How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Mercedes RV?

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Choosing a Mercedes RV for your camping could be the best option.

The luxury you get from Mercedes RV will be memorable. Why? Because these RV models are built to offer such experiences to users. 

You might have heard so many prices that get you wondering if Mercedes RVs are either cheaper or expensive to rent.

Mercedes RV is specially designed to meet modern-day adventures. 

As a result, the unique specifications have gained popularity among adventurers.


The cost of renting a Mercedes RV per night ranges from $200 – $400 including taxes and any other deposits according to RVShare.

However, this rental price varies among rental companies.

The cost of renting Mercedes RVs is relatively higher than other RVs because of the high demand for Mercedes RVs.

According to research by The Wandering RV, the cost of renting other RVs ranges from $100 to $200 per night. Though this price is subject to companies and the RV model.

Many adventurers who value comfort and safety always prefer Mercedes RVs to other RVs models.

Safety and Comfort are the focus of Mercedes RV manufacturers. 

I know you wouldn’t want to spare that 50 to 100 dollars in place of dampening your safety and comfort.

Price Comparison Among RVs

There are different Classes of an RVs, which are as follows:

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C 

The average cost of renting an RV varies among companies. Most times, these prices are based on the features built in the RVs.

You might be asking “why are the prices different among the RVs.”

The variations in rental price among these Classes of RVs are due to the difference in features and amenities including location.

Another factor those companies put into consideration is how new or old is the RV. 

The RV prices are relatively higher when it’s new than old.

The table below shows the cost price for renting different RV classes.

Class of RV 0 – 9 Years (Newer) Per Night Price 10 Years and Above (Older)Per Night Price
Class A$350 – $450 Per Night $175 – $275 per Night
Class B$200 – $350 Per Night$100 – $200 per Night
Class C$225 – $400 Per Night $150 – $200 per night

The table above shows the average rental price of RVs. 

The newest ones are a bit higher than the oldest ones. The new ones’ features and amenities are very much ok compared to the older ones.

There are discount companies for renting an RV.

But this discount is dependent on the number of days that will determine how much they will discount the rental cost. 

So, the higher the number of days, the higher the discount amount.

Other Expected Expenses

Excluding the cost price for renting an RV, there are other fees you need to pay during camping.

It’s wise to bring these prices to your notice and your attention. Though, they’re not costly.

The reason for these other fees is that you could factor them into your plan when making your camping budget.

Apart from miscellaneous expenses, when you know what is expected of you during camping and budget towards it will save you from unplanned costs.

The majority of the fees and charges are paid at the campground.

Here are the other fees and charges you’re expected to pay during your adventures:

RV Campground Rates: 

RV campground rates have a specific place carved out for adventurers to pack their motorhomes.

Though, when camping you may decide not to use the campground and go for boondocking or dry camping for free instead of paying another fee at the campground.

Boondocking is good when you go for one-night camping. But for more than one day boondocking is not advisable.

You need the service of a campsite when spending more days. The cost of packing an RV at the campsite varies among different campsites.

This variety could also depend on the location, size of the space, the amenities available, etc.

There are other factors that influence the increase in campsite price. 

Some of those factors are:

  • State Taxes
  • State Price
  • Amenities
  • Time of The Year
  • Type of RV
  • Duration of The Year

These are some of the factors that increase the campsite price. The influence of those factors listed above depends on the state and sometimes the amenities available.

There are some campsites that are more or less like a resort, while others are not. 

Those types of campsites charge higher compared to other campsites where there is nothing to entertain campers.

These are some of the factors that influence campground prices.

When making a budget for your outdoor camping include the campground price. 

Research the camp you want to camp in to know their campsite price.

Cleaning Fees

This fee is optional — is optional in the sense that if you clean the camper before returning it to the company they will not charge you.

Then, failure to keep it clean before returning it after usage will cost you some dollars.

However, not all renters charge their customers cleaning fees. 

The average cost of cleaning fees ranges from $50-$100. 

Since you can avoid these extra charges after your camping, then do it by ensuring the RV is clean before returning it.

Setup/Delivering Fees

There are some companies that don’t collect any setup/delivering fees.

 While some deliver the RV to their customers’ campgrounds and set it for them for free.

Carry out research to know those companies that will not charge you for delivery and set up fees when planning for your adventure.

There are some people the reason why they’re in the business is a result of this setup/delivery fees.

Regardless, the average cost of delivery and set up RV at the customer campsite is around $150 – $200 one-time. 

Gas Fees

Must you full the tank of a motorhome you rent before returning it? 

For some rentals, you must while for others you may not.

Since it is part of the contract you signed before renting the camper, you have to comply.

If for any reason you fail to comply, they will charge you the cost of filling the tank.

You will pay an additional fee of ($20-$50) for driving it to the gas station by yourself to fill it. 

Mileage/Price Per Mile

Getting an RV rental with good mileage is not difficult. The only difficult part of it is that some companies place a restriction on some mileage. 

When you exceed the restriction limit then you have to pay.

The average cost of exceeding the limited mileage is $0.25-$0.75 per mile.

You can avoid this additional mileage cost. Look for a company that has wide mileage and rent their RV for your camping.


Taxe is the cost extra cost you factor into your budget when planning for your camping.

Taxes are compulsory when renting an RV online for your camping. 

The taxes you pay when renting an RV is called sales taxes.

For example, if you’re renting an RV from a country outside your based country or camp country, you have to pay sales tax to the RV home country.

Rental Insurance

There are renter companies that have a good insurance package for their customers. The package varies across different companies.

For example, Outdoorsy has an insurance package that is up to $1 million insurance and the addition of roadside assistance for their customers who rent an RV from them. 

On the way around, you can also buy additional trip insurance and damage protection for an average cost ranging from 5.5% – 7.5% of the total rental cost. 

Trip insurance helps you to get your fund back (deposit, fees, etc) if there is an emergency cancellation or any interruption. 

Likewise, damage protection protects you against any damage in the RV in the process of using it during camping.

The damage insurance cover also covers your security deposit (usually $500). This money is refunded back to you at the end of your camping.

This security fund refundable policy is not subject to any occurrence so long you have damage insurance cover. 

Why Mercedes-Benz is The Best Option

Mercedes RV

Source: Luxervrental

Everyone desires luxurious camping. One of the ways to have this luxury is a function of the motorhome you are camping with.

Mercedes Benz RV is the best option for your camping because it has all the amenities that will make you have a luxurious camping experience.

Mercedes Benz RV is actually home on a trailer. It provides you with all the home pleasure. It has a designer interior, overhead bunk, and conversion sofas.

The high-roof RV is the Mercedes Benz RV, which has a full head height to stand up, and spacious space to walk around. 

Mercedes Benz RV has a queen-size bedroom with a comfortable bed, a portable toilet, and a shower with an indoor kitchen. 

Mercedes Benz RVs are equipped with a refrigerator, a microwave, and a toilet area with a living area to walk across. 

All these facilities are all standard to give the adventurers the best camping experiences.

Unlike other RVs, you don’t need any special training before you drive a Mercedes Benz RV because of its size, so long as you know how to drive other cars.

Mercedes Benz RVs are more fuel economy compared to other RVs. 

At the end of the camping, you will discover that you have saved some money because of the fuel efficiency of the Mercedes Benz RV.

Mercedes Benz RV has spacious storage facilities that adventurers love. 

Choosing a Mercedes Benz RV for your camping is one of the best options you choose in your camping. 

Why Planning is Important

Planning is an important part of our lives. Also, planning is important when we have the thought of camping.

The determining factor of your memorable camping is proper planning.

You need well-thought-out plans when going camping for the very first time.

The process of researching the best RV, the best campground, the rental price, and the total cost if you’re going to stay for many days is all planning.

Budgeting for your adventure is part of the planning process that most campers don’t play with.

Oftentimes, using your vacation time for adventure begins with planning. 

Without proper research planning, you wouldn’t know the best RVs that have all the amenities you need.

The planning process will help you to know the activities, and meals for each day.

You know a meal is an important aspect which most campers don’t joke with, therefore plan it before embarking on camping. 

When you’re on the campsite someone said I forgot my gear, just know that person did a shallow plan.

The most important factor in camping is planning. Taking time to plan your vacation will make you have a fun-filled pleasurable outdoor experience.

Does the Mercedes Benz RV Worth The Rental Cost?

Oftentimes, you hear related questions like the one above.

Most times, people want to know why the Mercedes Benz RVs rental price is higher than other RVs?. This question arises because they’re yet to research. 

Research on what? 

Research what makes Mercedes RV different from other RVs out there. 

The cost of renting a Mercedes Benz RV is quite higher than other RVs from the table above — because it has more amenities and is more luxurious compared to other RVs.

Mercedes Benz RV is a home on a trailer when you’re away from home. 

Safety and comfort are what adventurers look out for in every recreational vehicle. These two factors (safety and comfort) are found in Mercedes Benz RVs.

So, Mercedes Benz RVs are worth the rental price considering what you stand to gain camping with them.

The fuel efficiency of the Mercedes Benz RV makes people use it more for camping compared to other RVs motorhomes out there.


So far we’ve established that the cost of renting a Mercedes Benz RV ranges from $200 to $400.

One of the best motorhomes for your camping is the Mercedes Benz RV. 

The pleasure that you get from the Mercedes Benz RV outweighs the renting cost.

The joy of vacation is when you have access to home facilities in the motorhome.

Mercedes Benz RVs are gaining popularity among other recreational Vehicles because it has the facilities that you found in the home.

Mercedes Benz RVs are in different sizes to meet individual needs.

Families who deserve a small recreational vehicle can find it in a Mercedes Benz RV.

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