Is The Camelbak MULE Waterproof?

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The Camelbak Mule Hydration Pack was designed in response to consumer requests for a water-resistant and waterproof water bottle.

The Camelbak Mule is one of the most popular water bottles on the market and has become so popular that in some parts of the country it is illegal to drink from it without having a valid license.

So, is the Camelbak MULE waterproof?

The Camelbak MULE is not waterproof, it does have an Integrated High Visibility Rain Cover to shield your pack and gear from rainy days and inclement weather. Other features such as Ventilated Harness with Cargo, help you maximize ventilation and easy storage of your items.

So the Camelbak Mule comes with a very strong selling proposition and the question is it any good or does it actually live up to its claims.

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Camelbak MULE colors

The Camelbak Mule comes in many different colors. Some of them are actually clear and others have various color combinations.

I like to think of it as an ocean of color. The bottle is so colorful and so very easy to clean that sometimes I forget it is even there.

It seems to have a high level of waterproof. If you use it underwater without a cap, I would guess that it would be able to withstand about 9 – 10 feet of water without leaking.

The bottle is made of polyethylene so it is very waterproof and does not get soft and mildly in warm weather.

One thing that is interesting to note is that when you put the bottle in the freezer the smell becomes quite strong.

This may be due to the fact that the plastic bottle is extremely brittle and it breaks down fairly easily.

It is also a good idea to keep this bottle out of direct sunlight because it can warp and crack pretty quickly.

The other interesting aspect of this bottle is that they come with a magnetic closure.

This means that if you have something heavy on your finger, like a wallet or a cell phone, the bottle will not fall over as easily.

The magnetic closure on this bottle makes it easy to pour into whatever container you want to and is very easy to read.

Overall, the Camelbak Mule is a very attractive bottle. It looks great and works well. If you want a product that works well but also looks great, then this might be the bottle for you.

The only downside of the bottle is that it has some leakage issues. I have noticed that when I am in a hurry and need to run, I do have a lot of water leaking from the bottle.

This is most noticeable when I am running and doing things like getting a snack or trying to keep hydrated.

The Camelbak Mule does a good job of keeping all of the water away from the inner bottle and to the outer bottle.

So if you want to enjoy a full bottle of water without having to worry about it leaking out, then the Mule may be just right for you.

If you want to find out how well the Camelbak Mule works, then I recommend you go buy one and try it for yourself. There is no better way to find out than by trying one.

How long to keep water in a Camelbak?

There is a huge amount of information online and it can be confusing as to how long to keep water in a Camelbak.

You may wonder what the difference is between a Camelbak and a backpacker water filter that you use at home.

One of the main benefits of keeping water in a Camelbak is that you can drink straight from the bottle, with no need to mix your own tap water.

This allows you to drink what is recommended for you from the bottle.

However, if you are a marathon runner or use a Camelbak on a regular basis then there is no need to keep drinking straight from the bottle.

Instead, you can make your own mix of tap water to drink using a Camelbak filter.

When you are out and about with a Camelbak, it is important that you keep drinking water straight from the bottle. However, if you are going to be camping, then it is important that you make your own mixture to drink at home.

This way you do not have to drink the same stuff that everyone else is drinking.

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  • Hip Belt With Cargo
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Camelbak MULE is convenient

Another benefit to keeping the water in a Camelbak is that if you are going to be away from the water for a long time, you can still drink from your bottle, but if you are going on a trip for an extended period of time, then you can use a Camelbak filter and make your own mixture of water.

This means that you are drinking pure water straight from the bottle so that you don’t have to buy bottled water or suffer the problem of not having a supply of pure water at all.

So when you are out on a trip or are camping, don’t have a Camelbak, and don’t waste bottled water, use a filter and make your own.

The best time to keep water in a Camelbak is when you have just returned from a trip, as the last thing you want is to be drinking from a bottle of water that will have gone bad before you get back home.

However, if you use a Camelbak filter at home, then you are still able to keep drinking straight from your bottle.

In summary, it is important that you make your own mixture of tap water to drink, rather than drink straight from your Camelbak.

If you are going on a trip or on holiday, don’t use a Camelbak and don’t need to keep water straight from your tap, then drink straight from your bottle.

Camelbak MULE review

The Camelbak Mule is the latest product from the company called the Camelbak.

It has become very popular with people who love the outdoors and do things that would make a good vacation or a great adventure for themselves. (Speaking of outdoors, here are 10 games you can play and enjoy while outdoors. )

For those people who are adventurous and love being on the go, the Mule is for you.

You can find all kinds of things to fit in a Mule such as an adjustable seat, a water bottle holder, a sun visor, a headrest, and other things.

These products have been available in different types and colors for a while now and they seem to be growing in popularity as time goes by.

They are made out of high-quality materials, are durable, and can be found in many different colors as well.

If you are wondering what the Mule is all about, then read on to find out more about this great product.


One main thing that people like about these products is that they are lightweight.

You can carry one with you in your car or backpack and you will not have to carry two items in one.

Some people love this because it can make life much easier.

They don’t have to carry a lot of luggage or anything like that, so it makes life a lot easier to enjoy what you are doing.

You may also find that the Mule has other features that you like.

For example, you may find that the handles on the back of the bag are removable and you can adjust them to fit whatever you are carrying.

That is something that you will find in most products that are made of lightweight materials.

Adjustable strap

Another great thing about the Mule is that it has an adjustable strap that can be used to attach it to your backpack easily.

This makes life a lot easier to get in and out of the backpack without having to worry about it hitting you in the face or other areas.

If you are looking for a product that will hold up to the rough use that you put it through, then this may be the perfect choice for you.


There is no doubt that the Camelbak Mule is a great product that can give you a lot of features for your money.

People love these products because of their ease of use and how much they look and feel like real equipment.

If you are looking for a great way to travel with great features, then you will want to look into the Mule.

Now that you know a little bit more about Camelbak MULE water backpack,

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CamelBak M.U.L.E. Pro 14 Bike Hydration Pack

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  • Hip Belt With Cargo
  • Helmet Carry and 3D Vent Mesh Harness

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