7 Best Center Console Boats Over 30 Feet

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It is always a great sight when you go out to enjoy a day at the riverside or the sea whether with your partner, your family members, or even alone.

It is even a better experience when you cruise on your center console boat and enjoy the cool breeze. You can even go fishing on your boat as you enjoy your vacation or a special day out with your family members.

Center console boats are the most versatile boats and some of the most popular too.

The truth is that your experience is incomplete at a river or lake without enjoying a cruise. But which boats can you trust to give you the best experience when you need to have a day out at the river?

There are boats of many lengths. Having a longer boat will give you a better experience, especially when you go to the beach with many friends or family members. Apart from that, you’ll also have more space if you decide to fish while you feel the cool breeze.

That’s why I’ll be considering the 7 best center console boats that are over 30 feet long. Check their features out to make the best choice, whether you’re buying or just hiring one for a fun-filled weekend. (Also check out “Best Aluminum Center Console Boats: The Buyer’s Guide“)

Boston Whaler 370 Outrage

Boston Whaler celebrated its 50 years anniversary some years ago with the production of the Boston Whaler 370 Outrage.

It was its largest and most outrageous boat at the time edging out its sibling 320 Outrage in size.

Now it has lost its position of being the largest boat in the Boston Whaler feet to the 420 Outrage. But the 370 Outrage has lost none of its appeals. (Check out our review of this boat here Boston Whaler vs Rib: The Honest Reviews)

The 370 Outrage is as versatile as you can expect a center console boat to be. (Check out our recommended Best Large Center Console Boats: Contender 39 ST)

Boston Whaler 370 Outrage
Boston Whaler 370 Outrage

Whether you’re out to cruise with family or friends or you have a hobby of fishing, you can rest assured that the 370 Outrage gives you maximum comfort as you enjoy your experience in the sea.

The 370 Outrage has a length of 37’6” and a beam of 11’6”. It can hold fuel of up to 425 gallons and has a range of up to 384 miles at its optimum fuel economy. Up to 14 people can enjoy their ride on this boat.

It has two engine options: 3 by 250-hp Mercury Verado Four-Stroke or 3 by 300-hp Mercury Verado Four-Stroke engines. Its engines can take it from 0 to 30 mph in 9.1 seconds. It can move at a maximum speed of up to 60 mph.

In its center cabin, it has a queen-size bunk that converts into a lounge. It also has a shower and toilet. It has a Fischer Panda diesel gen-set installed in the bilge which supplies power to the console’s air conditioner, microwave, and isotherm fridge.

It has an electrically operated awning that extends from the aft end of the hardtop over the cockpit to shade the kitchen, or rigging station if fitted.

If you’re serious about fishing with this boat, there are different types of equipment installed to make your fishing easier. (Speaking of fishing with family, check out 10 Best Center Console Fishing Boat For Family)

For instance, you have two Simrad NSE 12 display screens on the dash. These scratch-resistant glass screens are capable of overlaying broadband radar and finding fish with GPS mapping.

There are options for the color if you don’t want an all-white boat like everybody else. If you want to stand out, there are options for adding hull colors for either $14,600 or $15,466 depending on the color you want to add.

The 370 Outrage has a weight of 13,500 lbs which makes it heavy enough for rough offshore conditions.

Bahama B41

The Bahama B41 is a dream for anyone who would like to fish with their boat. But it also incorporates features that make it suitable for a family cruise. It is a beautifully hand-crafted boat with many features to delight any user.

It has a length of 41’3” and a beam of 11’ which makes it a big center console boat. It has a draft of 28”.

Bahama B41
Bahama B41

It has a 6’5” headroom within the center console cabin and 13’ of additional storage space. With its removable sofa-style backrest, long runs and cocktail cruising are more comfortable and enjoyable.

Its forward seating includes port and starboards fish boxes above deck with an open bay splitting the seats in the center.

The wired electrical systems can be easily accessed from a standing position facing the helm. For fishing, it has a 60-gallon live well within the transom and a center cockpit compartment below deck that can serve as a second larger well.

It is powered by four 350-hp Mercury Verados engines. These engines can give the Bahamas B41 a speed of up to 60 mph. With a capacity of holding up to 580 gallons of fuel, the B41 can cruise offshore without fear of fuel shortage.

It has freshwater storage of up to 65 gallons which is more than enough if you want to take your bath in the boat. It weighs 9,500 lbs which is a bit light for a boat this big but it’s heavy enough for your cruising or fishing needs.

The beauty of the Bahama B41 is that it is custom-built. If you don’t mind spending extra on your initial investment, then you can add other features to suit your needs

Cobia 344CC

The Cobia 344CC is made for both cruising with your family and also for people who want to go fishing. It has a length of 34’4” and a beam of 11’2” which is a medium size for a center console boat.

It has two engine options: double 350-hp Yamaha F350 V8 engines or triple 300-hp Yamaha F300 engines. These engines can give it a speed of up to 65 mph.

Its most economical cruising speed though is at 3000 rpm and 31.3 mph. It can hold fuel of up to 320 gallons. Which is good enough for a long cruise.

Cobia 344CC
Cobia 344CC

It has features that make it good for a family cruise. With an electrically actuated bow table, it can be used to complete a forward sunning or as a casting area when you raise it knee-high.

It can serve as dining if raised waist-high, with the plush removable seats surrounding the table acting as the seats.

Dining on Cobia 344CC
Dining on Cobia 344CC

It has a storage of up to 25 gallons of fresh water. This is not much compared to other boats. It weighs 8,600 lbs which is average.

It has 26 inches of cockpit depth aft, 29.5 inches amidship, and 33.5 inches forward which is deep enough to make sure that crew members and anglers are safe.

It has twin 42-gallon bait wells in the transom bulkhead (with an optional pressurizing pump box plumbing system) and two huge 62-gallon macerated in-floor insulated fish boxes (69 inches long by 14 inches wide and 14 inches deep) that anglers would love for their fishing activities.

Contender 35ST

Contender 35ST is a fishing machine that anglers would like. It has a length of 34 feet 6 inches, a beam of 9 feet 8 inches, and a draft of 22 inches which is an average size for a center console boat.

It has two engine options: double 350-hp Yamaha F350 engines or triple 300-hp Yamaha F300 engines. The 3 F300 engines burn 1.6 mpg of fuel at 3000 rpm and 32.7 mph to get its optimum fuel economy.

This gives the boat a 576-mile range, with 10% reserve in its 400-gallon fuel tank. Contender 35ST can move at a maximum speed of 67 mph.

Contender 35ST
Contender 35ST

It has a 96-quart Frigid Rigid cooler in the aft session with rollers for easy access. Its cockpit includes a 50-gallon live well below the nonskid deck. It also has a pair of 40-gallon tanks in the transom bulkhead and a transom door that allows you to drag big fish on deck.

It has a weight of up to 12000 lbs which is heavy enough even in rough offshore conditions. The Contender 35T has many options that you can request if you don’t mind the additional cost.

Everglades 355CC

Everglades patented the RAM CAP process which uses pre-molded, high-density, closed-cell, structural foam floatation to produce unsinkable boats.

Everglades 355CC is a family boat and is suitable for users who want to go fishing. It has a length of 35 feet 4 inches, a beam of 10 feet 8 inches, and a draft of 24”.

It has a maximum allowed 1050 hp for its engines. It can hold up to 400 gallons of fuel below its 158-square foot cockpit. You can get the optimum fuel economy of 1.12mpg for this boat at 3500 rpm and 36.5 mph.

Everglades 355CC
Everglades 355CC

It can move at speed of up to 63 mph. It has over 200 gallons of fish boxes and 80 gallons of live wells. There is a tackle center behind the helm where you can keep your gear.

The gear includes a bait prep sink, 18-foot outriggers, kingfish rod holders, and 21 additional stainless steel rod holders.

If you’re just on a cruise with your friends without any plan for fishing, there is a provision for luxury while you enjoy your time on the sea. It has plush custom sitting in the bow and a pair of captains seat forward of the console with a fold-down armrest/drink holder. It has an electric bow table which can also serve as a cushioned sun pad.

It weighs 11,500 lbs which is heavy enough for rough offshore conditions. It has a provision for 35 gallons of fresh water which supplies the built-in sink and shower.

Edgewater 320CC

“The 320CC has all the best attributes of our successful 318CC, along with next-generation technology,” Peter Truslow, president of Edgewater Power Boats said during its launch. It has a length of 31 feet 10 inches, a beam of 10 feet 2 inches, and a draft of 22 inches. This is an average size for a center console boat but it packs enough to meet your cruising and fishing needs.

Edgewater 320CC
Edgewater 320CC

It is powered by twin 300-hp 4-strokes Mercury engines. It has a maximum speed of 60 mph and a cruising speed of 35 mph. It can contain fuel of up to 300 gallons. It has a weight of 7,616 lbs which is low but will increase when it is loaded.

It has a cockpit area of 130 Sq. ft and a cockpit depth of 30 inches.

Invincible 42 Open Fisherman

The Invincible 42 has a length of 42 feet 9 inches, a beam of 11 feet 7 inches, and a draft of 22 inches. This is a big boat that is both suitable for cruising and fishing.

Even with its relatively large size, it has an option for the 3 or 4 350-hp Yamaha F350 engines. These engines help to keep it steady no matter the maneuver that is carried out on it. It can hold fuel of up to 565 gallons. It can hold 40 gallons of fresh water.

Invincible 42 Open Fisherman
Invincible 42 Open Fisherman

It has a top speed of 67 mph. Its most economical cruising speed is 40 mph and it has a fuel economy of 1.17 mpg. It has a weight of 13,400 lbs which keeps it stable even in rough offshore conditions.

In the cockpit, there are more than 6 feet of headroom, a 7-foot by 4-foot forward berth, and a 17-inch TV for entertainment.

It has one live well in the transom and the other under the sole. The two combine to provide 170 gallons of pressurized live bait-keeping space.

It has 5 vertical rod holders on each side of the console and 5 at the back of the leaning post. The head compartment has a 6 feet 7 inches headroom as well as an innovative battery-storage system on trays above the water line in the console.


Center console boats provide the option of a luxury cruise with your friends or family. And what if you’re an angler? You’re covered.

You can travel offshore to enjoy the view and the breeze of the sea. These options are available today and you can choose any of them depending on your preferences and future usage.

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