Top 8 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 3000 Dollars

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Full suspension mountain bikes also called fully suspension mountain bikes as the name suggests, use suspension on both the front and rear wheels.

In addition to the suspension fork, they also have suspension on the rear to absorb the frame more effectively in the event of impacts on the rear wheel. As with other mountain bikes, the frames are mainly made of aluminum or carbon.

Bikes made of steel or titanium are rare and usually quite expensive, but are characterized by extremely high strength and rigidity.

Especially the light carbon frames help the bikes to lose more and more weight so that they now only weigh between 11 and 16 kg. This makes everyday rides to work and tours through easy terrain with full-suspension mountain bikes comfortable.

No matter for what purpose you are looking for an MTB Fully, we have the right offer for you in our large online bicycle shop. It has never been easier to find the right bike for you from the confusing selection of hundreds of manufacturers.

The favorite environment of a Fully MTB is the heavy terrain. With spring travel of up to 200 mm on the front and rear damper, even the most severe blows are no problem.

This not only protects joints and strength during a long descent but also reduces the load on the material. Another advancement of the last years is the change to the 29-inch wheel size, which allows even more stable handling.

The 29er Fully is even quieter and absorbs beats evenly, which provides more grip and thus higher speed, especially in rough terrain.

Important facts about the MTB Fully at a glance:

  • Sturdy frame made of high-quality materials
  • Low center of gravity when sitting upright
  • Suspension fork and damper with high spring travel (usually> 120 mm)
  • Large, high-tensile disc brakes
  • Chain shifting with up to 3 chainrings

Originally, the full-suspension mountain bikes were developed exclusively for use downhill, but now you can find them in every mountain bike discipline.

Whether the steepest descents in downhill, uphill in the best All-Mountain style, or maneuverable trails through the forest – the formerly stiff cars are becoming true all-rounders in the off-road area.

Even in the areas of cross-country and marathons, the flagship disciplines of a hardtail, you will find the Fully MTBs more and more often. The improved frame geometry, lighter materials, and more efficient components make it possible.

The best example is the modern damping systems that allow individual suspension travel tuning. Thus, depending on the background and slope, the suspension can be adjusted, so that you can quickly and easily switch between solid uphill performance and fast downhill fun.

The high-end range even features electronic spring systems that automatically detect the pitch and adjust the damping accordingly. However, if you want to buy a fully in this category, then you are already in the price segment of a new small car.

Damping systems at a glance

The front suspension or damping is housed the Fully in the fork (suspension fork). It works either through the air or a steel spring that expands after being compressed by resistance on the way.

The air suspension is very light and can be precisely adjusted with the right tool so that the suspension of the Fully MTB is also adapted to the body weight.

Steel springs are more likely to be found on cheaper mountain bikes or downhill bikes with high travel. The advantages are their longevity and robustness as well as a fine response-

The suspension of the damper is implemented depending on the manufacturer and technology in different versions. The goal of #1 is to optimize power transmission in addition to the absorption of shocks so that no unnecessary pedal force is absorbed by the shock and the drive behaves neutrally.

The forces from the brake and the bottom bracket must therefore be isolated from the rear damper or at least minimized.

The different types in the overview:

  • Steering wheel: Here, the rear suspension of the MTB Fullys is connected via a joint with the mainframe and rotates during compression about a central bearing at about the middle chainring. The great advantage of this system is a very sensitive response, but you have to cope with a lower stiffness and lack of drive neutrality.
  • Multi-link: In the multi-link, the rear triangle is connected to the main frame at four bearing points, but the functionality is similar to that of the single-joint linkage. The joints above the chainstay provide additional stability and serve to control the damper. The advantages for the Fully are a higher rigidity and drive neutrality, but the system is relatively maintenance-intensive.
  • Four-link: The four-link looks like the multi-link, but provides an additional pivot point at the height of the chainstays, so that the rear wheel in a shock straightlining up compression can. The extra bearing makes the system stiffer and increases drive neutrality; at the same time, fullys with this technology are quite expensive and require high maintenance.
  • Virtual Pivot Point: The VPP system does not rely on a bearing, but a virtual pivot around which the rear triangle rotates. This is made possible by two joints behind the bottom bracket axle. Two more joints control the damper so that no pedaling and a high drive neutrality jump out as advantages.

Types of MTB Fully

1. Race-Fully/Cross-Country


Cross-Country is the original form of mountain biking and describes biking on naturally shaped or artificially created trails.

In official races everything is actually allowed: forest roads, gravel roads or root carpets, all the same. Obstacles on the trail make the races even more exciting, whether natural root carpets or artificially created Rock Gardens.

As cross-country tracks become more technically demanding, the discipline, which used to be dominated by hardtails, is increasingly being conquered by the MTB Fullys, which, with 80mm-120mm travel at the front and rear, allow better traction and more control over difficult sections.

Since the modern Fullys also always drive-neutral accelerate, you can whether downhill or uphill constantly give gas without losing pedaling force and time.

A lighter, more efficient drivetrain is nevertheless an advantage, which is why the more popular single drives can often be found in this category. Another important factor for the cross-country riding style is the steering angle, which is usually steeper than on touring mountain bikes to be faster and more aggressive on the road.

The cross-country World Cup is held annually by the UCI. All information can be found on the website here.

2. Trail-Fully


The typical trail fully equipped with a higher travel than the cross-country bike and finds the balance of high pedaling efficiency uphill and agile driving downhill.

That’s why Trail Bikes can be used without any problem in cross-country racing, although they usually have a clear speed penalty due to their higher weight, which they can, however, redeem in demanding downhill sections with their longer travel and thus better ride comfort.

The suspension travel for MTB Fullys for the trail area is usually between 120mm and 140mm front and rear.

Some manufacturers also have trail hardtails in the program, which compensate for the lack of cushioning behind with wider tires, but for ultimate fun on the trail it needs a full suspension mountain bike.

As impeller size is set in most of the manufacturers in this category on the 27.5 “and 29” wheels, more and more often in Plus version.

This means that the tires are up to 3″ wide and therefore more traction. However, an adapted frame is needed that provides more tire clearance and allows stiffer hubs. The steering angle is flatter compared to cross-country for a more stable driving downhill.

3. Enduro/All Mountain Bikes

Image result for Enduro All Mountain Bikes
Enduro/All Mountain Bikes

Enduro is the new trend sport in the mountain bike area and the parade discipline of the modern MTB Fully. In competitions, the departures will be stopped on time, while the uphill sections only have a maximum time limit, which must be observed.

The winner of a race is the one who can achieve the best overall time in all downhill sections. Since you also have to drive uphill, the riders have to bring not only excellent technique but also a strong condition in order to survive in the races.

That’s why Enduro bikes are more geared towards experienced bikers who have no problems with demanding jumps, dangerous drops and technical trails.

Enduro Fullys are even more focused on the downhill sector than Trail Bikes, but thanks to advanced damping systems and high drive neutrality, they offer reasonable uphill performance. The travel is between 140mm and 170mm and is also desperately needed to master some of the extremely difficult and rough routes.

Another feature of the latest Fully Enduro MTBs is a lowerable seat post, which can be lowered at the touch of a button for more freedom of movement and thus more driving comfort downhill.

When it goes up the mountain again, the seatpost is extended again. The steering angle is again a bit flatter than the trail bike.

The biggest Enduro event in Europe is the Specialized SRAM Enduro Series . The registration is open to all participants.

4. Downhill Fully/Gravity

Image result for Downhill Fully
Downhill Fully/Gravity

If you really just want to go down the mountain and enjoy a treat, a downhill fully is necessary.

This is all about the fastest and / or coolest way downhill, the riders come either over a lift or even on foot. When it comes down, high drops and jumps, rockeries, ramps and other obstacles are the fun of every downhiller.

A fully equipped MTB for downhill sport is only trimmed downhill and should have a travel of at least 170 mm up to 210 mm.

A longer wheelbase and wider tires (up to 2.5″) provide stability and control even in the steepest terrain, while large, powerful disc brakes quickly bring the bike to a halt.

Many gears are not really needed on downhill, so the number of gears is usually limited to 7 with single crank. The impeller size used to be standard at 26″ and is now increasingly replaced by the 27.5″ intermediate size.

Fully or hardtail? The advantages of the Fully at a glance:

  • Stiffer, more resistant frame
  • Better traction and speed in difficult terrain
  • More comfort and speed on steep descents

The question of whether it should be a hardtail or a fully, everyone has to face himself. The strengths of the MTB Fully are obvious.

If you are mainly in the area, want to conquer every mountain and thereby buck on high jumps, not on the full suspension mountain bikes over. The ever better processing and equipment of the off-road cars allows more extreme downhills and routes.

Here are some of the best full suspension mountain bike under 3000 dollars

How to choose the best full suspension bikes? What criteria should be favored? These are issues that can trot in your head if you are considering buying a mountain bike.

Our article presents the characteristics of some quality models to help you see a little more clearly some of the best full suspension mountain bike under 3000.

Recommended products

1. Diamondback Bikes Atroz 3

Diamondback Bikes Atroz 3

The Diamondback Bikes Atroz 3 is one of the best mountain bike in particular by its fully suspended 28 inch frame, which is not self-evident in this price range. Made of aluminum, the stability is also sufficient for rough downhills. The full suspension reliably protects the back and joints against hard vibrations and catches them very well.

With the 21-speed Shimano Altus gearshift, the right gears can be easily switched by thumb pressure at any time, so that you can always build the right torque on the mountain, on the one hand to progress and on the other hand, not too fatigued.

The model has high-quality disc brakes installed, which are therefore so well established in the market, as hereby a very strong braking performance can be achieved and thus the bike comes with sufficient grip and correspondingly good tires very quickly to a standstill.

The model is available in the variants black and white and can therefore be individually selected according to the respective taste.

2. Fashine 20″ Wheel 7-Speed Full Suspension

Fashine 20" Wheel 7-Speed Full Suspension
Fashine 20″ Wheel 7-Speed Full Suspension

The mountain bike Fashine has been designed for both men and women alike. The frame is made of sturdy aluminum and therefore provides a very low weight, which is especially important when driving uphill.

Likewise, a solid and well-responding suspension fork is installed in order to be able to absorb unevenness in the ground during the descent. This not only protects joints, but also protects against fatigue of the muscles, which allows a longer exercise of the sport.

Disc brakes front and rear provide a controlled, easy-to-handle braking behavior. In the construction, mechanically stable aluminum hollow rims were used to allow a smooth and stable running of the wheels.

The Ahead stem of the model is designed for optimal athletic posture and supports lumbar and thoracic spine alike. The 21-speed Shimano derailleur is controlled by a twist grip and left an absolutely high-quality impression in the test.

Thanks to the included tool, you can easily make adjustments to the bike, just to adjust the handlebar and saddle individually to your height.

3. Diamondback 4 C Carbon Full Suspension

Image result for Diamondback 4 C Carbon Full Suspension
Diamondback 4 C Carbon Full Suspension

With the Diamondback 4 C you are always unerringly on the mountain bike route. Since it is fully suspended, it offers a high level of comfort, driving pleasure and at the same time spares bones and joints.

Thanks to the 21-speed Shimano revolving gear you will always find a suitable gear, whether you are on the mountain or on the descent. The aluminum rims provide a smooth and clean running behavior and thus ensure high stability even when cornering.

Studded tires increase the grip especially if you are on forest roads away from the road. Although not as strong as the disc brakes of other models, the V-brakes used provide enough braking power for everyday use, so you do not have to worry about it.

In terms of price, the Diamondback 4 C is in the lower range, so the overall price-performance ratio is very good. If you want to buy a cheap mountain bike, you can not go wrong with buying the Diamondback 4 C.

4. Diamondback Bicycles Mission 1

Diamondback Bicycles Mission 1
Diamondback Bicycles Mission 1

The Diamondback Bicycles Mission 1 is an all terrain bike with a suspended steel frame and a telescopic fork. This shape optimizes your space and allows you to enjoy more comfort.

Its front and rear disc brakes provide enhanced security, you have no problem getting over it. With its stem type “Ahead Set”, the adjustment of the handlebars of this 26-inch mountain bike is easy and can be done quickly.

This 21-speed MTB bike has a “Rapid Fire Shimano” trigger handle for optimized ergonomics. It allows both precise and fast gear changes. As a result, its operation remains flexible, which makes it benefit from good durability. Its brake levers are made of aluminum and its rims are made of reinforced aluminum, which gives them all their robustness.

It is absolutely right to mention the advanced design of this Diamondback Bicycles Mission 1 bike. It is the ideal mountain bike to accompany you during your walks in nature, your family hikes, etc. It comes with a bell and battery powered lighting.

5. Stradalli Two 7 Blue Edition

Stradalli Two 7 Blue Edition
Stradalli Two 7 Blue Edition

If you’re looking for the best mountain bike, the Stradalli Two 7 Blue Edition is a great proposition. This 18-speed bike will make him experience many adventures with his 24-inch wheels.

Its entire mechanism has been designed to meet the criteria of reliability, safety, comfort and robustness. In addition, its red and white frame size of 38 cm offers a young and modern look. As it is made of steel, it is perfectly resistant.

It is better to say that this Stradalli Two 7 Blue Edition mountain bike is 85% pre-assembled, which means that there are still parts to put in place once it is delivered. However, they are easy to install, including the front wheel, the saddle and its stem and the pedals.

Some adjustments are also needed on the handlebars and brakes, for example. In addition, a detailed guide of these montages is provided with the bike. On the other hand, it is necessary to provide a lighting for this bike, because it is not provided with the delivery.

6. Motobecane Downhill DH Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Image result for Motobecane Downhill DH Full Suspension Mountain Bike
Motobecane Downhill DH Full Suspension Mountain Bike

It is somewhat complicated to define which is the best mountain bike on the market if you do not consult a comparison. It is also possible to review various sales items.

Just to see its look, the Motobecane Downhill DH, a men’s mountain bike with 26-inch wheels and 21 indexed speeds, is presented as a convincing equipment. Being able to be all-purpose, it can as well accompany you during your excursions as during your escapades in full nature.

This bike has an aluminum frame with a suspension of 483 mm. It features a telescopic fork, dual aluminum lever disc brake, Shimano TX35 front derailleur and Shimano TZ30 rear derailleur, as well as a Microshift trigger handle.

Its double-walled aluminum rims are very strong and have good torsional resistance. You no longer have to search for a doorbell and battery powered lighting as they are already supplied with the bike.

Although it costs a little more, it is worth it if one takes into account its performance, but its robustness is always to check as and when.

7. New 2017 Raleigh Skarn Sport Complete Mountain Bike

Finding a cheap mountain bike is not easy at all. In addition, it is equipment that requires a reliable security system and robust materials. The New 2017 Raleigh Skarn is able to make you benefit from all these assets. It is also ideal if you are looking for a woman MTB bike.

The frame of this bike is rigid steel, hence its robustness. It has 18 indexed speeds. Its rims are aluminum with a quick hitch. It has twist grips and V-Brake PVC brakes to give you more control with excellent braking and increased safety. In all, she weighs about 16 kg.

With a simple but elegant design, the New 2017 Raleigh Skarn is the MTB bike that will please the ladies and that will only strengthen their femininity.

White is its dominant color with purple prints. In addition, the doorbell and battery powered lighting are included. With this bike, you can ride safely and enjoy your moment of relaxation and leisure.

8. Polygon Bikes Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Image result for Polygon Bikes Full Suspension
Polygon Bikes Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Making a comparison, both for the price and the quality of the product, can be to your advantage. In addition, as the acquisition of a mountain bike is a significant investment, you must be vigilant to have the bike compatible with your expectations. Once the bike home, do not hesitate to review the assembly before going on a walk for more security.

The Polygon Bikes is the one you need if you need a full suspension 6-speed mountain bike with a modern and eye-catching look thanks to its black and green colors.

With a frame entirely made of steel, it is perfectly solid and is able to withstand shocks. The 9.5 “hardtail frame can be ordered in the colors white and black, so that the mountain bike appeals to men, boys and girls alike.

Since the mountain bike is 20 inches frosted, it is usable from a height of 110 centimeters and can therefore be driven by children and adolescents from six years.

Bell, stand and reflectors are also available, making it easy to use in traffic and the corresponding safety aspects are met.

The six-speed gearshift is mounted as a twist grip, so that the handlebar can always be held firmly in the hand even during the switching process, which also improves the safety of your child, since the risk of accidents is reduced by distraction.

How to use a mountain bike

Cycling is a good thing to stay healthy. To make you happy, you can even use it to go hiking. To be comfortable when using your equipment, it is recommended to follow certain indications. To tell you more about this point, here is a practical guide.

Choose a mountain bike according to the uses you plan to make

Before riding your ATV bike, you should know that some models are more suitable for specific uses than others. To have more performance when using your equipment, you must consider this point.

Thus, to climb steep slopes, you need to use an ATV “All-mountain and Enduro”. If you often make climbs and descents, set your sights on the XC Race and Marathon prototypes. Use the entry-level models for simple hikes and daily trips.

Check the condition of wheels and brakes before getting on your ATV bike

Before going on a hike or other ride with your ATV bike, you must inspect your wheels and brakes for damage. These elements guarantee your safety along your route.

To check the first, it is recommended to rotate them manually. They must not emit any resistance. Also, make sure they are well inflated. Refer to manufacturers’ instructions for exact pressure. Also make sure the brakes work well when you press the controller. It is thus preferable to opt for the disc brakes for more safety.

1. Grease the chain of your mountain bike

Image result for Grease the chain of your mountain bike

It is important that your bicycle chain is properly lubricated for proper use. To do this, you must use the product specified by the manufacturer.

Be careful not to drown it. Take the sufficient amount. Note however that when you coat this element, you should not put on the rims. Otherwise, the brakes may not play their role properly.

2. Make sure you change gear at the right time

In general, a mountain bike has several speeds. Some models can have up to twenty. The change of pace must be done carefully to reduce the risk of derailment of the chain.

In this case, it is not advisable to change the speed when stopped. The best is to do it when you pedal. Also, it is forbidden to vary the pace to 300 m before the change of course. It is recommended to carry it out at the appropriate time. To do this, take a good look at the road.

3. Remember to maintain your mountain bike to ensure its longevity

It is important to clean your ATV bike from time to time, as residue and dirt accumulated on the roads can damage its parts. Start by flushing your equipment to remove large stains.

Then use a degreaser on the trays, the chain, the rear derailleur and the sprockets and rub with a brush. Let stand 5 minutes and unpack. Take a sponge and detergent to clean it off. Make the last rinse and dry.

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