How to Clean the Outside of a Camper Trailer

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The maintenance of any vehicle is crucial. When you own an RV or a camper trailer, make sure you clean it every once in a while. One has to take into account the material used for cleaning the Camper trailer, the cleaning time, and the frequency of cleaning it.

Usually — if your camper is kept in a closed garage for a long winter, then dirt, mold, black streaks, and tiny spots appear on it. The longer residue and dirt sits on your camper, the higher the odds of damage to your trailer.

The following method or process should be kept in mind before cleaning the exterior of your camper trailer.

Products and Equipment for Cleaning:

  1. Rubber Roof Cleaner
  2. Awning Cleaner
  3. Black Streak Remover
  4. Sponges, bucket, and water
  5. Wash and Wax
  6. Assorted brushes that have soft and stiff bristles
  7. Car wash kit with a long-handled pole
  8. Spray nozzles

Begin with the top-down approach

To have an effective cleaning, you should begin with the top-down approach. You can start off with the roof first as it makes more sense.

To begin the process, first, you need to park your trailer in a place away from direct sunlight. You can use the long-handled and soft brushes along with the spray bottle in this part.

The rubber roof cleaner fluid would work at this stage. The dirt would come off easily.

You can use a ladder to lead yourself up to the roof.  Use the soap if necessary and switch the nozzle of the spray bottle to rinse off the excess soap and water. You can use a soft cloth as well which will wipe dry the outer surface. Spraying the roof and walls will get rid of the dirt clumps. Thoroughly spray off the water on the entire roof and you get a shiny clean rooftop with just soap.

Move towards the Walls

When you have moved to this section you can use the elbow grease to make your work easier. Fill a bucket of water first and add wash and wax fluid into it. Dilute the solution before using it. In this area, all you require is a big sponge or even a stiff-bristled brush would work just fine.

Black streak remover could also be used while cleaning the walls when you have been presented with a tough stain that won’t come off easily.

Black streak remover also works for mold spots and gets easily rid of those too. Wax and wash after you have applied the remover. Do one side at a time and work your way down. Make sure you reach every part. Long-handled brushes come in handy in this area.

Rinse it lastly to get rid of the excess soap and remover.

Awning Cleaner

In this stage, you use the awning cleanser because it makes it easier to reach the holding clamps which are on the side of the camper.

hard-to-remove stains get washed off easily with the awning cleaner. Scrubbing with the sponge and using awning cleaner gets rid of the tough stains in the holding clamps.

Lastly, rinse it off too after you have done that. You might notice every step requires using water excessively.

Tires and rims cleaning

Now that you have cleaned the roof and walls of the trailer camper, you are almost done with the major cleaning part. Do not leave out tires and rims.

Do not take them for granted and always check for splits, cracks, and weatherization damage if any because you never know. You might need to use soap and dirt remover on the tires and rims because they too require our attention as they are the backbone of the entire vehicle.

Don’t forget to clean…


It entirely is your choice if you want to clean the rims at the end of the window. We advise you to end it with the windows.

There is no logic or hard rationale behind it, it’s just that it’s easier and less time-consuming. All you need in this section is a spray bottle of window cleaner. You will require some paper towels to help you with the process. This is all you require to achieve a shiny beaming window.

Some final tips

Wax your camper regularly to avoid getting potential damage to the exterior. It is a simple process that you can do on your own. It also makes the cleaning process easier.

It is highly recommended that you wax your RV or your camper trailer once or twice a year. Without professional help, you can do it yourself by applying a small amount of wax on a soft cloth and then rubbing it all over the camper.

The exterior gets fully coated in the wax. Do not wax your camper in direct sunlight.

Once the surface is cool then you can do it. Sunlight tends to fasten the drying process of wax which you do not want.

There is also a tip for using waxes and the sorts of them. Make sure your wax does not have high abrasive content. High abrasive compounds get rid of the dirt, stains, and rust but they are extremely harmful to the luster of the surface. Your exterior would wear out much more rapidly than you had expected. These materials scrape off the coating.

Often, people use gasoline and paint thinners to remove the road tar or any other rusting on the exterior. It is highly harmful to the exterior and we do not recommend it.

Wrapping it Up

Conclusively speaking, the entire process of cleaning the exterior of a camper trailer is not that big of a deal and could be done without professional help. When you seek professional help, the available ones will be cost-efficient.

This process of doing the cleaning on your own is however time-consuming but saves your pocket. It saves the trouble of going from place to place looking for just the right helping facility.

Save yourself all the trouble and do the cleaning on your own for good results and cost-efficiency.

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