How Tall Should My Motorcycle Boots Be?

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When it comes to motorcycle boots, what is the ideal height? It’s entirely up to you. Motorcycle boots are safety gear, so you need to pick a pair that fulfills your requirements. Take into consideration that there are a few practical aspects to consider. 

They must be tall enough, but it depends on you, your bike, and the type of riding you do. The larger cycles necessitate the use of a heavy boot to shield you from the engine’s heat. 

But the actual fact is the hot oil and exhaust are right next to your legs. So, to protect your foot, you’ll need a solid 1 to 2-inch heel, which will make your riding more confident. Here are some details on how tall your motorcycle boots should be.

How Tall Should My Motorcycle Boots Be?

While selecting the motorcycle boots, height is the most essential thing. The appropriate type of boot is dictated by the motorbike-style, comfort level, and weather conditions. If you’re going to use your boots for sports or racing, they should be tall to protect your legs. 

Short boots are the best choice if you use them in your everyday routine or while riding with your companions. A riding boot can increase your height by several centimeters. It is possible to increase your height by 7 to 8 centimeters without anyone noticing. 

However, the best heel height is 1 to 1.5 inches. Your boots should not be higher than the back of the knee. Otherwise, the skin on the back of the knee scrapes and chafes, which is uncomfortable. However, Wearing shoes can be much faster with two buckles than with laces.

If you choose high-quality boots, you can add 2.6 inches, making you reach the ground safely. A pretty thick heel can be the best motorcycle boots for short riders. High-quality boots also feature hidden altitude insoles and upper leather reinforcement. 

Even if you are short, this type of boots will make it easier for you to ride the bike. Motorcycle boots with high heels as well as thick insoles can ease frequent stopping and parking of your cycles. 

How Do You Measure Up?

When it comes to sizing up your feet, it’s really helpful to go with your regular shoe when choosing motorcycle boots. You have to select a bigger size shoe if you’re finding boots for sports.  

Ladies’ feet are often smaller and have a different form than men’s, mainly around the calf. Many brands have a women’s line that should be much more comfortable, and some even have higher heels or are internally built up to give you a little height.

Choose the Right Style That Suits You

If you want to put your boots inside your pants, give importance to the shin protection; race boots are notoriously broad at the top. If you’re short, avoid boots with a lot of plastic armor or adventure-style boots with metal toe guards.  Because you might scratch your bike if you fling your leg over. Consider what style of bike you actually ride. A good motorcycle boot should be flexible enough to ride and walk in.

Get the Right Motorcycle Boots

Most of the shoes are made of thick leather or Lorica, which is man-made leather. For that reason, you can feel a bit stiff when you’re going to use it for the first time. Walk around to see if they’re comfortable, and squat down to get a sense of how they’ll feel on the bike.

How Fit Your Motorcycle Boots Should Be?

Fit is essential while you’re searching for a motorcycle boot. When purchasing new tall motorcycle boots, consider these things- 

  • New boots should fit perfectly over your foot without being uncomfortable, allowing the boots to mold to your foot for a superior fit. From your big toe to the end of the boot, there should be about a thumb width. 
  • Around your heel and ankle, the boots should allow you some flexibility. In addition, you should be able to lift your heel in the boot by around 1/2 cm to 1 cm.
  • Your boots should be tough to pull on (and off) at first, but they will soften and mold to your feet and legs over time. If you have zippers on your new tall boots, you should be able to zip them all the way up.
  • The boots should fit accurately around your calf without restricting circulation. A good fit will be stiff but still allow an index finger to fit into the boot.
  • The bend behind your knee should be able to accommodate your footwear. The boots will decrease 1/2 to 1 cm as they stretch and mold for a good fit.
  • If your riding boots are overly big, they will form deep wrinkles around your ankle, which will rub against your skin and produce friction. Furthermore, if the boot is excessively loose, it will fall too much and be too short.

Wrapping up

What type of boots do we wear that can make a day or ruin a great biking day. A good pair of motorcycle boots can aid you to protect your feet and legs. They can be a safeguard against crashes and engine heat too. The best kind of footwear for you are those that protect your legs from vibration and discomfort. 

You have to remember that regular shoes are not perfect while riding a motorcycle. Short riders require sufficient height while depending. You just have to recheck the size of the shoes and then match it with the size chart. It’ll help you at least get close.

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