How To Break In Roller Skate Wheels?

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Are you wondering how to break in your roller skate wheel? If the break is in your concern, then you have nothing to worry about.

In this article, I want to show you how to break in roller skate wheels. I will also show you how to break in other related skates. 

It doesn’t matter whether your roller skate is new or old, you may experience some challenges when putting your foot on for the first time. 

Did I say so? Yes, you may experience discomfort and blisters when you’re trying to break in for the first time. Don’t get confused thinking you got the wrong one. No, it happens sometimes.

You might be asking “are there no roller skates that don’t hurt when break-in for the first time?” Of course, there are. But that doesn’t mean the one you have is bad.

This isn’t peculiar to roller skate wheels only, though, this article is about how to ease the discomfort when breaking in for the first time.

Don’t Over Tight The Lace

Sometimes, what causes discomfort in a roller skate is the leather that’s yet to expand.

Often wearing your skate will expand the leather. This also makes the leather boots contour to your foot faster.

You can decide to put on only the boot or you include the wheel. All you want is to make the boot fit your feet. 

Making your roller skate boot fit your feet will not happen overnight but constant wearing will make it easy on you.

Also, frequent putting on your roller skate will mold it to fit your foot. You can decide to skate several times per week. 

The simple method is, that the more you skate, the more comfortable your boots will become on your feet.

Another way to ease discomfort on your roller’s skate is to untight the lace on your boots. 

Loosen your laces a bit and don’t over-tight them so that you can’t control your ankle. You should be able to control your ankle without finding it difficult to bend your knee.

When you do this as often as you can, it will loosen the boots and make them contour to your foot. 

If you can keep to it (regular skating) no matter the pain you feel, you will discover how freely you can skate with the boots without feeling any pains in a short while.

Apply Conditioner

How is your new skate on your leg? Do you feel pain? If you do, you can kindly apply the conditioner. 

This conditioner is not the type you apply to your hair. This one is used to soften your boots.

Rub the conditioner on areas of the skate boot that are too stiff. Especially the area that hurts your Achilles tendon.

After you rub the conditioner, bend the leather back and forth. This process will make the conditioner glue so fast to the leather.

The application of a conditioner to soften the area is not just once but multiple times. This is one of the ways you will get the area soft for your feet.

How Many Hours Does It Take To Break In A Pair of Skates

The number of hours may not be the same for everybody. There are those who get used to it even before the required hours. 

In my years of skating, I have seen many people become skillful in moving their ankles after a few hours of break-in, while others spend more hours than what is stipulated.

Now let me answer the question. Generally, it takes about 6 to 15 hours to break in a pair of skates.

It might take you more or fewer hours before you break in. How frequently you skate will determine the number of hours, it will take you to break in.

Obviously, skate boots will not get used to your foot for the very first time. Begin with a short-distance skate adventure and build yourself into a long-distance skate adventure.

When you start out to go for a long skate for the first time, just know that you will experience some discomfort in your ankle. This may discourage you, that’s why it’s always recommended to begin with a short skate.

This happens because you’re not an experienced skater yet. And your feet and ankle are unused to the rigors of skating.

As you practice regularly, your foot will get used to your boot. 

Factors That Help To Break In Roller Skate Wheels

There are various factors you need to consider when you want to have a free break-in for the first time.

Since the skates aren’t yet free to contour your feet. But your knowledge about these factors will guide you on how to properly skate with your boot. 

So, let’s take a study on the various factors that will help you have less discomfort during break-ins.


Many people think socks don’t matter when skating. They neglect it and put on any socks. 

Socks are what control the friction between your feet and the boots. Socks are important when breaking in roller skates for the very first time.

Choosing the right socks for your boot begins with an experiment. Carry out an experiment to find out the one that best fits your feet.

Some people prefer a thinner one while some prefer the thicker ones. Keep testing the socks until you discover the one you can skate with.

Whichever socks you choose to skate with, let them come up higher than the boots. The socks will prevent the boots from rubbing your leg when it’s longer than the boots.

Heat Mold

Do you have heat-moldable skates? The solution to this is to bake your boots in a special skate oven. Don’t do it by yourself but refer to the manufacturers or contact the seller, if you aren’t experienced in it.

Don’t just mold your boots, but ensure they’re moldable. Because when you heat mold your boots, which aren’t moldable otherwise you will be sad when you destroy your skates.

But, if it’s the moldable one, then it will help you heat your skate in the shape that will best fit your foot.

Another mistake many skaters make is, using the oven to mold their boots at home. This is totally wrong. If you really want to heat your boots at home, it’s mostly recommended to use the hairdryer only.  

The heat that comes from the hairdryer will disfigure your boots compared to the oven. Also when you use a hairdryer, ensure you don’t overheat your boot.

Stretching Your Boots 

Stretching is important to expand your skate boot. Therefore don’t just buy from any store that can’t help you stretch. 

Locate a skate shop that offers stretching service, such as a ball and ring bunion stretcher, and request their service to stretch your boots, if there’s a need.

Ankle Guards

Ankle Guards
Ankle Guards

Is your ankle bones sensitive to any little pains? If you have such an ankle, is either you mind the way you skate or you make use of other products that will soften your ankle.

Adjust The Hardware

If you have a quad roller skate, then you can either tighten or lose your trucks. Or change your cushion to softer or harder ones. 

If your roller skates have inline skates or rollerblades you may be able to adjust the frame sits depending on the model you are using.

You can always adjust your hardware to fit your feet when there’s a need. But learn to adjust the hardware and not oversize your feet. 

When the roller skate is too slack, you will not be able to skate properly. Therefore, learn how to adjust your skate.

Categories Of Roller Skate Wheels 

There are different categories of skates. They are different in qualities and functions.

One of the categories of roller skate wheels is recreational skates.  

The high-top boots and narrow wheels are called recreational roller skates. They have a durometer between 57mm to 60mm in diameter.

Usually, most recreational roller skates have two functions. As a result of the dual functions, skaters are able to edge and turn easily.

The chassis of a recreational roller’s wheel is made of aluminum. They have a high impact. Some of them are made with urethane material. The recreational roller skate boots give more ankle support than others.

Outdoor And Indoor Roller Skate Wheel

There are roller skates for outdoors and there are those for indoors. These roller skates perform differently. 

An outdoor wheel is wider and softer than an indoor wheel. When it comes to absorbing, the unevenness of the outdoor surface makes the wider and softer preferable.

Harder wheels are for indoor skating, while soft wheels are for outdoors. The hardness or softness of the skate is measured by number. This process of measurement is called a durometer.

The higher the durometer number the harder the wheels while the smaller the durometer number the softer the wheels. 

For example, a 65A durometer is an outdoor wheel, while an 85A durometer is an indoor or outdoor wheel. Therefore a 95 to 105A durometer is usually for indoor skating only.


You can easily identify an outdoor skate by the high-top or low-top leather. These types of leather are most good for aesthetic reasons.

You can convert any outdoor skate into an indoor skate. You may not easily convert an indoor into an outdoor, because most of the outdoors are made from high-impact and high-rebound urethane. The durometer numbers range from 62mm to 65mm.

You need more effort to maintain momentum if you want to use an outdoor for an indoor skate. Also make sure you are in control of the bearing when skating outside, especially when skating with an indoor wheel.

What Types Of Boot Material Do You Prefer When Skating Outdoor

Many people prefer suede boots when skating outside to other materials. Because you can easily brush off the dirt from suede than other normal leather.

Others prefer other materials because they’re softer on their feet than suede materials. The boots materials for indoor skating are quite different from the materials boots for outdoor.

What determines the types of boots and materials you skate with solely depends on the environment you want to skate and the feeling you get on your feet.

Benefits Of Roller Skating 

Roller skating gives skaters different types of benefits. Whatever the reason for your skating, you will definitely benefit from it.

Also, even though you’re a regular or occasional skater, you stand a chance to benefit so much. 

Roller skating is a great way to exercise your joints, it allows fluid to flow in that joints to keep away from damage. 

According to research carried out by the University of Massachusetts, skating reduces 50% of the impact shock to the joints compared to running. 

The same benefits you get from exercising your joint when running and jumping is the same benefit you get from aerobic roller skating.

Roller skating is one of the easiest ways to burn calories. It’s more effective than running and jumping.

Roller skating helps you to walk out the legs as you power through the movement. Likewise, your arms get a workout as skating on.

Those who need strength do take advantage of roller skating to build up strength.

Roller skating helps to coordinate the entire body and prevent injuries. It keeps your limber active as you age.

According to the American Heart Association, roller skating is an effective aerobic exercise.

Roller skating helps to strengthen the heart according to research conducted by the Konstantx.

Roller skate helps you to increase muscle during skating.

To train your muscles and cardiovascular system to become fit, you just need to add a few uphill climbs each skating training. This helps your body’s energy to store efficiently. 

When it comes to health benefits roller skating is almost the same thing as jogging in terms of health benefits and caloric

Do you want to work out your body? Then, roller skating is a great way to reduce body fat and leg strength development. 

Those who want a drastic reduction or burn their calories on time might consider roller skating.

You will hardly see a skater with a frowning face when skating. Roller skating is a good sport to maintain a good mood.


To break in a roller skate wheel requires you to continue wearing your boots until it becomes contour to your feet.

Initially, you might feel pains and discomfort but when you keep to it, you will definitely get used to it.

Just follow the method stated in this article to simply break in your roller skate. 

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