Class B RV With Dry Bath: Everything You Need To Know

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Many people prefer dry bathrooms in an RV to a wet bathrooms RV, because of the stress it takes to maintain a wet bathroom.

They need an RV with a bathroom that will make them feel at home while they’re away.

However, they aren’t certain about the motorhome that can give them the maximum comfort they envision.

Class B RV with a dry bathroom will give you the home pleasure.

Are you confused about the type of motorhomes for your next vacation? Are you looking for a motorhome with limited space with complete facilities?

The motorhome that will make you feel at home while away from your four-wall house?

Class B RV with a dry bathroom that will give you that homies why on the campers wheel.

What Is Class B RV?

class B rv

Class B RV is a motorhome that is in between Class A and Class C, which is built on a van chassis that makes it easy for the driver to operate.

The truth is, there are many motorhomes (e.g., Class A, Class B, and Class C) in the market with different facilities.

Your choice of facilities in an RV is what determines the type of camper you will buy or hire.

Class B RV has all the facilities you may desire to be in a motorhome for a pleasurable vacation outside your residence.

You might be asking, “why to recommend Class B RV with a dry bathroom for your next vacation” yes! It has almost all the facilities you might desire to be in a camper.

Do you know it’s not just the facilities Class B RV has that make them unique, it’s also easy for drivers to operate and is cost-effective?

You neither need the service of another towing van to tow your RV because it’s built on a van chassis.

Before we proceed further, let’s quickly look at the different types of motorhomes, which are Class A, Class B, and Class C.

Different Types of Clampers

Let us begin with Class A, then Class C, while we study Class B at the end of this section.

Class A RV

These sets of motorhomes are often called mobile motors or conventional motorhomes. It’s the largest, most luxurious, spacious, conducive, and homies campers.

Class A RV has complete home amenities inside — this motorhome makes you feel at home when inside the camper, therefore it’s a motorhome of a home on wheels that is fully equipped and loaded with home amenities.

Class A RV’s Length

Class A RV length ranges from 24 ft. to 45 ft. in length. They’re the largest and roomiest campers on the road.

These campers can either be powered with gas or diesel. The length of these RVs makes those adventurers who go for longer join in preferring it more than any other RVs.

The size of these motorhomes makes them also perfect for families and larger groups who are going for family or group adventures.

Class A RVs Space

These clamps are very spacious and large. They’re perfect for large groups and families.

These RVs can sleep 5 to 10 people comfortably at any given time. It’s a home on a wheel away from home.

For those who want to travel with a lot of things, Class A RVs are the best motorhome for you, since they have a larger space to contain so many things.

It has a wide storage location within the vehicle as well as underneath that adventurers can use as a wardrobe, large camping items, and so much more.

Class A RVs Amenities

Class A RVs have the maximum amount of living area and big storage space, which makes them different from other campers.

Class A RVs are spacious because it includes other amenities that are not in the other camper outside there.

This set of RVs has almost all the features most homes have. Their apartment is dependent on the RVs model you purchase.

Some of the amenities present in RVs are listed below for easy access and to help you make a better-informed decision.

  • Heating and air-conditioning
  • king-sized beds
  • Full living rooms
  • Sofas
  • Washers
  • Dryers
  • Televisions
  • Kitchens
  • Refrigerators
  • Full-sized bathrooms

This list depends on the model of Class A RVs, though, some RVs have more amenities than the one listed here. Apart from the amenities listed here, Class A RV has slide-outs for additional living space.

One of the disadvantages of Class A RV is the size and length. This motorhome can be so large that none experienced drivers can’t actually operate it. They are not easy to drive on the service lane and at the gas station.

Class A RVs are very expensive to purchase and costly to maintain. Most times, the driver needs a special license before they can drive Class A RVs.

Class A RVs consume a lot of fuel — they are not fueled economically. The fuel economy is very poor. Due to their size and length, they’re very difficult to fit into certain spots, especially at campgrounds.

Class A motorhome is like a home on wheels, which almost has all the amenities in the house that make it to be super nice, but many RV owners may be finding it difficult to maintain.

Class C RV

Let’s quickly look at the Class C RV component. The picture above is a Class C RV.

Class C RVs are neither A nor B, but they’re the upgraded Class A and Class B. They’re mostly built on a truck or van chassis that’s specifically designed for a motorhome.

Class C RV has an attached cab and sometimes has an overhang that shoots out from the top of the cab. This area is often used for sleeping and sometimes for storage.

Like Class A RVs, Class C RVs are spacious and large to sleep between 4-8 people. It has more room as well, like Class A.

The Class C motorhome has the capacity to tow a separate car so you can leave the motorhome parked while exploring the city in the car.

Class C RVs are large as well, but Class A RVs are far bigger than them though they have similar amenities to Class A.

Class C RVs are quite cheap compared to Class A — easy to maintain also. They don’t consume fuel like Class A.

Difference Between Class C RV and Class A RV

There is a big difference between Class C and Class A. Though Class C RV is quite small compared to Class A, Class B RV is the smaller version of all.

Though they have similar amenities, in size and length, they’re quite different. Let me take you through into differences between Class B and Class C.


Class C RV has the capacity to accommodate 6 to 8 people, and at the same time, there’s a way to increase this number of sleeping through bunk beds on the floor plans or sofa that can be used as a bed.

Class C RVs are more fuel economy compared to Class A RV. Class C RVs are still too large to fit in a garage — some might not fit in service lanes. When it comes to size, they’re large.

Class B RV

Class B RVs are the smallest motorhomes out there. It has a limited size; this makes it easy for most drivers to operate.

They are like normal vans because they’re built on the van chassis. They’re like a passenger van that has been converted into a full-time living space.

Class B RVs have the following amenities like kitchenette, a sleeping area, and oftentimes a small toilet or bathroom. It is completely motorized as well.

Looking at Class B RVs from the outside, it might look like an oversized van. The campers are often tall inside Inside; the van is tall enough for standing room.

Even though there is a kitchen, living room, and bathroom, it is very small. The toilet and shower are combined into one space in some Class B RVs.

Class B RVs are the least expensive among all the motorhomes out there. They are more fuel economy compared to others.

Parking this RV is easy because it is limited inside. It has a very small room for storage since the interior doesn’t have enough space.

Now we understand the different types of motorhomes out there, let us study the bathroom inside each of them.

There are two types of bathrooms, which are:

  • Wet bathroom
  • Dry bathroom.

What is a Wet Bathroom? wet bath is a shower toilet combo that has all the features of a regular bathroom in one place of an RV. In other words;

A Wet bath is the combination of a toilet and shower in the same space. The entire bathroom (environment) gets wet when you shower, including the toilet and the rest of everything inside the bathroom. The bathroom is waterproof and has a drain that drains the water after use.

The wet bathroom is a way to economize an RV space to accommodate other amenities that campers need during their adventures.

However, the idea of a wet bath might be difficult for some people to understand, though a wet bath gives adventurers the comfort of home on a wheel.

The wet bathroom on the RV is an efficient use of space – though you can easily find wet baths in smaller RVs because wet bathrooms take up less space compared to dry bathrooms.

Bathroom toiletries and supplies that should have been kept in the opening or in a dry bathroom are exposed to water in the wet bathroom.

For example, things like toilet paper and towels need to be kept in an area where they won’t get wet during and after a shower.

Wet bathrooms demand proper clean-up after usage.

This poses a serious challenge for the users because it’s time-consuming whenever it’s used.

For proper care, make sure the place is always dried up after the shower to prevent moisture build-up, mold, and mildew growth in your rig.

Ensure the space is properly dried out after each use.

Another challenge with wet bathrooms is the time it takes to dry up after every use to avoid water-clogged.

Invariably, always keep a squeegee and chamois in your wet bathroom to use after showering. This will help you get rid of the water clogged.

A wet bathroom doesn’t allow two people at the same time. For example, you can’t be brushing your teeth while your spouse is showering in the same bathroom. One may not spouse may not be comfortable with the other action — especially when you’re not ready to shower then.

The result of the aforementioned will call for the establishment of morning routines that are performed individually.

Two different activities can’t take place in the wet bathroom for two people at the same — one has to be through first before another one goes in to use the wet bathroom.

The making sure your wet bathroom is clean-up properly, and the water flows out the way it ought to, you must ensure the shower valve is maintained.

Oftentimes, shower valves are the neglected part of an RV wet bathroom.

Still, they’re the beauty behind each shower. The function of the valves is to adjust the temperature and the pressure of the water to give the user a better bathing experience.

Also, for you to have a better showing, there is a continuous need of checking your valve always.

Why Dry Bathroom is Prefer to Wet Bathroom

A motorhome dry bath is a bathroom that has the shower in one separate place and the toilet in another place. In other words, the shower has its own enclosure, so why the toilet has its own enclosure.

A dry bathroom is usually found on larger campers. They have more of the typical shower and bathroom similar to the one at home.

A dry bathroom in the RV is like what you have in your home. There is a shower tub on its own, while toilets and sinks are in their own designated area.

Due to the separate places of toilet and bathroom, users find it more pleasurable and homies why they’re out of their residence.

The discomfort adventurers get from using one wet bathroom when they are on vacation makes them prefer a dry bathroom.

Class B RV with a dry bathroom gives the users the unprecedented comfort they desire before setting out for the journey.


The dry bathroom offers you comfort similar to the one in your house.

A dry bathroom in a recreational vehicle makes you feel at home while you’re off home.

Though it is expensive to maintain, the beauty is that when someone is pressed needed to make use of the toilet, doesn’t have to wait for someone who is already showering, but rather go in to use the toilet.

In a dry bathroom, the water flows out by itself, unlike in a wet bathroom where you have to dry up the water by yourself.

Are you planning for your next vacation? A camper with a dry bathroom (e.g., Class B RV with a dry bathroom) will give you the maximum pleasure you need when you’re away from home.

When having your shower inside a dry bathroom, you feel relaxed, unlike wet bathrooms where the bathroom and toilet are in the same place.

Class B RV with a dry bathroom is what you might need for your next vacation to have a resounding pleasure when away from your home.

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