13 Outdoor Bicycle Storage Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With

Cycling has a lot of benefits. It is good for health, and for our environment as well as a bicycle does not emit carbon dioxide, unlike all the other vehicles. Studies show that people who use bike going to work were happier, compared to the people who drive their cars.
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Aside from this, biking is beneficial for health. It will prevent people from having heart disease, diabetes and other illness.

Research shows that biking reduces the risk of heart disease for up to 50%. This is one of the many reasons why a lot of people purchase and use bicycles.

But owning a bicycle can sometimes become a hassle, especially when you have a small space at home. Putting your bike inside the house, alongside the furniture and other household equipment can look messy. 

Not unless you have a big house or a big garage to park it in. Well, I have good news for all of the cycling enthusiasts like me. We can actually make and customize a bike storage, thus, lessening the clutter in your area.

Below are some ways that we can use to store the bike outdoor.

1. Balcony Area Display

For those of you who wanted to make your bike as the center of attention in front of the house, this idea will suit you best.

Paint a small part of your balcony wall, get a small bike rack and hang it on the wall. Include a lighting of your choice. Hang the bike and turn the lights on. This will make a good front house decor.

2. Metal Shed

A Metal bicycle Shed can store 2 or more bikes. It is dependable and classy. It is practical and convenient to use. The best thing about metal sheds is that you will be assured of the bicycle’s safety because of its stainless steel exterior.

3. A Wooden Stand

Design a wooden stand. You may paint it, or leave it that way. You can even make variations, depending on how many bicycles you own. I tried this as I have a couple of bikes.

4. A Rack in the Garden

Bike racks are always fascinating to look at, especially for us bike enthusiasts. We can design, cut and paint a rack and then put it in the garden. Some of my friends loved the idea and they started customizing garden bike racks too.

5. A Bike Shelf

This is another way of hanging your bike. Instead of using big bike racks, you may use a small wooden shelf, hang it on the wall, and hang the bike through its top tube and down tube. Easy, right?

6. Under the Stairs

If you have stairs in front of your house, this one is for you. You can accessorize the back of your stairs by displaying your bike. It is up to you on what materials to use, but displaying it upside down will look best.

7. A Bike Tent

Find a heavy duty and weatherproofed polyester tent for your bike and place it outdoor. It is easy to set up, and it is not costly at all. My colleagues use tents to store their bicycles too. Bicycles tents can be found on some bike shops online.

8. Wooden Shed

I know someone who just left his bike outside their house, unprotected. Thirty minutes after, he went out and found out that his bike is missing.

Because he is a cyclist, he needed a bike and bought another one the next week. He made sure the bike is safe so he customized a wooden shed. My friend discussed how cost-efficient it was. I am going to try wooden shed too.

9. On the Garage Ceiling

This is commonly done by some cyclists. It is definitely a space saver. Just make sure that you utilize a steady and strong material to hold the bicycle on the ceiling.

10. Pole Bicycles

For those of you who have more than 2 units of bicycles, this idea will be great. Purchase a large pole that will fit from your floor to the ceiling, Hang the first bike. Then hang the second bike on top of the first bike, and so on. Be sure to check the attachment’s stability and strength.

11. Stair’s Rails

You have heard about the bike under the stairs. Now I will give you another way to use the stairs to store your bike. Attach your bike at the side of the stair’s railings. Make sure that you can take it off easily when you needed to use it.

12. Plastic Bike Sheds

I have seen some uPVC plastic bike storage sheds. They look stylish outdoors. It is cheap and affordable to build. You can store many bicycles and the design is really up to you.

13. Wire it Up

Get a strong wire and hang your bike whatever way you want it. The best thing about wires is that it can be placed anywhere. You can hang it on the garden grills, but make sure you cover it to protect the bicycle from dust and rain.

So there you have it. Easy, economical, and space saving ideas for storing your bicycle outdoors. I hope that you can use one of these suggestions.

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