Best Non Cycling Shoes For Cycling: Top Brands and Styles

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Planning for some serious cycling?

Here’s a complete list of the best noncycling shoes you should consider:

  • Gavin VELO Road Bike Shoes | Make your adventure memorable.
  • Shimano SH-M200 SPD Mountain Bike Shoes | Leave a trail somewhere.
  • Lake CX160-X Wide SPD-SL 3 Bolt Road Cycling Shoes | Feel comfortable on it.
  • Shimano SH-XC61LE Performance Racing Mountain Bike Shoes | You need it for balance.
  • Lake MXZ 303 Wide Winter Mountain Bike Shoes | Recommended for urban commuting.
  • SIDI ERGO 4 MEGA Road Cycling Shoes | Modern, Sleek, and Beautiful.
  • Northwave Sonic 2 Plus Wide Cycling Shoe | It’s time to explore some more.
  • TriSeven Premium Nylon Triathlon, Lightweight and Unisex Shoe | Lightweight and sexy.
  • Gavin MTB Mesh Indoor Fitness Cycling Shoe | Take this indoor shoe out with your bike.
  • Weideng Professional Cycling Shoe Breathable Men Women Bike Shoe | Catch your breath.
  • Smartodoors Sidebike SD002 Men’s All-Around Cycling Shoe | Trusted and valued.

Ditch those pairs of trainers and buy yourself a new pair of cycling shoes that gives optimum performance and offers potential comfort.

In the absence of the right cycling footwear, some power is lost with every pedal stroke resulting in loss of energy and poor performance.

Moreover, as your shoe flexes you might experience soreness and fatigue in the feet.

Cycling-specific shoes can solve all these issues and more and ensure that your feet are not only secured but also comfortable inside the shoes.

Lightweight, strong, and fast-drying, this footwear ensures that the maximum energy is transferred from the legs to the pedals. Here are the different types of shoes available for cycling enthusiasts:

Road shoes

Road shoes are known to be lightweight and very stiff. They are designed in a way to transfer maximum power to the pedals. High-end versions of this footwear come with carbon soles and adjustable fitting systems.

Road shoes manufactured by some brands allow you to custom fit them on your feet by pre-heating in an oven and then molding the footwear to your feet. The cleats in this footwear are wide enough to distribute pressure.

Cross-country mountain bike shoes

Although the uppers of this footwear are much similar to road shoes, they have rubber grips in the sole to enable walking/running on rough surfaces.

These shoes are more robust that the former and have recessed cleats. There are screw-in holes on the toe for support during slippery situations. The cleats engage and disengage with the pedals to clear the mud and prevent clogging.

Leisure mountain bike shoes

Leisure mountain bike shoes have same recessed cleats like cross-country mountain bike shoes but are designed to look like regular footwear or hiking boots. With more flexible soles this footwear make it easier and more comfortable to walk long distances.


These are very much similar to road shoes but have certain sports-specific features like a large Velcro strap to make fastening and unfastening easier and a large heel loop makes it easier to get your feet in and out of the pedal.

The presence of heel bumpers prevents the footwear from getting damaged due to bouncing on the road.

Winter boots and overshoes

Dropping temperatures can make your feet cold and make winter riding uncomfortable. Shoes designed for road and mountain biking during the colder months are also available. This footwear is insulated as well as waterproof.

Cycling shoe benefits

Cycling is a great activity, it keeps you fit, is environmentally friendly, and super fun once you get the bike you really like.

That being said, if you are a cyclist looking to take your performance to the next level then getting specialized cycle shoes is something you should definitely consider.

It depends what sort of cycling you do as to what type of biking shoe you will choose, for there are one or two different styles and types to compare.

There are few key features depending on what you may want to choose. The benefits of cycling shoes are significant.

Here are five major objectives that cycling shoes will enable you to achieve for the better cycling experience:

1. Cycling shoes have the stiff sole that allows you to apply more force while pedaling.

The application of more power means a higher power output, which means burning off extra calories.

Therefore, not only cycling but the right pair of cycling shoes are elemental in keeping you, fitter.

The stiff sole of bike shoes allows you to transfer power more efficiently from your feet to the pedals. While with tennis shoes there is lack of support which results from the foot collapse through the arch.

This causes arch pain, tendon problems, etc. Thus, right biking shoes protect your feet from these injuries and also from the stress of pedaling.

2. Cycling shoes provide control while accelerating or when standing during climbing.

The stability offered by the biking shoes gives you more confidence as you get to feel more control on the bike.

By connecting your shoe to the pedal, you can utilize more muscle groups throughout the pedal stroke. The activation of more muscles groups brings about greater changes in fitness, strength, and endurance.

It has been found that modern clip fewer pedals offer varying degree of rotational float allowing the knee to travel in a more linear motion and hence reducing any stress on the knee portion. Thus it is clear that cycling shoes lead to a reduced incidence of knee injuries as well.

Wearing the right shoes while cycling can mean the different between a comfortable riding and one filled with pain, or worse injury.

They protect cyclist’s feet while riding and can help prevent foot cramping and fatigue more effectively than traditional shoes.

There are many different manufacturers now who heave helped develop specialist cycle shoes to help you get the most out of your cycling. Make sure you find the right shop to get you cycling shoes.


Making your biking experience more comfortable and efficient is easy when you have the right pair of the cycling shoe.

Footwears solely dedicated to cycling is lightweight, stiff and offer sufficient ventilation to keep your feet cool and dry. These shoes also have soles that are highly compatible with the clip-less pedals.

Cycling footwear can broadly be classified into two different types- Performance road cycling shoes and touring footwear.

Performance road cycling footwear is what you need if you are here’s all you need to know about performance road shoes and how they enhance performance and comfort.

Type of sole

Performance road shoes have a nylon, composite or carbon fiber sole. This footwear offer great efficiency and effectively transfer energy through the pedals.

The more you are willing to pay the stiffer the footwear you get and the lighter the soles. It never hurts to pay slightly more if you want shoes that give optimum performance and are durable. Inexpensive shoes are also available but they are more prone to flex and damage.

Lightweight and well-ventilated

The uppers of the shoes are made up of synthetic or leather to keep them lightweight and comfortable. They also have mesh panels to ensure proper ventilation and improve the breath-ability of the foot. You do not have to worry about sweaty foot anymore.

For the colder months, you can buy insulated footwear and shoes with waterproof membranes for the rainy season.

Closure system

Performance road shoe also comes with different closure systems like Velcro straps, ratcheting buckle etc. Some of this footwear also have more than one closure system.

No matter what the closure system is, your shoes should stay in place and prevent your feet from slipping.

Footwears that are better secured to the foot will use a more detailed and elaborate closure and will cost you more. On the other hand, the less expensive shoes will include a simple arrangement of Velcro straps.

Heat-molded cycling shoes

These days heat moldable footwear are also available in the market that can be heated up and the soles and the uppers can be molded. The shoes that have carbon fiber soles will be naturally lighter but more expensive.

Such shoes will also be stiffer.

Stiffer footwears ensure effective transfer of energy to the pedals. Racing enthusiasts will prefer a stiff shoe for better performance but otherwise, you can go for shoes with flexible soles.

The Stench

Cyclists often feel weird about their smelly shoes because the stench will embarrass them as soon as they take off their shoes.

This often results due to long training hours and most likely occurs after a cycling competition. Besides a source of humiliation, this odor is a constant distraction for the cyclist. It’s just not possible to have an extra pair of shoes for every ride.

There’s got to be a better alternative than keeping extra pairs of shoe. Shared below are some tips to kill the stench of cycling shoes.

Tip #1: Shoes need to be aerated

An awkward stench develops in shoe due to heavy perspiration. Instead of washing your shoe every day, you can simply place them on the window sill where there is enough aeration.

Reusing damp shoes without giving them time to dry up will cause an awkward stench in your shoes. It’s actually the combination of heat and dampness that yields stinky odors. Give your shoes ample time to air out before going on your next riding schedule.

Tip #2: Use baking soda as the drying agent

Sprinkle at least 2 tablespoons of baking soda into each of your shoes and leave it there for the night. Remove the powder before using your shoe for the ride the other day.

If you don’t like the idea of baking soda in your shoe then there is another way to clear the stench. Add two tablespoons of baking soda in socks and tie them up.

Place one sock in each shoe and leave overnight. In the morning, remove the socks, put on your shoe and go for the ride without the fear of a stinky shoe.

Tip #3: Wash insoles rather than the whole shoe

After each ride, simply remove the insoles and add them in the washer with your detergent of choice. The fragrance from the detergent will eliminate the stench.

Try drying them in the air if you are worried about shrinkage in the dryer. Alternatively, apply low heat setting when you happen to use a dryer.

Tip #4: Add dried insoles in shoes overnight

When you have newly dried insoles, add them in the shoe at least one night before going on the ride. The dried and perfumed sheets can somewhat minimize the stench in shoes.

There are a lot of forms of shoes available today. You can find running footwear, cross training and soccer, but find the best triathlon cycling shoes to fulfill your requirements can be quite a predicament.

Triathlon Cycling Shoes are offered by companies including Sidi, Bont, and Shimano, but Specialized tailored for triathletes with the brand-new shoes Trivent Specialized triathlon bike shoes make use of the most up-to-date technologies.

Thrivent Specialized triathlon shoes are a fantastic option for just about any triathlete. This is not surprising, considering that ten times champ in the Ironman Triathlon Peter Reid happens to be working in the development program.

Peter is most probably one of the greatest triathletes in this world lately and appreciates just what it might take to develop a high-quality triathlon shoe.

Deciding on the best products is imperative and acquiring the best triathlon bikes, capable triathlon wetsuits and naturally, shoes can easily make a positive change as part of your capabilities.

Specialized triathlon shoes Trivent are used by a lot of outstanding athletes. The Trivent is included with extra features that have been in the past missing in tri shoes.

This brand new product incorporates a perforation for greater air flow on the feet. This is very important since Trivent Specialized triathlon shoe soles are constructed of carbon.

This will make the shoe rigid and provides for improved energy transfer. Even so, this actually also can make the footwear warm and air-flow is critical making sure that additional warmth may be dissipated appropriately.

Trivent triathlon cycling shoes also are incredibly lightweight, in particular in comparison to the footwear made by various other makes.

Makers have taken into consideration the steps to making the shoe solidly around the foot of the triathlete, whilst continuing to keep the pliability with the shoe upper.

Fiber Chrome has revealed its usefulness to be a high-temperature shield.

This minimizes the high temperature absorbed through the feet and the radiant temperature is reflected on the road.


The sole on the shoe also uses specialized BG Trivent designed and patented that allows athletes to increase their power and performance even further. BG — this model was also designed for improved ergonomic design.

Another advantage is the model that is completely perforated, which helps ensure additional ventilation to your feet. The shoe also has additional ventilation with open mesh at the top of the toe of the shoe and equipment.

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