How Does An RV Toilet Work? [How To Clean It Inside]

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For people who like spending some time outdoors, RVs may remain a huge blessing. Most RVs have well-designed bathrooms in addition to plenty of storage, cooking facilities, and a bed.

The toilet and bathroom of campers are small when compared to options located in most home buildings. Another important thing to know is that RV toilets operate in a different way from your normal home structures.

How Much Water Does An RV Toilet Use Per Flush

RV toilets usually make use of a small amount of water to operate, unlike residential homes. For most RV toilets, using around 2 quarts of water will work effectively per flush. Travel trailer owners can as well enjoy a water-saving rinse feature when using RV toilets.

Studies have revealed that you will not find water always in the bowl on a constant basis. The bowl will be flushed easily with solid materials. In the case of liquids, all you have to do is rinse the bowl with a small amount of water.

How To Use RV Toilet Chemicals

It has become the culture of many people not to talk about the ordeal of owning a toilet right on their RV, especially when they lack the knowledge of taking care of it. To be factual, it is always a high level of comfort to have a toilet in your RV.

It is a good option to choose when compared to not using a public toilet, truck stop, or a campground. Some people are easily discouraged when it comes to getting rid of their black tank wastes themselves.

There can be some problems when your RV toilet is not properly used and maintained. This is where understanding how to use RV toilet chemicals come into play.

The first step to take when planning to use RV toilet chemicals is to ensure that a couple of gallons of water are available in your black tank. This will help to confirm the perfect level of water found at the base of your tank before usage.

It is not a good idea to use a travel trailer toilet without having the required amount of water in the tank. The absence of the required level of water in the tank will lead to the clumping of waste materials. The long-run result of this effect is either unreal meter readings, clogs, or even complete damage.

Go ahead to press the flushing valve provided there is a good level of water at the base of your black tank. Ensure that the liquid chemical is dropped down your toilet. With this simple process, you will be ready to use the RV toilet for a long time without any difficulty.

Using RV Toilet Cleaning Brush

If you really want to have a nice time in your RV, it is crucial to have a clean toilet. Many people often forget about the fact that a clean RV toilet will make life easier.

With filthy surrounding settings and a bad smell, a dirty RV toilet will eventually spoil your trip. Provided an RV toilet is clean, you will be saved a lot of inconvenience and discomfort later in the trip. Using an RV toilet brush can either be in the fast or deep cleaning approach.

  1. The first step to take is by wearing your clean gloves. Remember that bacteria or viruses can be found in dirty RV toilets. For this reason, you can wear waterproof gloves to protect your hands.
  2. To wipe your toilet, ensure to make use of a damp sponge. Using hot water to moisten the sponge prior to wiping the tank off the bowl, lid, seat, base, and exterior remains a good practice. This can as well be done with a special and unique cleaning product.
  3. The inside of the bowl can be clean by using a toilet cleaner. To get rid of stains, rings, and mineral deposits in the RV toilet, a special cleaner can help to do the job quickly.
  4. Now, you will have to use an RV toilet cleaning brush to ensure that the process is perfectly done. With a solid bristled toilet brush, go ahead to scrub the entire surface of your bowl. Take some additional time to thoroughly scrub on mineral stains that have piled on over time outside or inside the bowl.

How To Fix A Clogged RV Toilet

When you discover a clog in your RV toilet, putting something else into the commode may lead to further damage. Certain products the likes of Drano should not be used to clear your toilet clog.

It may lead to the total destruction of your RV’s hoses and pipes. It is a nice idea to immediately close valves if you have a system that enables gray water to be removed from the commode.

Camper Toilet Smells – How To Eliminate Odor

If you really want to enjoy your trip and have a remarkable moment while camping, then ensure to maintain the RV toilet properly. A travel trailer toilet will smell when there is a leak or the sewer remains damaged.

If there is a clog or the RV toilet has not been properly cleaned for a long time, it may also lead to a bad odor. Follow the simple steps below to get rid of your RV toilet odor.

  1. Ensure to remove the clog if you want to eliminate any odor from your RV toilet.
  2. Sweeten, sanitize and scour the tank. Provided the tank is perfectly used, you will not experience any condition of bad odor
  3. Ensure that the toilet and flapper are cleaned thoroughly to help you enjoy sanity


The RV toilet can either make or break your adventure. Apart from impacting your adventure, it can as well help to bring some sanity if properly maintained. If you do not want to spend extra money on hospital bills after camping, it is a good idea to ensure that your RV toilet remains well-maintained.

To achieve this goal, you should always try to have some tools on board that can help in the simple repair of your RV toilet. Hiring a professional to check through the RV toilet operation can as well keep you safe during a long journey.

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