10 Best Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers for Full Timing

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Sometimes, the best times of life are spent while traveling and on roads, open trails, and pathways. The real adventure lies outside, in the open and a road trip would give you a chance to experience that for yourself.

You can pick out your best vehicle today and set off on a journey of a lifetime.

Adventure of that sort would require one to have a good toy wheeler that provides sufficient space, storage, various facilities, and not just the bare necessities of life.

Fifth-wheel toy haulers are the answer to all your on-road trips. We have taken a look at some of the best fifth-wheel toy haulers. Here is the review of the top 10:

Freedom Express Blast RV

This is a new beauty added to the line of RVs by the best manufacturers in town. It is the newly introduced RV by the coachman and it is so in the game for serious adventure and action.

This toy hauler is easy to tow and easily hauled by SUVs. It is available easily with two convenient floor plans. One of the floor plans is green certified and the other is Seal tech tested.

2017 Forest River Cardinal

Forest River is a trusted and most reliable name in the industry with the largest inventory. The 2017 cardinal launched by Forest Cardinal has multiple floor plans.

Image result for 2017 Forest River Cardinal

It is a highly customizable edition. No matter what design you go for each one is furnished with maple cabinetry, beautiful ceilings, and eye-catching woodwork.

The bedroom it has offers good storage space along with a shoe caddy, closets, and drawers suited for the needs. Theater sitting, fridge, and entertainment center are also present in it.

Augusta Luxe

Augusta Luxe is a high-profile, high in quality wheeler. It is considered one of the most luxurious fifth wheels which have been designed with the full-timers in mind.

It has a durable and long-lasting construction. High-tech engineering skills have shown quite the craft in its making as it is comfortable and safe for long travels. With an interior of contemporary and modern taste, the wheeler has all the amenities.

The kitchen has beautiful cabinetry. Each unit has a solar installation facility. A water heater for cold weather is also a great facility.

Fury by Prime Time Manufacturers

This is a must-want for all the travelers out there as it is light in weight along with the most durable lamination.

It has been designed to give a motorsport experience to enthusiasts who like traveling with style and comfort. It is a perfect place to relax after long trails and hikes. It has 3-floor plans.

Other amenities include a full bath, a commercial kitchen, and different bedding styles. This should definitely be on your list of top 10.

Outback by Keystone

This unique and versatile traveling vehicle is perfect for its front cargo areas and could easily carry motorcycles, quads, and golf carts.

Not just that but it has plenty of space for pets and other items that require large storage.

There is an awesome bunk bed for the kids too but that is an option for customizability. It has a rear bedroom with a king-size bed, outdoor kitchen, and model bath too.

Triton by Dutchmen

This one is definitely the winner in the fifth wheel toy haulers of 2015 which was produced by the Dutchmen RV.

This has made revolutionary waves in the toy hauler world. It is an upgrade or an extension of the voltage series that is meant for high storage space, comfortable sleeping space, living area, and kitchen.

Triton by Dutchmen
Triton by Dutchmen

Along with this it also has a garage floor and amenities like a fueling station which is customizable. The 3-floor plan design gives it a unique touch.

Outlaw by Thor Motor Coach

This edition by the Thor Motorcoach was definitely a breakthrough in the industry of toy haulers as it was a rejuvenated version of a motorhome.

This means you have enough space for your toys along with home-like facilities on the go. This is a customizable toy hauler with a great engine, ramp door, patio system, patio awning, and fueling station.

The residential options include a bed area along with a bath facility. There are three-floor plans so it means you have ample space for all your belongings.

Momentum by Grand Design

It is exactly the wheeler that you were looking for as it is light in weight and high in luxury and comfort. It has quite spacious triple slide floor plans that offer customization.

It comes with a structural warranty, weather insulation, kitchen pantry, fuel station, and towing package.

As you step into the momentum, you will experience the warm ambiance and feel. With every amenity available, it definitely is the thing to spend on.

With its beautiful LEDs, designed cabinetry, and high-profile interior, it is your way to go about an adventure.

Seismic by Jayco

When you couple action, convenience, extravagance, and luxury, the name Seismic comes to mind.  It is backed by Jay Co with a 2 years warranty.

Image result for Seismic by JayCo
Seismic by Jayco

It has a convertible garage that transforms into a living area that has LED TV, coaches, overhead cabinetry, tinted windows, and model bathrooms.

Inside the residential area, you will have the access to all the amenities like a couch, sofa, heater, and massager. It comes with a dual patio floor plan as well.

The Famous Voltage by Dutchmen

Full of all the amenities and high-end luxuries, this spacious wheeler is your best friend for adventures.

The irresistible design includes garage options for transport tours and your golf carts. The garage is not an ordinary one, but rather a beautiful one with an aesthetically pleasing interior.

The Famous Voltage by Dutchmen
The Famous Voltage by Dutchmen

The toy wheeler has an entertainment center, custom-made chairs, and a full bathing facility. It has a massage couch, rooms lit with LEDs, and patio floor plans.

If you have a love for traveling, but you cannot let go of your bikes and bicycles then, these are the best toy wheelers or toy haulers for you. Spend a little today and enjoy the luxurious ride with your friends and family.

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