How to Keep Mice Out of Pop-up Camper (I’ll Show You How)

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Follow these simple tips to keep mice out of your pop-up camper:

1. Seal all possible entry points
2. Use some traps
3. Place mothballs
4. Keep your camper clean
5. Nesting of rodents
6. Professional repels
7. Use domestic remedies
8. Store your food properly
9. Camping in a safe place
10. Obey camper storage measures

Suppose you are there, out in the woods, with your nice and comfortable campervan, and one morning you see two tiny eyes staring at you under your kitchen cabinet or on your clothes cupboard.

Surely, it will turn your recreational journey into a nightmare. I am sure you don’t want that?

Mice can damage your camper items, and engine wires and even cause several health concerns. Getting rid of mice from your camper is really something have to be interested in and act fast.

In this article, I’ll share with you some of the proven ways I and my family have implemented to keep mice off our beautiful camper.

1. Seal all possible entry points

The first step is to make sure that mice are not able to enter your camper.

For this purpose, it is recommended to seal all the holes. By sealing these entry points you will be able to keep them away.

However, sealing all visible and obvious routes will intrigue the tiny creature to find creative ways of getting inside. One of the best ways of getting inside is finding small cracks and crevices.

In this way, leaving small holes unattended may lead them to feasible entry. Mice are clever creatures and they can squeeze themselves into the small holes and cracks.

It is highly recommended to look around deeply even under your furniture and other households keenly. If there are holes or cracks, patch them properly no matter how small they are.

For this purpose, you can use some professional detergent, foam, aluminum foils, or any other substance which is adhesive and non-corrosive.

2. Use some traps

An effective way to get rid of mice from your camper is to place traps. Mice can easily be trapped because they get lured when you simply put a piece of food on it.

However, some people may love nature and think that mouse traps can be a brutal way to get rid of mice. So, when choosing traps it is important to select that one which does not harm the animal.

There are a number of traps available in the market from wooden traps to plastic and even electronic ones. These traps offer an option to release rats after they have been caught.

Now, place traps near the wheels, doors, and exhausts or drainage holes. You can also locate holes and cracks and put these traps near them. The more traps, the better your chances of catching more mice.

3. Place mothballs

If you are one of the environment lovers and do not want to brutally harm the animals, then placing the mothballs is quite a fantastic option.

Mothballs contain a chemical that is poisonous to mice and other rodents. Actually, its smell keeps them away. And they do not eat the mothballs.

So, you can have the option of avoiding cruel methods to keep them out of your camper.

Place mothballs near holes and cracks. Mothballs have an edge on all other traps. They are easy to place and you do not need to set up complicated traps.

You just need to place them in corners or tight and dark places.

4. Keep your camper clean

Clean places do not generate or provide space for bugs, mice, or other rodents to nourish or live or even have a party.

Usually, we do not bother to keep it clean but it is the important factor that may lead to having a beautiful camper that will prevent a mouse from getting.

When eating, particularly dry foods that can crumble easily into small pieces, there are chances that you may leave small pieces of food on the table or floor.

Mice have a great smelling ability and they can smell food particles from meters away. So, definitely, they will find ways for getting inside and nimble upon those small pieces of food.

The best way to avoid this situation is to observe CLAYGO which directs us to “clean as you go”.

Hence, as soon as you finish eating, get rid of the small pieces of food and clean the floor or table with a detergent

5. Nesting of rodents

If you have a lot of extra material like old clothes, worn out shoes, abandoned towels, and even paper products — then be ready to face a whole generation of mice in your camper.

In fact, these extra materials provide mice with a safe hide-out and nesting opportunities. They would build a nest and reproduce rapidly.

In addition to keeping them away, you should also consider that they would not have any option of reproducing in your camper once it’s messed up.

So, do not let the extra material scatter and prevail here and there. Otherwise getting rid of mice would not be less than a hard nut to crack.

6. Professional repels

Using mothballs has a disadvantage, in that it is only temporary and everything in the camper stinks like mothballs long after they are gone. Even mothballs’ smell can make its way to your clothes.

Also, mice are ingenious creatures and they can assess the trap once they get familiar with them.

So, professional detergents or repellents are another option to try.

You can use ammonia in a similar way as the mothballs. You need to place a small amount in a glass and put it near holes and cracks.

However, it is a bit risky when you have children and pets in your home.

Peppermint is another natural but effective way to keep mice out of your camper. This has no side effects as well.

Other professional repels include fresh cab rodent repellent and shakes away repellent granules.

7. Use domestic remedies

People prefer home remedies for two obvious reasons:

  • They are more effective
  • They are typically non-toxic and easy to use.

Mice and rodents do not like the peppermint smell; they naturally hate it. You just need to place peppermint oil on cotton balls and then put them near the suspected entry points.

Instant mashed potatoes are also an effective way to get mice off your camper. Just sprinkle a few tablespoons.

Mice will eat flakes and flakes will expand in their stomach leading to the death of the animal.

Using kitty litter or fox urine is also another natural way. Fox and cats are natural predators of mice and hence mice suspect that you have a fox or cat in your home.

They will run the other way.

8. Store your food properly

Once mice get a smell of your food they will try their best to break into your camper. So, keeping food in packs and bags also works.

Store your food in strong and resistant bags. You can buy a metal bag from the nearby market or an online store. This bag will be quite resistant to the mice’s teeth.

Also, put your food into safe compartments that do not allow rats to enter or break in.

9. Camping at a safe place

Camping at a safe place resolves the issue almost up to fifty percent.

You can ask experienced travelers the best places for camping and your common sense will also draw your attention toward some cautious signs.

For example, camping under a tree may lead your camper depleted with pests and other kinds of insects.

Similarly camping near garbage, sewerage lines and old rest houses will increase the chance of anticipated attack of rodents.

10. Camper storage measures

Many of us do not use campers throughout the year. We usually do not use campers during the winter season — so we leave them stored in the garage or any other available space.

During this period, if left unattended, mice get their way into your camper easily. They will nest there and reproduce.

In order to avoid this condition, it is recommended to monitor your camper often.

Using a single method does not work in many cases. So, use more than one trap and preventive measures if you really want to prevent and get rid of mice and other rodents out of your pop up camper.

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