15 Benefits of Riding a Bike Instead of Driving a Car

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Each of us has one at home, some even two: The bicycle is a popular means of transportation and good for the environment. As a result of today’s Environmental Day, we’ll give you 10 reasons why you should do more by bike than by car. So, leave your car and get on the bike!

You can bike to work, enjoy mountain bike commuting, and so much more.

Riding a bike is more beneficial to your health, specifically muscles, heart, and immune system. A study by Harvard Medical School found that cycling regularly can improve your daily life, which includes how you walk, balance, and climb stairs — as well as your relationship with people.

1. Bicycles do not pollute the environment

If a car burns one liter of gasoline, around 2.33 kilograms of climate-damaging CO2 are released; for diesel, it is even 2.64 kilograms. And what about the bike? It does not cause any polluting emissions – no matter how long or how long you drive.

Here’s an infographic that shows some of the advantages of riding a bike, instead of driving a car.


2. Bicycles do not need gasoline

In order to drive a car at all, the tank must be filled with gasoline. This is made of petroleum. Currently, we can use this raw material, but how much longer? This question is unnecessary in the bicycle because it is only moved by muscle power.

Those who prefer to leave the car in summer can radically reduce their costs for petrol, maintenance, car washes, etc.

And those who dwell accordingly have the option, at least in the summer months, of giving up the monthly ticket of public transport providers and instead of using the Bike in the morning to work and in the evening in the beer garden to drive.

3. Bicycles do not kill animals

More than 500,000 animals die each year on the roads through cars. Almost half of them are deer. By comparison, no case of an animal killed by a cyclist is officially known.

4. Bicycles are low in resources

The production of a car requires around 400,000 liters of water from raw material extraction to final assembly. This corresponds to over 2,666 bathtubs. The bike is only 5,000 liters.

5. Bicycles hardly take up space

Motorists know the problem of finding a parking space. To park an average-sized car, the driver needs a floor area of ​​7.5 square meters. Not so with the bike. Here, it is only 1.2 square meters. Thus, the wheel takes six times less space and can be parked almost anywhere.

6. Bicycles generate less noise

Not only do cars drive fast, but they are also very noisy with a volume of 80 decibels. In contrast, a bicycle only produces a volume of about 30 decibels. The human brain perceives this like five times quieter.

7. Bicycles are faster

If one compares the travel time of car and bicycle over an inner-city distance of 3 kilometers, the driver needs 22 percent or 3 minutes and 15 seconds longer, including parking space search and footpath. A clear victory for the bike!

8. Bicycles are cheaper

If we compare the cost of a car with that of a bicycle, we come to the conclusion that instead of paying installments and running expenses for running a car, we could buy a new bike every month.

Although gasoline is cheap again thanks to the Great Depression, muscle power costs far less, a larger lunch and a bottle of water perhaps.

9. Bicycles promote health

Whether you are in a traffic jam or speeding on the streets at 100 km / h, driving a car is stressful and creates tension. Cycling, on the other hand, is restful, so many cyclists use it for fun.

Motorists may drive in a sporty way, such as a Porsche, and jostle on the highway, but cyclists do real sports, just because of their way of getting around. About “sporty motorists” with smoking tires laugh but only the chickens.

Cycling is one of the endurance sports. Of course, this is not true for the drive around the corner to the supermarket, but only for tours of more than five kilometers in length.

Then the circulation and heart function is stimulated. Biking is also perfect for the joints because the bike lifts the weight. And of course, you can easily lose weight on the bike.

Even if you use a bike a few times a week and still cover around 15 kilometers per hour through the area, you get rid of about 400 kilocalories per hour. Prepare a bike tour, you should choose a route that is not completely planned: Because just when it is now and then to overcome a small slope, our body is really pumping.

By the way: cycling can also help against back problems. The prerequisite, however, is that the wheel is set perfectly. The saddle should be prepared so that when you sit on it, you can still reach the ground with your toes.

In addition, one should opt for a model on which one sits relatively straight: Road bikes are not for people with back problems!

10. Bicycles are never stuck in traffic

Motorists from large cities are in the rush hour or at the beginning of the holiday every year 55 hours in a traffic jam. For cyclists, the term “traffic congestion” is a foreign word, because with the wheel they can avoid any obstacle and quickly reach their destination.

11. Bicycles are easy to transport

Bicycles can be transported on a train, in a subway, on a ski lift, in an elevator, or on the shoulder.

12. Anyone can repair bicycles

I have to admit, I have two left hands, but I can fix a few things on the bike myself. Especially when I have the time. In the car, repairs today are so complicated that fewer and fewer people even try to look under the bonnet.

13. Bicycles come without a computer

If someone ever looks under the hood of his car, he will often not be able to do much, mechanically, everything may be OK if there were no onboard computer.

A friend of mine whose car stopped from nothing, again and again, was in the workshop several times and got only to hear again and again: Your car is fine. For the bike, the onboard computer, if there is one, is a nice addition, fortunately.

14. Biking is fun

Driving a car is stressful, because there is a risk of people running over every moment, and the constant high speed causes tension. If that leaves you behind, that’s dangerous. Cycling is so relaxing that many cyclists use it for fun.

15. The bike does not require a driver’s license and not the highway code either.

To ride a bicycle you do not need a driver’s license, anyone can ride a bicycle if he/she wants.

There is also no cycling license in the sense. In the 4th grade, cycling and driving are taught as part of the physical education class to increase safety for the children.

The so-called driver’s license is handed over only as a small confirmation and as an incentive, just like winner’s certificates in sports, but does not mean anything. It’s just a nice piece of paper that kids are proud of.

My children also have various driver’s licenses, the bobby car driving license, a car driver’s license from the amusement park, a tool driver’s license, a professional driving license, etc. But none of them has any official meaning.

10 incredible benefits of cycling to your health

Cycling is a procedure considered when obtaining certain benefits to our health. Whether cycling, tandem static, or you can get thin or stylized your glutes in addition to other benefits.

In a world where there are more and more people aware of physical activity, with these machines hanging out for a walk or in the gym is very encouraging.

In this article, I will explain the 10 incredible benefits of mental and physical health cycling for children, adolescents, adults, and seniors.

10 health benefits of cycling

If you have a friend or relative who is engaged in cycling, either as a hobby or professionally, you probably have noticed that in a state of enviable form.

1. Burn calories

Without going too far, 1 hour of cycling will help you burn more and not less than 500 calories! His activity gradually will help you to find your ideal weight.

Besides, it is one of the physical activities that use a wider range of muscles. Most will develop this sport are the quadriceps, thighs, hips, and the entire rear area.

2. Improve your cardiovascular health

The constant kicking helps our blood to flow in a much easier way, as usual.

In addition, studies show that the risk of cardiovascular disease in older people declines as they cycle throughout their lives.

We can reduce the risk of stroke by 50%. With a steady heartbeat, the heart works in a way that helps reduce LDL cholesterol poorly, getting blood vessels less likely to calcify. As a result, it increases good HDL cholesterol.

3. Prevents joint problems

Do you know that it is much healthier, for example, to go cycling? When left to run, the body pressure tends to exercise joints every step. This happens especially if it does not heat up in the right way.

However, when we ride a bike we do not “torture” our joints because of its quality of being a low-impact sport. Note that 70% of the body gravitates on the saddle.

In addition, when the joints are mobilized with low pressure, nutrients reach, making it much easier to so strengthen them.

Dr. Callahan explains that it is the ideal sport for overweight people because their joints suffer less than any other type of physical activity: “If you are overweight and you start exercising, your joints may be suffering. Swimming or cycling would be the ideal sports you will not hurt.”

It is also noteworthy that the movements we provide to a bicycle, as we form a situation of adequate nutrition for our cartilage, resulting in a reduced risk of osteoarthritis.

4. Improves backaches

While it is well known that much back pain results from sports inactivity. Over time, it reduces both muscle and nutrition of the intervertebral discs, losing their ability to absorb shocks.

Therefore, the reason for this advantage is due to the position we took in the saddle. When we were sitting on the right path – with the trunk tilted slightly forward – the muscle itself, under tension forces stabilized our trunk.

If you’re usually pretty busy making a bike, greatly reduces the chance of getting a hernia.

5. Cycling makes you look more attractive

According to the following survey by the British Heart Foundation, nearly a quarter of the population admitted that they would prefer to hit a bike, rather than with some kind of athlete.

Similarly, 80% of participants admitted that being impressed by the sight would impress a cyclist.

6. Prevents infections and cancer

Do you know that cancer patients or AIDS are encouraged to ride a bicycle?

This is because it promotes the creation of phagocytes, which are cells that fight various body infections, and mobilizes and removes both bacterial cells and cancer.

The head of the health center of the German Sports University expert Ingo Froböse, a doctor of sports medicine, noted that “such cells exist in our slumbering body, and when cycled, wake up.”

7. You will learn different safety techniques

Cycling is one of the most dangerous sports you can find.

Safety is crucial if you do not want to risk your life and for that reason, cyclists need to undergo a number of safety measures.

To give examples, first, they should wear appropriate clothing so that in the event of an accident, minimize damage. The helmet is very important for this – 97% of cyclists killed in traffic accidents were not wearing helmets – You can also mention the safety distances with other cyclists or cars carried on the road.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that the health benefits of this practice are superior to the risks involved as this study shows.

8. Improve your life expectancy

If you want to live longer and above all in a healthy way, put on your sneakers and set a goal to kick in for a while as a daily routine.

According to research, cyclists in Tour de France live on average about eight more than the rest of the population years ago. This was stated by the International Journal of Sports Medicine.

There are also other investigations that have wheeled the intensity with which we declare our future. If we get pedaled with an intensity that we can breathe properly and chat with others next, it will help to increase our life expectancy. In particular, 4 years for women and five men.

On the contrary, if we start to choke or suffer, it can be a negative cost to our health. When we reach this point, it is useful to lower the intensity.

9. Improve the functioning of the brain and prevent depression

Cycling is one of the least physical activities that require concentration. If you do not go to a high level, just let it go.

Thanks to this beneficial sport, you get your brain much easier than normal oxygen, which results in fluid and clear thoughts.

Such physical activity is considered one of the best of the world’s natural antidepressants. The explanation for this drift of segregation Endorphins – commonly referred to as happiness hormones – are generated with exercise.

It is for this reason that people on a bicycle regularly suffer less likely to suffer brain disorders such as anxiety or depression.

At the end of your training you will feel much more spiritual.

You will get results immediately.

Here you will be confronted with one of the sports that will provide faster results. With the right routine, you will get the last of the following states then I declare:

  • Treading within ten minutes, your joints, blood flow and muscles will be improved.
  • At age thirty, it will be your turn to see improved heart function.
  • In 50 minutes, the fat metabolism is activated. This facilitates relaxation and anti-stress and depressive encouragement.
  • Finally, if you take one hour of exercise, action begins to take on anti-aging treatment.

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