Youth Wader Size Chart: The Checklist with Every Size You Need

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When individuals are purchasing youth waders online, one of the most important things they consider is the size.

Purchasing the right size does not only mean wearing comfortable youth waders; the sizing also determined the youth waders’ longevity.

Purchasing youth waders that are too big will make wear and tear happen over time the moment there are a lot of folds in the material.

Youth waders which are also too small will cause stress at the crotch and seams, and quickly wear out in these areas.

Nevertheless, we have created a comprehensive youth wader size chart just for you, and you can check it out below.

YOUTH WADER SIZING 4 3 2 1 13 8 7 6 5
Back Rise 18.5″ 18.5″ 18.5″ 18.5″ 18.5″ 18.5″ 18.5″ 18.5″ 18.5
Front Rise 21″ 21″ 21″ 21″ 21″ 21″ 21″ 21″ 21″
Inseam 43.5″ 43.5″ 40.5″ 40.5″ 40.5″ 48.5″ 48.5″ 48.5″ 43.5″
Leg 24.5″ 24.5″ 24″ 24″ 24″ 27.5″ 27.5″ 27.5″ 24.5″
Hip 40″ 40″ 36″ 36″ 36″ 43″ 43″ 43″ 40″
Waist 41″ 41″ 40″ 40″ 40″ 44″ 44″ 44″ 41″
Chest 40″ 40″ 36″ 46″ 46″ 43″ 43″ 43″ 40″

Determining the Perfect Youth Waders Size for You

The size of the youth wader you should get for your fishing or hunting adventures can sometimes be a little bit challenging.

It’s even more difficult when you check yourself out in the mirror, and you feel you are really tall, or short, or huge, or small, and that particular question comes to your mind, can I get the perfect size for myself?

The question is then accompanied by another one, how do I know the perfect size for me? So, let us have a look at how you can choose the perfect size of youth waders for the next season.

The perfect size of youth wader denotes comfortable hunting or fishing experience.

You don’t wish to start stalking animals in a type of clothing that is too big for you, because it will restrain your smooth movements.

One that is small cannot also be a bargain because I’ll feel strenuous and stressed; you will become tired quickly prior to you even making a catch.

So, there are quite some things you are required to check out to get the perfect fit. To start, you will need to know the type of youth waders you want; either it is stockingfoot or boot foot waders.

This is very important because the size of this kind of youth waders varies.

Your Shoe Size Vs. Youth Wader Boot Size

If you choose boot foot waders, it’s advisable that you should go by the boot’s size. The size of your normal shoes is just what will determine your boot foot wader sizes.

So for instance, if you make use of size ten, just order that same size, it doesn’t actually matter if you’re planning to wear multilevel socks.

Actually, more options will be offered by stockingfoot waders simply because they arrive in 2XL, XL, L, M, S, and XM so you will surely see your shoe size.

The outstanding feature Whig modern stockingfoot waders have is just that they have wading calves that are already attached.

So you’ll not experience the issue which existed in the past of maybe losing the wading calves because you left them in the car or on your hanger,  then you were forced to buy a new pair.

Your Body Size Vs. Youth Wader Size

So, as soon as you’ve taken note of the sizes of your shoes in accordance to the size of your wader boot, the best thing you can do for other parts of your body is to look for a measuring tool and get the right numbers prior to you ordering for the youth waders.

For example, if you’re a large person, a size 12’ stout will be best for you.

Now, very expensive youth waders such as breathable and neoprene waders will give you several options to pick from.

Everyone’s body differs in size and shape, and in recent times we want things to be custom-made, and these kinds of waders will be perfect for you.

There are great size comparisons precisely in stockingfoot waders. They can be gotten anywhere from small tall, small short, medium stouts, small stouts, medium extra stouts, medium short,  and many more, these all depend on your measurements and body physique.

So there are several tailor-made variants in the market which has modern breathable and neoprene waders. 

Here is a reason you need to make sure that breathable waders particularly must properly fit you; if breathable waders rub back and forth on each other, they can wear easily. And you do not want to go shopping again the next season. 

Nevertheless, the neoprene ones do not really wear, and that is the reason they’re crowned to be highly durable.

Buying the Right Size of Waders

 It’s possible you are not comfortable ordering your breathable youth waders online,  you can check out your next fly shop and then put them on to see if they fit before buying them.

We have really talked about breathable youth waders here, but one of the main reasons for that is they’re kind of fragile when it has to do with sizes.

But, definitely, when it also has to do with performance, they are top-notch.

In other words, if you are buying online, you should always feel free to reach out to the online retailer to check out what you are concerned about.

The contacts of the customer service of some online retailers are on their website where you can make an inquiry on things before you end up buying.

In general, almost all retailers have their youth waders as stout or regular categories.

Choosing between them too is highly dependent on your waist, physical build, inseam, hips, and chest.

In most cases, regular youth waders work for people who go hunting often, and also anglers who have tried too long in the measurement of the seam. 

Likewise, stout waders have a shorter inseam, nevertheless giving more to just the upper body area and mid-section. Stout sizes are two inches bigger than regular sizes at every significant measurement focus.

If you think of buying youth waders that are not expensive such as the PVC, their sized are mostly “one-size-fits-all.” — So almost all these waders are of medium size which denotes medium height, median foot size, chest, and waist sizes.

This means that if you’re very short or very tall like six foot five inches and above, the PVC may not be the best choice for you because you won’t have a huge list to pick from. 

Use Youth Waders Size Charts

Several manufacturers such as Orvis, and Patagonia, to mention just a few, have given sizing charts in their online and retail stores. 

Almost all of them not only possess a variety of youth wader sizes but also have ones with accurate sizes.

So, after you got your right measurements or you even break out the measuring tape, you can also go to the chart sizes of your retailer

 What to Wear Under Your Youth Waders

This is very important for you to know when you have gotten your perfect size of youth waders, and you want to start wearing them.

 You should not put on materials made of jeans under your youth waders. Jeans materials are extremely abrasive wearing on your youth waders from the inside out.


It’s more important for you to know that moisture is not transferred away from your body when you wear swear oats and jeans.

Proper layering will assist in wicking moisture away from your body, and also compliment the breathable 0roperroes of the youth waders. 

Otherwise, you will feel calm my and wet, even when you are on the best breathable, waterproof youth waders made.

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