Sailing author John Kretschmer expressed his satisfaction with Alajuela 38 by declaring it lean & graceful as opposed to pugnacious ad stout.

We provided you with a brief review of the four best blue water sailboats under 50 feet to help you decide on the right one.  Sailing is a lifetime experience and to make it count, make sure that you choose the right sailboat.

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An Overview Of The Jeanneau 54 Yacht

In recent years, boats built by the French could have won. But in 2016, they had several rivals and the competition was stiffer than you could imagine.

Especially from the Passport 545, which was rated not only the Best Full-Size Cruiser Over 50 feet, but the contest’s overall Boat of the Year. According to Simon, “Every part, every piece, every detail of the Passport is special,” “It’s art you can leave out in the rain.”

“This awesome boat seems to be dead silent when you’re down below sailing, even in a huge breeze,” added Sherman.

“You would expect to hear and experience a little creaking now and then, but not here. What a heirloom-quality boat it is? You can expect it to be sailing 30 or even 55 years from now. Several components will still be original, and it will still be working great.”

“It was conceived for voyaging,” said judge Tim Murphy, “and yet, of these three boats, I’d be delighted to take this for daysails. Imagine how much access and control it gives you to all your sail-handling hardware. You’ve got the chance to shape the sails.”

From the custom welding to the excellent layout to the incredible stainless-steel fabrications to the nonskid, the 545 the judging panel couldn’t apprehend its beauty from the get-go.

They were good boats which are being designed from high-production yards. But builder and designer Thom Wagner sailed in on a yacht that nothing can compete within this class,” concluded Simon.

“He calls it a bluewater, ocean-busting cruiser that best-suited for a couple, and that’s exactly what I think of it, and exactly what it can achieve for you. With respect to workmanship, it offers tremendous value.

Sailing this beautiful and well-crafted boat was just like playing basketball when Michael Jordan was on the court. You simply can’t argue who’s the best player.”

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