Do Tall People Need Special Golf Clubs?

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Are you a tall golfer looking for a special golf club? Do you want to give a tall golfer a special golf club? Do worry you’re in the right place to know everything about golf clubs.

In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the right golf club that will best fit a tall golfer. 

Let’s quickly answer the question.

Tall people don’t need special golf clubs because most clubs are designed by the manufacturers to fit various heights ranging from 5.5 to 6.5 feet plus. 

When it comes to the golf sport, being tall is in many ways. Someone can be tall but have a shorter arm, whereby there are those with longer arms but shorter legs. 

The major criteria criterion golfers consider before choosing golf clubs is the wrist. The distance of the wrist from the ground is the determinant factor.

Let’s get started to show you how to choose the best golf clubs for tall golfers.

How to Know The Right Golf Clubs for Your Height

There are different sizes of golf clubs just as we have different heights. The clubs that 4.5ft will use are different from the club that 6.5ft will use.

The differences in clubs are a result of height differences. A short person will prefer a longer club while a tall person prefers a shorter club.

Truly, as a golfer, you’re not to measure your club based on your height. Because what determines your performance depends on how you are able to move your wrist.

Conversely, short people use longer clubs because if their arms are a bit longer they will get better performance than using the shorter club.

Therefore choosing the right golf clubs for your height depends on these factors:

  • Know your exact height 
  • Club sizes

Just as I have stated here earlier, your exact height is the key factor in choosing the right golf club.

If not you’ll end up choosing the wrong club that’ll not make you perform to your expectation.

A golfer who does such usually end-up performing poorly on the course.  I wouldn’t want you to make such a mistake. 

That’s why I researched excessively to show you how to choose the right golf club.

Sometimes, there are some tall people that have shorter arms while there are short people with longer arms. 

A short person with longer arms usually uses a long club while a tall person with short arms will likely use a small club.

The distance from your wrist to the ground floor is what determines the types of clubs you will use.

So, the flow of your wrist is important because if your measurement is greater than 36 inches, then you don’t need longer clubs rather use normal clubs.

As tall golfers don’t quickly spend money on buying a longer club instead of doing proper measurements of your body. 

The exact measure of your arm, legs, and wrist will determine if you need a special golf club. However, no special golf clubs out there rather than the existing ones. 

The table below shows the different types of iron sizes you could use for various heights.

Height (ft)Clubs size
4ft 9″ – 5ftSubtract 2″ from Standard Length
5ft 3″ – 5ft 6″Subtract 1″ from Standard Length
5ft 9″ – 6ft 0″ Standard LengthStandard Length
6ft 6″ – 6ft 9″ Add 1 1/2″to Standard Length
6ft 3″ – 6ft 6″ Add 1″ to Standard Length
6ft 0″ – 6ft 3″ Add 1/2″ to Standard Lengthto Standard Length
5ft 9″ – 6ft 0″ Standard Length
5ft 3″ – 5ft 6″ Subtract 1″ from Standard Length
5ft 0″ – 5ft 3″ Subtract 1 1/2″ from Standard Length
iron sizes you could use for various heights

The table above is a summary of different heights and the exact club that will best fit it. 

If your height is 5ft to 6ft then use standard iron to better have the best performance in the course.

Locate your height feet on the above table to know the exact iron that will best fit you. Hence you’ll perform poorly when the iron is either longer or shorter than your height.

Should Tall Golfers Consider Drivers?

When it comes to golf the height doesn’t really have any advantage. But what determines how you play is your ability to make good use of the clubs. 

One of the clubs is the “Drive”, which plays a major role in the golf sport. How well you’re able to position the driver counts a lot. 

Your height at this point doesn’t really matter. Remember the height here is not completely tall of a golfer but the distance from the wrist to the ground floor. 

In addition, the longer the driver shaft, the greater the shot distance. Therefore it’s an advantage when the driver is longer for those with short wrist and longer legs.

The recommended driver length is 48 inches while the common use driver length in the course is 44.5 inches.

Tall golfers are not to bother about their height but consider the length of their driver shaft. This plays a major role in determining the shot, distance, and occurrence.

Is Putter Important?

One of the reasons people are asking for a special golf club for tall golfers is to enhance their performance. 

Also, to gain absolute control and accuracy, which are important factors that determine the course.

Otherwise, the ball may end up in the wrong direction, which means the objective of getting the right golf club has been defeated.

With the right putter, the tall golfer will be able to deliver easily and accurately.

When it comes to purchasing a putter, control and accuracy are necessary factors to consider. If really you want to get the ball into the hole.

The length of the putter has an impact on how best you’re able to control an accurate display on the green. 

However, a golfer’s height is not the only factor to consider before you choose the right putter. 

A tall golfer with a special putter may not do well if the skill and the techniques of such a golfer are not checked.

As a tall golfer or if you want to give a tall golfer a special club putter, ensure you factor into consideration the techniques and the ability to control the puter into account.

Top Best Recommended Golf Clubs For Tall Golfers 

Now that you know the factors that determine the types of golf clubs a tall golfer needs, it becomes easy for you to choose out of many.

But to save you the time and energy in searching for the special golf club for a tall golfer, let’s quickly outline some of the top clubs on our list.

These lists will help you make a better decision to buy the right golf club. 

This top golf club is what you’ll appreciate or the person receiving the present will likewise appreciate.

Without wasting time, here are the special golf clubs recommended for tall golfers:

Wilson Ultra Golf Club

Wilson Ultra Golf Club
Wilson Ultra Golf Club

Wilson Ultra golf clubs are specially designed to help tall golfers perform excellently well on the green.

This set of clubs has different sizes of items that address the various heights regarded to the wrist, arms, and legs.

Getting this as a present to tall golfers will be a great value to the golfer. This club will place the golfer in a position to do better on the course.

Wilson Ultra golf is an affordable and durable set of clubs that every renowned golfer out there appreciates.

It has one of the decent quality clubs you can count on to deliver your best golf experiences. 

Wilson Ultra golf clubs have the following in the set:

  • Driver 
  • Fairway Wood
  • Hybrid
  • 6-PW Iron
  • Putter
  • Stand bag

All these items listed above, are specially customized for tall golfers, who wish to outright their competitors in a gland style.

Wilson Ultra golf clubs are popular because of their features. They have maintained a better quality since the inception of the product. 

Tall golfers derive joy in using these Wilson Ultra golf clubs because of the undercut cavity and accurate control, which are made simple by these clubs. 

This is a club you can actually trust to get your dream golf performance to come into reality.

Callaway Strata Ultimate Golf Set

Another trusted and high-quality club you can trust is Callaway strata. 

The manufacturer of this product knows the challenge of tall golfers and addresses it with these clubs.

The clubs are made simple in such a way that both beginners and experienced golfers can use them.

Most tall golfers like these clubs because of the clubs the bag has. Callaway has most of the clubs that other product doesn’t have: 

  • Driver
  • 3-Wood
  • 20Hybrid
  • 6-PW
  • Sand Wedge
  • Putter
  • Stand Bag

Callaway Strata is one of the complete bags for tall golfers to maintain accuracy and distance on the course.

This is a cost-friendly club that supersedes whatever amount you may have spent. One of the best present bags for tall golfers.

One of the good features of this climb is forgiveness. It’s durable and lasts longer than you expected irrespective of the uses.

Most other clubs have iron without a hybrid but this club has 2 hybrids without iron, which make it better than those clubs that have iron.


No special golf for tall golfers in the market. Besides, most manufacturers have produced clubs that address the various heights challenges out there.

Knowing how to measure tall golfer height will help you choose the right clubs. To know the exact height of a tall golfer is to measure from the wrist to the ground floor.

Also, take into account the size of the arm and legs to get the appropriate size clubs. Without these methods, you will end up buying the wrong golf clubs for a tall golfer.

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