Is Parasailing Safe? (Everything You Should Know)

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Parasailing is a sports activity where most participants are new and inexpert.

The use of common sense and also having full knowledge of this sports activity can make it more enjoyable. 

Parasailing is a recreational kiting activity that can also be called parakiting or parascending.

The activity is mainly for fun, and it should not be confused with the sport of paragliding.

Parasailing is an extreme outdoor sports activity, In general, parasailing is a very safe activity that can be practiced by anyone, the risks attached to this activity are minimal. 

There is always an emergency landing rather than landing on the boat since most parasailing is done over; the emergency landing is usually a soft one.

This activity does not require its participant to be suspended up in the air, unlike other activities.

Parasailing uses both the wind and a parachute, so any break-off from the parachute will mean that the participant would slowly and not abruptly drift downwards.

Most parasailing companies now involve custom-manufactured parasailing boats that reel them off and on the boat with the help of a hydraulic winch to make certain of dry and make easy landing and takeoff.

Your experience is not needed because both captain and crew from the parasailing service are experienced, and they will help you with safe launches and landings.

This activity can be done by almost anyone, but people with neck injuries, knell injuries, or back problems are not recommended to try this sport.

The likely physical injury that one can get from this sport is sunburn, during summer. It can be scorching at heights above 600 feet, and it would be good to use sunblock.

As experience is not needed, so is swimming.

People who can’t swim or don’t like staying long in water can also enjoy parasailing since it just requires launch and landings and some of them are done on land.

Some parasailing service provides a life jacket. In an unlikely event; participants slowly drift down to the water wearing a life jackets.

You don’t have to touch the water in parasailing unless you feel like it. Your preference can be known by the boat’s captain.

All parasailing equipment is up to standard and is properly maintained; it’s also inspected before use.

The standard tow lines have the least 1000 Ibs of breaking strength.

When parasailing, you can fly up for about 10 to 12 minutes depending on the number of people (can be done in couples or in threes too) who are involved in the parasail.

Parasailing is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by anyone.

It is designed to provide you with maximum enjoyment while prioritizing your safety! So what are you waiting for, go and enjoy this sports activity?

Overcoming your parasailing fears

Why are you scared to go parasailing?

Are you scared of height or maybe you are not having a good relationship with the ocean? Here is why and how to overcome parasailing fear.

This sports activity is relatively safe. Most participants are untrained and inexperienced.

However, before you think of parasailing, try to be aware of the safety tips, locations, and alerts and approve parasail operators.

You may go extra and know more about parasailing equipment manufacturers to pacify related uncertainties. In general, parasailing is one of the safest sports activities.

Parasailing’s vast popularity has made way for local and state licensing to be accessible to people who want to be service providers and parasail operators.

So before embarking on this adventure, make sure the boat drivers and people assisting you are licensed and very trained.

Parasailing safety began with trained professionals and established operators.

They’ll guide you on some of the safety precautions and can postpone a parasailing activity until you fully understand the safety precaution. 

Some factors that can make trained professionals and established operators postpone parasailing are high winds (over 18 knots).

High winds can complicate and increase difficulty in emergency water landings.

Looming, fog, rain, or storm are also reasons for postponing parasailing. Visibility is crucial to both the parasailing crew and the parasailer.

A pre-flight safety briefing is done for both seasoned and new parasailers.

The session is about the description of parasailing itself, the procedure, and safety precautions in the event of unforeseen emergencies.

Safety procedures include boat fire and capsizing, hand signals when up in the air, or evacuation procedures during a water landing.

Altitudes more than 600 feet are not advisable, especially near shorelines and some objects.

The parasailer uses Hand signals to communicate with the boat crew, that’s why the recommended altitude should not be more than 600 feet for oceans and 300 feet for small lakes and bays.

With an experienced crew using the right equipment and good weather conditions, parasailing is safe and will be a thrilling adventure.

Now that you have gotten a clear picture of what parasailing is all about, all that is left is for you to strap up to the gear, be fearless and enjoy the fly!

Top 5 reasons for parasailing

  • It’s safe.

Beyond any adventure, safety should be the priority. Parasailing is one of the safest sporting activities. Experienced parasailing crews are there to train you and make sure that you get nothing but pure pleasure in your parasailing experience.

The equipment used has undergone lots of development and testing prior, which helps to parasail being an official water activity.

Several engineering went into the harness assembly, hydraulic and parachute platform that provides your launchpad. Speed and Wind combinations are studied carefully to achieve a 0% margin of error.

  • It’s quite affordable.

Parasailing can be packaged with other water sports or done as a solo activity, and because of its popularity, it is a regular activity that is practiced in seaside areas.

Unlike some water sports in which you are required to get your gear, parasailing can be enjoyed by just bringing your beachwear, a towel, and your pursuit of adventure!

  • It’s very easy 

Almost everyone and anyone can enjoy parasailing. Many skills are not required when parasailing. A professional parasailing team will take you through some basic safety and training lessons before getting started. Once in the air, you have to relax in the harness, and enjoy the sky view.

  • Share the experience. 

Parasailing gives you something to write about and share with a friend. Unwind and let parasailing release you from all stress as you soar above the sea in the most liberating activity.

  • A memorable experience.

This sports activity is popular with the sensation that it brings such as freedom, discovery, and absolute bliss.

The reward of this memorable experience is overwhelming for an activity that requires little or no experience to perform.

Be it a weeklong kick or a weekend adventure; parasailing can give you the Memorable experience that an adventure seeker craves.


Parasailing is a great sporting activity for youngsters to learn more about responsibility and safety.

Even though one only has to relax in the harness once up in the air and leave all the maneuvering to the wind and boat, a great sense of responsibility also comes with it.

A parasailer has to communicate well with the correct hand signals to the boat driver for any emergency or concern.

In parasailing, great respect for nature is also imparted. A parasailer should learn to commune and not defy nature as parasailing restrictions normally take into consideration water, wind velocity, and weather conditions.

So are you still scared of experiencing the most amazing and spectacular feat of flying?

The worst thing that can happen during parasailing is getting wet. 

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