How Much Do Waders Weigh? (5 Waders With Pictures)

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Fishermen of modern days are lucky. The days of uncomfortable, hefty fishing waders have passed. 

Those relics that split with time and also bathed you in sweat every second you have them on have been replaced with designs crafted with real comfortability.

Right now, waders have a selection of dimensions, products, and styles. But the thing several people are more concerned about is the weight of these waders.

The average weight of a wader is 5 pounds, and the boot has about 10lbs which makes the wader heavy. Although you will see some waders which are as heavy as ten pounds, most of the ones you’ll see will be 5-7 pounds range or even way lesser especially when it’s stockingfoot — which is lightweight.

5 Waders with an Average Weight

I know you are waiting for our recommendations on waders that have an average weight, we won’t let you down.

Here is a list of 5 waders that have average weights:

1). Redington Sonic-Pro Waders

Redington Sonic-Pro Waders
Redington Sonic-Pro Waders

The average weight of a Redington Sonic-Pro wader is 4 pounds. These waders are stockingfoot ones, that have seams that were not sewn, but done through sonic methods.

This wader has a four-layered design that has some reinforced backside and lower legs.

This is amazing for individuals who will likely decide to seat on a pontoon or in a boat. In addition, it is great for individuals who are going to rest on logs and rocks.

People who wear it can make use of the pockets as hand warmers, so you can put your hands into them anytime you feel the cold is too severe.

It has a zipper pocket at the front and an interior pocket that you flip in order to open.

These same pockets are nice for storing your forceps, flies, nippers, and tippets. There’re gravel guards crafted into these waders, and they additionally have a wading belt.

2). Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders

Image result for Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot Wader
Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders

The average weight of Simms G3 Guide Stockingfootwader is 2.9 pounds. These waders are stockingfoot ones that are created for the fishing fanatics.

Fishing fanatics are individuals who’ll spend way more periods in the water compare to the average angler. 

The legs of the initial wager have five layers of the GORE_TEX Pro Shell system, and it then turns into a three-layered system at the torso.

It has had a hand warmer pocket which is lined with fleece, excellent for putting in your hand anytime the weather is cold.

It also has a detachable zipper pocket, and it even has a dual entry zipper. It has another zipper pocket on the chest, and also a retractor docking station.

This type of waders also comes with gravel guards which are built-in, an anatomical neoprene, and a wading belt.

These types of waders are excellent for individuals who want to be serious about fly fishing in streams and rivers.

3). Hodgman H3 Stockingfoot Fishing Wader

Image result for Hodgman H3 Stockingfoot Fishing Wader
Hodgman H3 Stockingfoot Fishing Wader

The average weight of the Hodgman H3 Stockingfoot fishing wader is 3.3 pounds. These are excellent for individuals who are just beginning their fly fishing adventure. 

The company which produces these waders has been known for creating waders and wading boots that are cost-effective for quite a long period of time.

Anglers have always given their gears a pass mark, and their gears are greatly praised for their great work. Now, this wader itself has everything that you would expect in a wader. It possesses a pocket on the chest and another one on the inside.

These waders also have a hand warmer pocket which is microfleece-lined that you can dip your hands into.

This type of water also has anatomical neoprene bottles, built-in gravel guards, and also a wadding belt.

It also has a D-ring which is at the back and is used to hand the net used for fly fishing. This wader comes in three variant sizes which are Tall, King, and Regular.

As said earlier, it’s excellent for novice anglers because it gives you the chance to carry every item which you require to have an amazing fishing experience outside in the shallows.

4). Patagonia Rio Gallegos

The average weight of Patagonia Rio Gallegos is 2.7 pounds. These waders are of high quality and has several advanced features.

The legs have five-layered flexible synthetic materials that then turn into three layers at the chest.

This makes this material more flexible are the torso and that will give you the chance to make several movements when you cast your bait and reel in the fish.

The material used in making this wader is durable, and the breathability of this wader is quite high. Wool was used in lining the neoprene bottles in order to increase the breathability of this wader.

This wader also has a feature that has not been seen in almost all waders, and that is the availability of removable knee pads that gives you the chance to get on your knees and sneak up on fishes anytime you are in shallow waters in which it is clearly visible for the fishes to see a tall person who is above the water.

This wader comes with several pockets on the inside and outside, and this gives you the chance to store several kinds of items.

You can actually store your smartphones in the inner pocket simply because it is waterproof. It also has a waterproof zipper, but you have to pay more money for it.

5). Frogg Toggs Amphib Neoprene

Frogg Toggs Amphib Neoprene
Frogg Toggs Amphib Neoprene

The average weight of Frogg Toggs Amphib Neoprene wader is 5 pounds. These waders are bootfoot ones, and they keep your legs warm anytime you are fishing in waters that are cold. 

They go up to the chest and are designed with materials that are rough.

The materials that are used are RealTree Max-5 Camouflaged material, and it is excellent for concealment; your target fish would not be aware that you are just some meters away from them.

To get rid of chances of leakage, the seams are completely sealed, and this is achieved by gluing them prior to stitching them up. Then there is a layer of tape is added to the seam in order to completely seal it.

Fleece is used in making the liner in order to increase breathability.  Part of the boots is made with Thinsulate Ultra insulated material, making sure that you have warm and light boots.

There is reinforcement in the knees so that you can creep and crawl in the water.

The chest pocket is just like a hand warmer, and it has a cozy and warm fleece lining. It also comes with neoprene suspenders which are adjustable. 

It has different waterproof pockets in which you can keep credit cards, money, and phones safe from getting wet.

Bonus: Bootfoot Vs. Stockingfoot

I know you have heard us say Bootfoot and stockingfoot numerous times, and if you are just starting out in your quest to own waders, you will most likely want to know some more things about Bootfoot and Stockingfoot Waders.

That is why we have created a comparison between the two, and you can check it out below.

 Several companies have been crafting Bootfoot waders for a number of years now.  Actually, there are more advantages to owning Bootfoot waders compared to Stockingfoot Waders.

One of the most visible benefits is that you do not have to wear waders, and then lace up your boots for wading (neither do you need to purchase wading boots).

All you need to do is just slip into them, and go — the other advantage is the fact that they are very warm.

Several wading guides make use of Bootfoot waders when they are guiding on the San Juan River tailwater due to the fact that the water which flows out of Navajo Dam is released from the Lake’s bottom at right about forty degrees.

Bootfoot waders are the best choices for winter fishing, tailwaters, and steelhead fishing.

Nevertheless, the disadvantage of Bootfoot waders is that they are bulkier and heavier compared to standard Stockingfoot waders and boots.


If you do a lot of hiking and moving while fishing, Bootfoot waders will likely not be your best choice.

Nevertheless, if you value ultimate comfort and warmth, you may want to go for a pair of Bootfoots.

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