Best Arbor Longboards For A Beginner: Top 15 Reviewed

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Are you a beginner looking for the best Arbor longboard? 

I’m here to show you the 15 best arbor longboards you’ll love.

Arbor longboard is designed for both beginners and those who have done it for years.

You might be asking “why arbor longboard?” There are many reasons why Arbor longboard is the best. 

Some of the reasons are:

  • The Arbor longboard is stable
  • It’s easy to control
  • It has a solid deck
  • It’s flexible and easy to maneuver.

Arbor longboard is designed for luxury. Irrespective of your skill in skating, as a beginner you will find fun while learning.

When you choose an arbor longboard to learn.

You will become an expert in a short while — though depends on how committed you’re to it the training. 

Another reason is that those who were beginners before are now experts in the skating sport because they use Arbor longboard to learn.

My friend Juliet was once a beginner and she used Arbor longboard to learn, now she is an experienced skater.

Here Are The 15 Best Arbor longboards For Beginners:

1. Arbor Fish 37 “Groundswell

arbor longboard
Arbor Fish 37 “Groundswell

Source: Arborcollective

Arbor Fish 37 “Groundswell is specially designed for both beginner and experienced ones.

It has a strong wood deck. That’s made of 7 plies of Canadian Hardrock Maple. 

Because of the strong wood, beginners can peacefully skate without the fear of sliding off the road.

Also, premium palisander wood finish ply is part of what is used to create the deck. The ply makes it smooth and has friction that makes a beginner enjoy while learning how to skate.

These wooden materials used in constructing Arbor Fish 37 “Groundswell are from a sustainable source of supply. Also, the Wood by-product is reclaimed for use in other essential products.

The Arbor Fish 37 “Groundswell is easy to ride. Because it has a well standard bushing that regulates the rotation.

It has the capacity to quickly accelerate and roll speed. This feature enables learners to quickly learn to switch from acceleration to roll.

It’s good for carving and cruising. This is good for beginners to use — they can easily learn how to cruise and carving.

The size of Arbor Fish 37 “Groundswell is 65mm and durometer 78A. This size makes it accommodative to both experts and inexperience. Though, there are other different sizes.

This is an excellent pintail cruiser. And you’re not quivering when you skate. The board has a top mount that makes it look nice when cruising. 

Arbor fish 37 “Groundswell has Paris Reverse 50° 150mm that makes it balance. This feature also makes it stable on the downhill when skating.

With full exertion of force over your trucks, you get more grip and more control than most boards on the market. 

Beginners leverage on the board without understanding how to ride yet. Truly it has the stability to accommodate the force exerted by beginners. 

The Arbor Fish 37 “Groundswell has a feature of pintail shape, that is both easy to ride and with a pleasing appearance. 

This is made for anybody either for your little nephew, boyfriend, girlfriend, or anyone in between, this board is designed to give them the maximum comfort they require.

Arbor Fish 37 “Groundswell is sure to give a beginner in the skate crowd pleasure in the world of longboarding.

Skaters who are designer conscious will love the fish-like design on the front center of the longboard. 

Arbor Fish 37 “Groundswell board, features 180mm trucks for smooth skating and excellent skating on all surfaces.

Arbor Fish 37 “Groundswell has a clear grip tape. This feature makes it safe for beginners because it reduces the amount of skidding or sliding on smooth surfaces. This feature is more important when skating downhill. 

The spray on the grip helps to minimize the impact on the hard surfaces.

The Arbor Fish 37 “Groundswell cost ranges from $150 to $175. 

2. Arbor Zeppelin 32″

Arbor Zeppelin 32″

Source: Ridingboards

One of the freerides for beginners is Arbor Zeppelin 32″. Because it’s light-in-weight and responsive.

Are you looking for a longboard to skate through the city during your holiday and free time period? Arbor Zeppelin 32″ is all that you need to have a great moment.

Arbor Zeppelin 32″ has a wheelbase length that provides stability for riders — including trucks that make turning easy for beginners.

Skating with it gives you an exceptional feeling and excitement like other longboards.

The stability of Arbor Zeppelin 32″ makes it easy to skate on mild slopes with an average speed. It’s concave designs with an uplifted rail. This helps in the slight foot lock.

Also, the shape has well thought out the capability to mount boards and the wheelbase offers users great pleasure when skating. 

The lightweight makes it easy to carry when going for adventure or in the city.

Beginners enjoy Zeppelin because it has a low board riding compared to other longboards. Commuting around the city became pleasurable with Zeppelin.

Give it a try and have the best moment of your time.

it has a well designed classic shape. A special cut-out design wheel that makes it easy to ride on the downhill.

Arbor Zeppelin 32″ usually comes with these specifications:

  • Length 32″ 
  • Width 8.75″ 

The shape makes it different from other usual city longboards. The board is a little wider in the middle than others and much narrower at the tips. 

It has a nice standing platform. It gives comfort to those who enjoy a long time higher foot commutes.

Arbor Zeppelin 32″ is made of 7-ply hard rock maple construction that made it durable and smooth. This also makes it responsive and absorbs bumps.

Arbor Zeppelin 32″ has a wide width curve that helps prevent your feet from sliding off when riding. 

3. Arbor Axis 40-Inch Cruiser

Arbor Axis 40-Inch Cruisers are collections of the 40-inch especially designed to satisfy your desires for skating sport.

The features are designed for the beginner. They’re nice for carving and cruising the street.

This set of Arbor collections are made with 7-ply maple, which makes it durable. 

They have well crafted art designs of flowers, shells, cross keys, and insects. This makes it beautiful and admirable to many.

A very peculiar graphics design with adorable shapes sprinkled throughout the designs on the deck.

The collection of Arbor has a blended wood and bamboo mixed together, which make it more cruiser.

The boards are created with a lower center gravity that makes mounting easy and enjoyable.

One of the features is stability. This makes it easier for riders especially beginners to have confidence in not sliding during skating.

They usually come with a width of 8.75″, dimensions 40″, wheel base 30″ and a length of 40″. The shape gives enough space for new skaters to skate. 

The cost of Arbor Axis 40-inch collection varies. It ranges from $179.95 to $200.

4. Arbor Timeless 42-Inch Longboard

Arbor Timeless 42-Inch Longboard

Source: Cdiscount

Arbor Timeless 42-Inch Longboard is designed especially for those who want to cruise to work, school, beach, and parks.   

Oftentimes, beginners like it because of the exceptional pleasure built in it. That is why most people prefer cruises to public places like work, school, etc.

This is made from or designed from 7 plies of maple (6 plies of maple and 1 bamboo deck ply for the bamboo version).

It’s durable and stable. The wheels are balanced.

This gives skaters the optimal amount of fun for cruising and cruising with it. The board is made from recycled wood. This eco-friendly design. 

The cost ranges from $170.99 to $199.99

5. Arbor Fish AC Longboard

Arbor Fish AC Longboard
Arbor Fish AC Longboard

Source: Nzshred

You get nothing to worry about as a beginner of skate sport. This is a classical design for learners to enjoy longboarding.

Even though you’re a beginner, it has a pintail shape that allows you to make full use of the board for a perfect cruising.

It has an extended wheelbase, which increases the flex you get when skating around town. And a well designed graphic with a scratch resistance.

This design was crafted by a renounced world-famous artist Aaron Draplin.

It was produced from 6 maple plies with a bamboo deck ply. This is strong and durable because the materials are from wood and bamboo materials, which come from sustainable sources of supply. 

The deck is produced with eco-friendly water-based sanding sealers.

The truck size is a Paris 50° 180mm. 

The reverse is kingpin which makes it easy to turn and balance.

The sizes compose of durometer 78a, size: 65.0mm, contact patch 36.0mm and a riser 1/8” Paris. This makes it durable, and with high performance when riding.

It has a riser of a clear spray-on grip made from crushed recycled glass. Enjoy your freeriding with Arbor Fish AC Longboard. 

The cost of Arbor Fish AC Longboard ranges from $92.50 to $190.99

6. Arbor Timeless GT Longboard

Arbor Timeless GT Longboard
Arbor Timeless GT Longboard


This is one of the most comfortable longboard skates, designed specifically for luxury. It has all you need to make skate sports interesting.

Skates with Arbor Timeless GT Longboard will make you enjoy the sport to the full. Every part of it is well thought out by an expert artist. 

This is excellent for cruising because it features a sick new graphics with 46 inches long. Deck is mildly flexy and provides riders the most comfort to ride around the city.

The Arbor Timeless GT Longboard has a pintail shape that allows riders to have a full use of the board’s surface areas.  

It has a higher stability and with high speed that is not beyond riders’ control.

Arbor Timeless GT Longboard oftentimes comes with these specifications:

  • Length 46″ 
  • Board width 9.5″
  • Wheelbase 32.25″
  • Durometer 78a

The shape gives beginners the pleasure to enjoy skates.

This is made from a renewable 7-Ply Maple ply deck construction. It’s durable because of the material it’s made from.

The cost of Arbor Timeless GT Longboard is ranged from $139 to $199

7. Arbor Sizzler 31-Inch Longboard

Source: Sufdome

Are you looking for an Arbor longboard that is all wood graphic design? Then what you need is Arbor Sizzler 31-inch longboard.

The Arbor Sizzler 31-inch longboard is graphically designed from all-natural wood to enhance your riding skill.

Arbor Sizzler31-Inch longboard is designed to improve your skating skill. Most importantly, when you’re a beginner.

This is a mini truck for you to cruise around town. The board has a swallowtail kicktail that is excellently for both experienced and beginners. 

Whatever level is your skill of skate sport, you will still have enough joy and full exercise when you ride Arbor Sizzler 31-Inch longboard.

It’s not just a portable and fashionable design but also comfortably plan out for your pleasure.

As a new rider, you will enjoy the setup. The specifications are well arranged to give you the pleasure you desire.

It has a very luxury board for standing when riding. And very stable because of the wheel balance.

You can easily control it when skating downhill. The bushing and the pivot have perfect control of the speed. These also help to make turns when you’re riding.

It has a wheel balance lock. So this was built in to safely guide a beginner from skidding during skating.

Enjoy your perfect smooth ride with Arbor Sizzler 31-Inch longboard. Chosen an Arbor Sizzler 31-Inch for your skates, you have your pleasure maximized.

Arbor Sizzler 31-Inch Longboard oftentimes come with these specifications:

  • Width: 21.9 cm / 8.625”
  • Length: 78.1 cm / 30.75”
  • Wheelbase: 43.2 cm / 17”.

This specification is an added advantage of stability, durability, and comfortable for users.

Arbor Sizzler 31-Inch Longboard is constructed from 7 Ply Hardrock Maple with a Premium Palisander wood finish Ply.

Arbor Sizzler 31-Inch longboard is made with the following setup:

  • Trucks: Paris Street 149mm
  • Wheels: Arbor Easyrider Series – Bogart 61mm
  • Bearings: ABEC 7 Bearings with Spacers

8. Arbor Genesis 44-Inch Koa Longboard

Arbor Genesis 44-Inch Koa Longboard
Arbor Genesis 44-Inch Koa Longboard

This is produced from high-quality materials. The components of Arbor Genesis 44-Inch Koa Longboard are exceptional. 

This is one of the top line cruisers. It has a well-designed shape with a responsive plan out. 

It’s made from fiberglass, which makes it unique. It has a board that makes standing skating for tall people enjoyable.

This is quite different from other longboards. And is one of the most popular designs out there.

It’s built with a drop-through truck mounting, which makes it very low to the ground for new riders to easily skate. Many people like the drop-through mount.

The board has a center of gravity because of the drop-through designs. It has a controllable speed that even a beginner can ride with it.

Arbor Genesis 44-Inch Koa Longboard is constructed from Maple and Fiberglass materials.

Also from 5 Plies of Sustainable Maple, which are sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass. These materials made the board more lively, durable, stable, and responsive.

It has a flat platform with a kicktail, which makes the board the ultimate urban.

Arbor Genesis 44-Inch Koa Longboard has the following specifications:

  • Dimensions: 44″
  • Length: 44″
  • Width: 9.6″
  • Wheel Base: 32″
  • Wheels: Arbor 78a
  • Bearings: ABEC 5
  • Classic ABEC 5
  • Arbor SI Outlook Series 70mm 78a Wheels

The cost of Arbor Genesis 44-Inch Koa Longboard ranges from $197.95 to $218.95.

9. Arbor Rally Longboard

Arbor Rally Longboard
Arbor Rally Longboard

Source: Arborcollective

This is a complete longboard for luxury. And a perfect truck for cruising around town. It’s well designed to enable beginners at what level of skate sports to become experienced in a short while.

At what time do you cruise with an Arbor Rally Longboard it will give you the pleasure you need. Your desire to have a cool evening skate will be filled with excitement when you cruise with it.

This is another level of skateboarding. With features that skate sport fun and excitement.

It’s one of the perfect boards for cruising around town. It has a higher quality which makes it one of the most used longboards.

The components are well laid out for comfort and luxury. Perfectly designed to bring out the skating skill in you.

One of the best longboards for fun with friends and sporting exercise as well.

The materials used in producing it are 7 Maple Plies with Arbor’s Premium Wood. The wood material comes from sustainable sources of supply. And a by-product that is reclaimed for use in other products. 

Likewise, the decks are produced with eco-friendly water-based sanding sealers. It has top-notch components, which will make it last. 

The cost of the board is higher than the quality of other skateboards.

The truck is 150mm, with sizable wheels and a cut-off length design for a fun rally any time there is a call for the rally.

The specifications below are for Arbor Rally Longboard 

  • Truck 150 mm Paris 50° 
  • Wheels size – 65mm
  • Durometer – 78a
  • Size 30.50
  • Length 30.5 inches (77.47 cm)
  • Width 8.9 inches (22.61 cm)
  • Wheel Base 20 inches (50.8 cm)

It has a concave style of radial and concave depth of mild. The grip tape is clear, spray-on from Arbor.

10. Arbor Sizzler Bamboo

Arbor Sizzler Bamboo
Arbor Sizzler Bamboo

Source: Evo

Are you looking for a longboard that will give you smooth rolling and easy carving? Then, what you need is Arbor Sizzler Bamboo.

It has a spacious body fit with functional skate trucks. This is one of the perfect longboards for cruising.

The round-out wheels prevent you from skidding off the board while skating. It also saves the rider from any pull-off wheel from the board.

The is a super design with beautiful features that allow you to enjoy your skating. The manufacturers had the beginners in mind, that’s why they constructed the Arbor Sizzler Bamboo. 

When you’re starting out your skate sport for the very first time Arbor Sizzler Bamboo is what will make you enjoy it.

Beginners deliver joy in skating with Arbor Sizzler because it has a wider board and center of gravity that makes keeps them balanced.

Beginners can easily make turns on a trip to the corner store or dodge obstacles when pushing through campus.

It’s soft and lightweight, this makes it easy to ride and commute around. It’s also good for sidewalk surfing on your quick commute. 

Arbor Sizzler Bamboo is built with a grippy formula that gives the rider a smooth sensation of cruising boardwalk irrespective of the surface you’re skating on. 

Skating with Arbor Sizzler Bamboo is specially designed to give skaters an excellent riding experience. It has a well-balanced wheel and can easily be maneuverable when riding.

Arbor Sizzler Bamboo has the following specification:

  • Length: 31.00”
  • Width: 8.63”
  • Wheelbase: 17.00”

11. Arbor Pilsner Complete Skateboard

Arbor Pilsner Complete Skateboard
Arbor Pilsner Complete Skateboard

Source: Tactics

Arbor Pilsner Complete Skateboards are designed for those who love regular skating. It has a smooth deck that elevates your joy no matter how many times you skate.

This is a longboard with differences. It has a well-balanced wheel that you can easily turn when on a speed.

The boards are carved with kicktail that is squared off, which gives riders the platform to exploit their skills. Also, it’s easy to ollie when skating with it.

Decks are durable because they’re crafts from carbonized bamboo that last for years. It also produces sustainable materials with confidence that makes them last longer.

Arbor Pilsner Complete Skateboard will hype your joy of skating. As a beginner, you can easily get along with it and learn faster.

One of the most functional cruiser boards that you can use to have fun is Arbor Pilsner Complete Skateboard.

Though it’s relatively one of the best among all the skateboards in the market. 

It has a narrow shape which makes it different from others. Is also longer than other skateboards.

Pilsners are comfortable and easy to cruise around town or campus. It has better wheel wells that are round out to avoid wheel bite.

The deck is constructed from sustainably sourced hard rock maple. The materials are eco-friendly. Bamboo is also part of the material used. 

And bamboo is a power-generating ply that delivers improves return and lasting durability.

Arbor Pilsner Complete Skateboards are durable because they’re also manufactured from 7-Ply.

The truck is Paris 129mm Truck. 

The cost of Arbor Pilsner Complete Skateboard is $149.95.

Arbor Pilsner Complete Skateboard has the following specification:

  • Width (IN): 8.125
  • Length (IN): 28.75
  • WheelBase (IN): 15.0
  • Nose (IN): 3.875
  • Tail (IN): 5.5

12. Arbor GT Sizzler Longboard Nation

Arbor GT Sizzler Longboard Nation
Arbor GT Sizzler Longboard Nation

Source: Zumiez

Arbor GT Sizzler Longboard Nation is mainly designed for fun. It’s nice for when cruising around town.

Beginners are not afraid when cruising because it has wheel wells round to control the speed.

Even when you’re pushing yourself a little bit harder you’re confident to push on.

This is created from a top wood premium arbor of 7 Maple — the wood materials are from sustainable source supply. 

The wood by-product is reclaimed to produce other products. The material products used are eco-friendly water-based sanding sealers.

The Caliber Standard 8.5″ Arbor GT Sizzler Longboard Nation provides maximum stability. 

Beginners enjoy the speed because of the stability. Irrespective of the higher speeds you can still put it under control.

Arbor GT Sizzler Longboard Nation has the under-listed specification

  • Size (in) 31.75
  • Length (in) 31.75
  • Width (in) 9.0
  • Wheel Base (in) 17.0

13. Arbor Timeless Pin Bamboo Complete

This is an elegant longboard. spacious and nice for skating.

This is classically carved out for full fun during the riding. The essence of the space is a result of the beginners being able to ride.

Arbor Timeless Pin Bamboo Complete is made from sustainable 6-ply maple — with a nice setup and the bamboo pitfall design.

 Arbor Timeless Pin Bamboo has the following specification 

  • Width 9.5″ 
  • Length 46″ 
  • Caliber 50 Caliber 10.0” trucks
  • ABEC 5 bearings 
  • Wheelbase: 32″
  • ABEC 5 bearings
  • Arbor 72mm 78a durometer Sucrose Series wheels.

It has shock-absorbing risers for a smooth ride — you can ride any surface because the shock absorption will make you not feel any rough surface.

14. Mindstate Walnut Longboard

What is the essence of riding a longboard, If not for excitement, fun, and exercise? One of the best trucks to get all these is Arbor Mindstate Walnut Longboard.

Arbor Mindstate Walnut Longboard has one of the best drops through mount and wheel wells that makes turning becomes very easy.

One of the factors that make skating a pleasurable and exciting sport is the ability to turn when riding.

That turning capacity of the Mindstate Walnut Longboard makes it unique compared to other longboards.

Irrespective of the speed, your mind is at rest during turning because of its stability.

The turning capacity is enabled because of the drop through the truck mount and a wheel wells at the nose for sharper and better turns. 

This longboard was designed in a unique way. An additional walnut top sheet gives the board a classy look and is strong.

The Mindstate Walnut Longboard is designed for both beginners and experienced ones alike.

15. Arbor Pocket Rocket Bamboo Complete Cruiser

Are you looking for a simple longboard that you can easily take on an adventure? This truck is designed for such. 

Unlike other longboards, it is lightweight and easy to carry. Taking it on an adventure becomes very easy.

This is an ideal little longboard that has what you need for your longboarding. You enjoy skating on it. 

It has a smooth board, which gives riders pleasure when skating, with controllable speed. 

The stability makes it useful for beginners. This is one of the easy perfect truck designs for a quick adventure. 


As a beginner, there’s a perfect longboard truck for you. The one that can easily make you improve your skating skill.

These Arbor Longboards listed in this article, are to help you get the maximum pleasure and have fun during your learning process.

Become an experienced rider by making your choice out of any of these Arbor longboard.

Don’t wait any longer, exploit your skating skill today — have fun and pleasure while you’re still learning.

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