6 Bed Bug Heaters for Your Indoor & Outdoor Use

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Are bed bugs creating menace in your home or while you’re camping with an RV? They are small creatures that can terrify you.

If you try to use pesticides on them, bed bugs hide and avoid any area with the spray. Because of their high resistance to insecticide, companies have come up with better ways of killing these nagging creatures.

They have invented a bed bug heater. In case you are wondering how it works, read below.

 Thanks to these simple devices, you don’t have to use chemicals to spray the bed bugs anymore. They have been designed to heat up to a specific temperature that kills these deadly creatures. 

They destroy the bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs. Small heaters are powered by electricity and the larger ones by propane. 

In case you are wondering what the best time to use the heater is, then you are in the right spot.

1. After Outdoor Activities

Once you come back home after traveling, you have to use a heater. The bed bugs could have sneaked into your bag without your knowledge. You don’t want to host them inside your house.

Once you arrive at the house, place your luggage inside the heater. It will kill all the bed bugs.

2. If You Suspect That Bed Bugs Are In Your Clothes

People associate bed bugs with dirt. Imagine talking in a boardroom meeting and a bed bug rush across your expensive jacket when everyone is watching.

How embarrassing could that be?

Though they like hiding inside the bed, you can’t risk it. Upon suspecting that they could be hiding in your clothes, put them on the heater. They kill any surviving bed bug.

If not yet convinced how heat kills these insects, continue reading. Every living creature, including humans, cannot survive at a specific temperature.

That temperature is called the thermal death point.

After a temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit, the bodies of bed bugs begin to shut, and their nervous stops functioning. To ensure that none of them survive, expose them to the heat for 30-90 minutes.

Features Of a Good Bed Bug Heater

1. It Must Be Able To Heat Up To 133 Degrees Fahrenheit: That’s the only way your heater can serve the purpose of eliminating the bed bugs.

It should fit your possessions. Ensure that it doesn’t tax your house’s electric system.

2. Size: A bigger heater is better though it is a bit expensive. You should buy a heater depending on what you intend you use it.

If you want to heat your clothes, a small one is okay. If you’re going to hit your bags and coaches, then buy a big one.

3. Power Consumption: Some heaters require a lot of energy.

Before buying, check the manufacturer’s instructions on the amount of power each heater needs. Check how long each has to heat. Do your calculations and decide.

Here are the top 6-bed bug heaters for your indoor and outdoor use:

1. Zappbug Heater

It’s probably one of the smallest portable bed bug eliminators. It’s easy to carry and store since you can fold it flat. 

Its temperature can go up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit and can kill the bed bugs in one hour’s time. You can clean it quickly, and it weighs 10lbs.

It is beneficial since it is cheaper, environmentally friendly, portable, and easy to clean. The only disadvantages are its size, and the time it takes to heat thoroughly and treat items.

2. Pack Tite Heater

If you suspect that bed bugs could be hiding in your clothes, the Pack Tite heater is perfect. It weighs 31lb and has a hanging bar.

Some of the significant advantages are that it is portable, easy to clean, and environmentally friendly.

Unfortunately, it can heat up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit only. As a result, it struggles to stay hot. Although it comes with a hanging bar that can help you suspend it in your closet, it doesn’t quite fit. It is also expensive.

3. ZapBuggy Oven 2

ZappBug Oven 2
ZapBuggy Oven 2

The heater is good for outdoor and indoor use. You can use it to kill the bed bugs in your clothes and other processions.

Its measurements are 3ft.*3ft.*3ft. If you compare its price with the prices of heaters of the same size, you will notice that it is much cheaper.

Some of its major advantages include; it is portable since you can fold it flat, unlike the pack tite that fits clothes only, it can fit a variety of things.

It is environmentally friendly. It can heat to more than 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some of the significant disadvantages include; that it is noisy, has a high energy consumption rate, is usable at home only due to high energy consumption, and to run it, you must have two separate circuits.

4. ZappBug Heater Chamber

It is vast with a measurement of 80*111*57.5 (inches). You can use it to kill all the bed bugs in all your processions. You don’t have to worry if the bedbugs are hiding on the bed or coaches.

It’s fit for the purpose. You can either buy it or rent it.

If you compare the cost of renting it and that of buying it, you will notice that they are almost equal. The best advice would be to own one and use it for a lifetime.

The main reasons why you should buy is because it is long-lasting and environmentally friendly, and you can use it to heat bed bugs hiding in your furniture and mattresses.

Some of the major disadvantages are that you can’t easily carry it. It weighs around 80 pounds, and it is costly.

5. Pack Tite Sc Portable Heater

It has a measurement of 18in*36in*23in. It can heat up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

It can kill all adult bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs. It is portable since you can easily fold it flat.

You don’t have to stand there waiting for it to heat. It has an in-built timer and an alarm that will alert you once it finishes heating your processions.

It is a mid-range heater perfect for you if you have many items to treat. 

Some of the significant advantages include; that you will not struggle either assembling or setting it. It is pocket-friendly. Since you will not use any chemicals, it is environmentally friendly.

You can’t afford to ignore some of its major setbacks which include; Use of much energy, before reaching the right temperature, it will heat for long and thermometer ships separate.

6. Prevsol Bed bug heater

If you want to heat your entire home (not more than 800 sq ft) this heater is perfect for you. Although setting it is complicated, you can get the services of an exterminator.

It uses a high electrical capacity not available in many homes. It is effective and can heat your room at a temperature of 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit.

By the time you are through no bed bug, nymph or egg will survive.

Some of its significant advantages include efficiency, effectiveness, and power.

It also comes with an excellent package of two heater fans an extension cord and even an infrared heat gun. You can use it to treat a larger area.

It has disadvantages that you should know before committing to buy it. For one unit, it’s quite expensive. To run it, it will use a lot of power.

Although it has a manufacturer’s warranty, it has no return policy. It’s complicated to set up.


Thanks to technology, bed bugs don’t have to terrorize you in your home.  You don’t have to use chemicals to spray them.

Heaters are there to make your work easy. No bed bug can survive at a temperature of 133 degrees Fahrenheit.

When choosing a heater, consider the advantages and disadvantages. You can enjoy a bedbug-free life. 

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