Instacandy Reviews: Everything You Should Know

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Just as we have subscription boxes for gadgets, clothes, food, etc., likewise, InstaCandy is the subscription box for sweet, sour, and chocolate.

InstaCandy subscription box helps you to taste different varieties of sweets and chocolate every month.

Not only that, but it will also help you to save money while you’re on a subscription. Many people like InstaCandy because of its speed in the delivery process within the specified days.

Your order will be delivered to your doorstep monthly. And each box from InstaCandy has 8 varieties of sweet and sour candies. 

InstaCandy company is committed to your satisfaction. Subscribing with them might be what you need to fulfill your desire for top chocolate.  

How do I Begin With InstaCandy?

For you to enjoy all the benefits of InstaCandy, you need to be a member.

It’s very simple to join an InstaCandy membership. Register here. 

On the registration platform, you need to provide some details like names, contact addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and information about your debit or credit card.

This information is required to help them process your membership and also guide them in delivery.

However, you don’t need to be scared about your data with InstaCandy. Your personal information on the platform is safe. 

They will never share your personal information with any third party.

How Easy is Their Website?

InstaCandy subscription box website is easy to navigate. And it’s fast to use.

Ordering products on the InstaCandy website is easy. Simply pick the products you want, and you’ll be redirected to the checkout page.

Remember, it’s a membership-based subscription box. You can only subscribe when you’re a member.

InstaCandy understands how precious time is to their members, that is while their website is designed to be easy to use. 

What You Stand to Gain as a New Subscriber

InstaCandy subscription company is after satisfying your taste for chocolate. That’s why, as a new subscriber, you have a lot to gain.

Apart from delivering products to customers, you have one month free to enjoy their service.

Meaning you’ll not have to pay for your first box. Your subscription starts the second month. 

You’re not paying doesn’t stop you from choosing the right products you want inside your box. 

You only pay shipping fees as a new subscriber. 

When you compare the cost of what is inside the box, you come to one conclusion: It’s FREE!

This is part of what you stand to gain as a new subscriber.

InstaCandy boxes are affordable because they source products directly from manufacturers.

InstaCandy subscription boxes will help members to save because their products are not expensive compared to Candies.

As a member, you get your subscription box on time.

Can I Cancel an Order?

Yes, you can. This is one of the benefits of becoming an InstaCandy member.

You have the right to cancel any order. You can cancel any order before the product arrives at your doorstep.

Even though your order has been shipped, you can still cancel it. So long it has not yet arrived at your doorstep.

InstaCandy is concerned about the satisfaction of its members. That’s why members can cancel and re-order.

To cancel is simple. Just send InstaCandy an email requesting for cancellation of your order. And the support team will attend to it immediately.

What Is The Cost?

This is a multi-month subscription platform. Though, there’s a specific cost per box every month.

InstaCandy prices are quite fair compared to other Candy subscription boxes.

Once you subscribe, you have one month’s free trial. During your free one-month trial, you only pay for shipping — every other cost is borne by InstaCandy subscription boxes.

The cost of shipping during your free one-month trial is $4.99.

Subsequently, you pay for every InstaCandy box you order. InstaCandy has well-structured monthly plans to meet everyone’s budget.

These monthly plans are to enable subscribers to enjoy their Candy products without missing out. 

InstaCandy cares about your satisfaction; they are passionate about meeting your request on a monthly basis.

The monthly plans are as follows:

  • Three-month package – $62.97 ($20.99 per month)
  • Six-month package – $107.94 ($17.99 per month)

Though, you can also start with a monthly plan. The cost of a monthly plan is $24.99 per box.

All the plans include shipping fees if you’re in the US. For Canada and other countries, you’ll be charged an additional shipping fee. 

The plans are flexible to enable members to subscribe conveniently without feeling the monetary burden.

How Fast is There Shipping?

Ever since I became a member of InstaCandy subscription boxes, there has never been any delay. I always get my box on time. 

Once your order, you will receive an email notification or text message confirming that your order has been received. And they will ship your box on the exact date.

Their shipping system is fast. They’re consistent with shipping dates. Once you receive a delivery date notification, they ensure you get your candy box at the exact date.

However, if there will be a change in the delivery date, you will also get an apology message and the cause of the delay.

Though, this doesn’t happen often — it could be one out of ten results. Sometimes, logistics may be the cause of the delay. 

How many days does it take for someone to receive their candy box?

Maximum of two weeks. Mainly, it also depends on your location. If your address is in the US, you get your box within one week. Outside the US, it’s for about two weeks.

For example, when you place an order toward the end of June, you will receive your candy box in the 2nd week of July.

InstaCandy is reliable when it comes to service delivery. They’re always after your satisfaction.

You may subscribe with InstaCandy today and enjoy all these benefits.

Is There Any Promo?

Yes. InstaCandy organizes promos for its members, especially during the holidays. When they run a promo, they’ll often give away candy boxes. 

It could be an increase in the items inside a box or a reduction in the cost of each candy box. InstaCandy uses promos to appreciate its consistent subscribers.

This company is one of the Candy subscription box providers that organize promos for their members because they value your relationship with them.

For example, for a three months package that usually costs $62.97 (which is $20.99/month), you get it less during promo time.

Types of Treats Available For You to Choose From

InstaCandy has a wide range of candy varieties. This is to enable customers to have a taste different varieties of Candy.

Every InstaCandy box has 8+ full sizes of candies. Apart from the new release, which may also include in the list as soon as it’s out, you’re expected to choose your confectionary and treat from the items below: 

  • A bag of Dum Dums
  • Road Crew Crunch – Milk Chocolate
  • Sour Pink Lemonade Straws -2x
  • Suss Sea Salt Caramel 
  • Good Bites – Raw Chocolate Truffle  
  • Butterfly Gummies
  • Utah Truffles: Milk, Almond, and Mint
  • Raindrop Gummy Cake
  • Tropical Mambas
  • Sour Fruit Balls
  • Sour High Chews
  • Pop Rocks Bubble Gum
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cubes
  • Startup Candy Company’s Artisanal Jumbo Pops
  • Unicorn Poop
  • Abba Zabba
  • KaDunks
  • Smackaroos Chocolate Macaroon
  • Japanese Candy Burger Making Kit

A Brief History of InstaCandy 

A man named Ben Behrouzi, an Italian technologist, born in 1981, founded InstaCandy in 2017, as an entrepreneur and investor.

When InstaCandy was founded, it had its headquarters in San Francisco, California, and had branches in Canada.

The idea behind InstaCandy is to make every new product of Candy available to those who love it every month.

It was designed to help Candy lovers save money and time since they source their products directly from the manufacturers.

All InstaCandy operations are based on this slogan: “Life is a bitch sometimes. Sweeten it up with InstaCandy!”

The entire subscription company was acquired by Alpine Subscription LLC. in April 2018.

After the acquisition, Alpine Subscription focused on effective delivery of service through providing a unique, value-added, and rich candy to their members in America and around the world.

They improve on the delivery boxes monthly. Also, ensure their customers get nice and sweet candies every month.

Since then, they’re after satisfying their customers’ requests and needs.

Other Candy Subscription Boxes

Many other Subscription Boxes deliver Candy products monthly.

These subscription boxes will help you satisfy your desire for candies.

For the purpose of choice and you may likely want to try another candy subscription box. Therefore, you may want to try any of the under-listed ones here.

Candy Club

This subscription box has a similar operation to InstaCandy. They offer almost the same services to customers. Candy Club deals on the following candies products.

  • Gummies
  • Taffy
  • Jellybeans 
  • Sour Strawberry straws

Candy Club members have the right to make their selection from the candies products stated above.

Once you make your choice, you get your box on the stipulated date. The cost of one Candy Club box per month is $29.99.


Bokksu is a subscription box that delivers Japanese candies products to your doorstep every month.

Each box contains 20 – 25 hand-picked Japanese products carefully selected to meet your desire.

They don’t just send you hand-picked Japanese candies, you also get a reward.

Bokksu subscription box supplies Japanese tea to their subscribers as well. Though it’s based on request.

What is the cost per month? They have an organized subscription plan to meet your budget at whatever level you’re. 

Apart from the monthly plan of $39.99/month, there are other plans, which are:

  • For 12 months you pay $36.99.
  • For 3 months you pay $38.99.

You can choose from any of these plans that will be convenient for you.

Candy German

Candy German is a subscription box that delivers German Candies.  

These Candies are specially produced in Germany.

These subscription boxes are out there to satisfy your taste for German Candies. Each box contains 6 – 8 different types of German candies.

These candies are hand-picked and curated for your interest. 

A Candy German box costs €30 per month. 

There are other German candies subscription boxes that you can also check out, which are as follows: 

  • Kinder Riegel Chocolate
  • Schogetten German Chocolate 
  • Hitschler Softi Chewy Candy 
  • Cat Tongues – Marbled Chocolate 
  • Kinder Chocolate 100g
  • Haribo Maoam Kracher -200 g
  • Frigeo Ahoj Brause Brocken fizzy candy, 200pcs

Bar And Cocoa

Are you looking for chocolate that is not common at your local stores?

Then, Bar and Cocoa is the subscription box that will bring those chocolates to you at an affordable rate.

Bar Cocoa subscription box supplies bar chocolate every month.

Most times, Bar Cocoa sources its products from Amanco, Quatu, Raaka, Original Bean, Belvie Chocolates, Chocolat Madagascar, etc.

This is a subscription box that makes most of the chocolate produced all around the world available to you.

Once you place your order, your request is shipped two weeks from the day of request. 

Bar and Cocoa boxes are packaged with mini eco-friendly in mind.

Bar and Cocoa subscription monthly plans and prices are as follows:

  • For three months the cost is $129
  • For 6 months the cost is $249
  • For 12 months, the cost is $479

These subscription plans all have free shipping.

Bar and Coca is a cost-effective subscription compared to what you stand to gain.

Also, they want subscribers to have a taste of all the top chocolates produced all around the world.


You don’t want to miss out on all these benefits that InstaCandy offers. Do you/

Simply visit the website and sign up to start enjoying your favorite sweet, chocolate, and sour.

Have the best chocolate with InstaCandy as you take a rest either at work or at home.

InstaCandy is arguably the number one chocolate subscription box designed to meet your affection for Candy.

InstaCandy provides you with a platform where you can enjoy free one month once you register.

Remember that you can cancel after the free one month if you don’t like their service or product. 

InstaCandy box is hand-picked to meet your request.  

This subscription box allows you to choose based on your taste, and you have your box delivered to your doorstep.

InstaCandy plans are structured in a way to meet your budget at every time. 

Enjoy InstaCandy promotional promo that comes every seasonal period.

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