How Long is a Tandem Bike?

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A Tandem is designed to accommodate two or more people on a single ride.

The size of a tandem bike varies based on the number of seats it has. Some are two-seaters, three-seaters, and more. 

The average length/width of a tandem bike ranges from 50L to 90L dimensions. Mostly, the kid’s tandem bike length is 50L while the adult length is 90L.

The higher the number of seats the longer it is. There are some designs to accommodate a family of three or more.

The two-seater tandem bike is 26-inches or has 700c wheels. This is the most common size of tandem bike you can easily find in the market.

The 26-inch wheels work very fine the off-road. The tires are fatter, strong, and sturdy to handle any road — you can easily travel with them.

In this article, you will learn more about tandem bikes.

Kulana Lua Tandem Adult Beach Cruiser Bike

Kulana Lua Tandem Adult Beach Cruiser Bike
Kulana Lua Tandem Adult Beach Cruiser Bike

The adult Kulana Lua tandem bike is designed with extra-large cruiser spring saddles for comfort. The bike is designed for two persons who want to enjoy the cool breeze of nature.

It has 26-inch wheels or 700c wheels. The frame is made from Hi-ten steel Kulana with an oversize fork. The frame is durable and sturdy.

The width of a Kulana Lua tandem bike is 94 inches long from the front wheel to the back wheel.

If your height is 5’4″ to 6’2″ go for a tandem bike that’s 94 inches long. Because this will give you more room to stand over and have comfort as well.

It has a single-speed drivetrain, which makes it easy to drive and maintain. The size of this bike isn’t too big, you can easily find parking space.

It’s easy to take it for adventure. It doesn’t use a cable brake. The bike is always neat and sleek because it makes use of rear coaster brakes

The handlebars can easily be reached. The easy-reach handlebar makes cruisers rise to stem for upright.  It has an extra cruiser spring saddle that gives riders comfort.

It has a rear fender and half front that beautify it and add to the vintage style. The rear fender protects riders from splashes in damp weather.

It has single to 7-speeds, which makes it easy to mount hills. 

Kulana Lua tandem bikes are in different colors. So that riders can easily choose from it. Irrespective of your height you can find a tandem bike that you can ride.

Northwoods Dual Drive Tandem Bike 

Northwoods Dual Drive Tandem Bike 
Northwoods Dual Drive Tandem Bike 

The bike is 29 inches in front and 20 inches in rear with high quality. It’s durable with a cruiser-style frame.

The speed of Northwoods dual drive tandem is 21 with a shifter. You can easily access the handlebar. 

It’s a stand-over height bike with extra-wide 2.1-inch tires. The tires are reliable alloy linear pull with V brakes. 

It comes with a pair of spring gel saddles and dual water bottle holders.

The bike uses a rear coaster brake. The rear coaster brake makes the bike too neat without any wires round all over the frame. 

It comes in different colors — this is to satisfy individual tastes. 

The cruiser handlebar can easily be reached. It has an extra-large cruiser spring saddle for comfort.

The cruiser rise stems make riders stand upright, and have relaxed riding positions. The bike has wrapped front and rear fenders, which guide the riders from Un-bounce weather conditions.

The wheel of this size tandem spacing bike is found to be 145mm and 160mm. It has a strong wheel because of the spoke tension.

Tandem Bike Common Terms

There are common terms used by tandem bike riders. This terminology is among the tandem riders group. 

Let’s dive into the terminology.


The person at the front of the tandem bike that’s responsible for the control of the front handlebar, balancing, brake, and gears is called the pilot or captain.

The captain or the pilot is the one who has access to the brake and gear. 

The Captain is the one who determines the speed at which the bike runs. Regardless of the seats the tandem bike has, it has only a pilot or captain.


The next person to the captain is called the stoker. The Stoker has a lesser role to play in the tandem bike. It’s the rear rider on a tandem bike.

The Stoker has full trust in the Captain. The Stoker has to be trained to avoid unbalancing during riding. 

The main work of the Stoker is creating fun activities like taking photos, singing, passing food, and entertaining the Captain.

Timing Chain

The chain that runs from the front axle to the back axle, which connects the crank set to the rear is called a timing chain.

The timing chain provides adequate driving power to the rear sprocket on the rear wheel.

Boom Tube

The boom tube is the horizontal frame tube that connects the bottom bracket shells on a tandem frame.

How to Choose The Right Tandem Bike For Your Next Adventure

Choosing the right tandem bike for your next trip depends on the type of adventure you want to embark on.

Are you going for a tour, beach cruiser, and full-suspension mountain bike? If you’re going for any of these listed above, you can use a two-seater tandem bike — especially when you guys are two. 

A two-seater tandem will be better if you’re going with your wife and only exclude your kid. 

Another important factor to consider is the Stoker if you’re the Captain or Pilot. This is important because two-seater tandem bikes come in different varieties.

Hence, you’ll have the Stoker disturbing the movement of the bike. The only function of a Stoker is to entertain if the persons want to. 

But strokers should be able to balance their weight when the bike is on the move to avoid bending in one direction.

To choose the right tandem bike for your next joining adventure you also need to consider where and how you’re going to ride it.

Riding your tandem bike on the mountain with Stoker that’s not used to tandem mountain bikes, will give you more stress than someone who is used to it.

These factors will help you to choose the right tandem bike. You will have a full blast of fun when you go with the right tandem bike.

Two-seater tandem bikes are beautiful bikes you’ll like to take for your next tour after the first trial. It becomes more enjoyable if the stoker has an experience of biking.

What is The Wheel Size Of a Tandem Bike?

The wheel sizes vary. Some tandem wheels aren’t used off-road while some are all-around road roads, which aren’t used on the pavement.

The most common tandem wheels are 26-inch or 700c. Wheels. This wheel size is for two-seater tandem mostly. Though, you can as well find another tandem having such a wheel.

The 26-inch wheels have fatter tires, which can also be used for pavement as well. This wheel can size many tandem tires. 

The tires of 26-inches wheels are fatter. It has the capacity to absorb some road shock, which makes riders not feel the roughness of the road.

Riders like 26-inches wheels tires because they’re sturdy and difficult to puncture. You can easily install 26-inch tires.

The 26-inch wheels tires are good for long-distance touring or racing because they are designed to embrace any road.

It has big tires doesn’t mean it’s difficult to move. No, but they’re lighter, faster, and more efficient. The little you pedal, the more motion it exerts on the wheels — tires.

Is Tandem Fit For Two to Ride?

One of the features riders of tandem bikes look out for is the capacity to accommodate (Captain and Stoker) or fit the two riders at the same time.

Most tandem bikes are adjustable. Adjust in a way to make both Captain and Stoker enjoy the ride.

For example, if the Captain is taller than the Stoter, then the tandem can be adjusted to suit the Stoter that is behind the Captain. 

The adjustable feature is what makes tandem bike suit tow riders.

Is Tandem Bike Different From Regular Bikes?

Tandem bikes are different from regular bikes in the market. Regular bikes require one rider while tandem bikes require two riders.

Tandem bikes are longer than regular bikes. Most of the wheels and tires of the tandem bikes are bigger and fatter than the regular bikes.

In a tandem bike, the Captain controls the bike. The Pilot requires a stand-over clearance, which spread legs to balance the bike and make it stand up.

The stoker isn’t concerned about the stand-over clearance because they’re not the controller. 

For a regular bike, only one person drives the bike and controls it at the same time. 

The frame of a tandem bike can easily be adjusted to ease the stoker from overextending the neck, cramped, and close to the captain, unlike the regular bike.

This adjustment gives room for the stoker to easily access the handlebar comfortably without stress. 

Unlike regular bikes, tandem bikes have adjustment stems in the rear. The rear adjustment allows moving the bars to find the perfect position.


Now that you know the width of a tandem bike, go ahead to choose the bike that will best suit your desires.

Tandem bikes are designed to make two enjoy biking in one single frame at the same time of riding.

The longer the tandem bike the number of seats it has. The type of tandem bike you choose is greatly dependent on the biking adventure.

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