Can A Minivan Pull A Pop-Up Camper?

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If you plan a long road trip using your camper then a minivan would be the best choice for you. It can easily carry a pop-up camper and pull it. But before hitting the road, you have to check the towing capacity of your minivan and the weight of your pop-up camper. 

With all the right hookups, a minivan can pull up to 3500 pounds. The minivan towing camper has to be lighter than the minivan towing capacity. So it is important to determine the weight of a pop-up camper before you tow it with a minivan.

In this article, you will get the answer to the question “Can a minivan pull a pop-up camper?” & you will get to know other important information about minivans and pop-up campers.

Can A Minivan Pull A Pop-Up Camper?

Yes, a minivan can easily pull a pop-up camper.  Almost every current minivan can pull around 3,500 – 3600 pounds and most of the pop-up campers weigh around 1500-3000+ pounds. So, a minivan can pull a pop-up camper without any difficulty. But a pop-up camper weight must not be exceeded a minivan towing capacity. So, knowing the Towing capacity of your vehicle is very important. You can get the details about the towing capacity of your minivan on the owner’s manual guide

A Minivan Towing Capacity 
A Minivan Towing Capacity 

All recent minivans can tow around 3500-3600 pounds. but all the minivans don’t have the same towing capacity. you should note the towing capacity of your vehicle from the owner’s manual. 

Moreover, you must know about the gross vehicle weight ratio(GVWR) of your van. The GVWR is the highest towing capacity of a minivan while driving. It includes passengers, luggage, food, and other equipment weighed on the van.  When GVWR  is exceeded, anything can go wrong. So you have to know the GVWR of your minivan for your safety. 

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Analyze The Weight Of APop Up Camper

Analyze The Weight Of A Pop Up Camper

Pop-up campers’ weight can vary depending on their sizes. Generally, a pop-up camper’s weight is around 800-2400 pounds. A small size pop-up camper’s weight is around 800 pounds whereas a large size camper can reach up to 4800 pounds. 

A towable pop-up camper’s average weight must be within  2400 pounds. Because a minivan’s towing capacity is around 3500 pounds. But the weight towing capacity of your van does not cover only your camper weight. It includes passengers and other equipment weight that the minivan also carries. 

assuming the passengers weigh around 500 pounds. Deducting the passenger’s weight, a minivan can carry a 3000 pounds pop-up camper. Then you must consider food and other supplies. If you have around 800 pounds of food and other supplies, deduct that from the minivan tow capacity. That means your minivan can pull around a 2,200 pounds camper.

But for your minivan’s safety, you should choose a camper that is a bit lighter than your minivan’s towing capacity. Now you know the weight of your camper your minivan can pull. You should double-check the GVWR of your van before towing up with a camper. Otherwise, you may face unexpected problems during your camping.

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Problems You May Face If GVWR Exceeds 

The gross vehicle weight ratio is the maximum weight capacity that your vehicle can carry. If you cross the GVWR of your vehicle, it will not only damage your minivan but also can damage your pop-up camper. Your & your family members’ lives who are traveling with you can be at risk.

Your vehicle’s engine may get overheated due to overloading and if the heating goes above the limit, the radiator can not cool it down. As a result, the engine of your minivan could be damaged badly.

Overloading your minivan can also harm your vehicle’s wheels, tires, transmission, and steering. So, you must keep the balance between your minivan and pop-up camper. Make sure your pop-up camper weight does not cross the GVWR limit.

Factors That You Must Consider Before Towing

For the safety of your minivan and your life, you must consider some important factors before towing a pop-up camper with a minivan. some important factors are discussed below:

  •  Camper Weight

You must consider your pop-up camper weight before towing it with your minivan. The pop-up camper must be lighter than the minivan. Because the number of resources you have inside the camper adds to the weight of your camper. 

  • GVWR

Gross vehicle weight rating is another important factor that you must consider.  Remember to check the GVWR of your vehicle before towing. You may search the GVWR of the vehicle on the owner’s manual guide.

  •  Tow Limit 

You need to know the number of weight that your minivan can carry. Most minivans have the capacity of towing up to 3500 pounds. It depends on the size of a minivan.

  •  Tow Package

Before towing with a camper make sure your minivan has tow packages with it like towing hitch, hook, brace, light setup, and wiring harness. 

  • Air Pressure

Balanced air pressure in both vehicle wheels is very important.  You may face problems if the air pressure decreases during driving your minivan. The tires of both Vehicles must have enough air pressure.

  •  Hitch Weight

Hitch weight is one of the most important factors that you must consider. Hitch can distribute the camper weight to the minivan so that the pressure could not be put in one section.

These are the crucial things you must consider before you go for a trip with your minivan towing a pop-up camper.

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So,  you get the answer to your question, “can a minivan pull a pop-up camper?” Now you can go for a camping trip with your minivan and pop-up camper. But always keep in mind that your camper weight must not be exceeded your minivan towing capacity. A pop-up camper should be as light as possible so that your minivan can easily tow it and you can carry your important amenities. 

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