How To Repair Electric Bikes?

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As you know, electric bikes are much faster and more fun to ride compared to regular bikes.

But it has its own set of problems such as battery & motor issues, throttle problems, braking system failure, etc.

Some of the electric bike’s problems are easily repairable and some are harder, also there are some problems that need parts replacement to fix.

To repair an electric bike first you need to determine the problem and locate the core point of the issue.

For example- if you’re not getting any power to the electric bike first check the battery section and find out if it’s running properly or not.

In the following segment, we’ll show you how to troubleshoot an e-bike for problems and provide you with a possible solution to repair your e-bike.

Why Do Electric Bikes Show Problems?

Why Do Electric Bikes Show Problems?
Why Do Electric Bikes Show Problems?

The first thing you need to know is that your electric bike isn’t invulnerable, it’s a machine, and it’s natural to show problems from time to time.

Besides that, however, there are several active reasons why your e-bike’s facing problems, one, in particular, is poor maintenance, which causes some of the major if not all the issues with your electric bike.

If you don’t maintain your electric bike properly, it’s bound to show problems from time to time.

What Sort Of Problems Can Expect From An Electric Bike?

Before we get on with troubleshooting your electric bike error codes, we would like to share the common sort of problems you can expect from an e-bike.

By going through these common problems you can better prepare yourself for any problems with your electric bike. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Battery Issues

As you know batteries are the heart and soul of an electric bike, without the battery power, it’s just a regular old bike.

As it happens most electric bikes’ problem starts with the battery. As it’s the most important component, when something goes wrong with your e-bike it’s probably because of the battery.

E-bike’s battery causes issues because of several reasons, lower voltage capacity, bent up or disconnected prongs. These are the common issues with an electric bike’s battery.

Brake System Failure

Another problem you can expect from riding an electric bike is a brake system failure.

E-bike’s brake systems mostly fail because of a poor wiring system. Poor wiring systems are more likely to get disconnected or miss-aligned at some point and thus make the brake system fail.

One other reason is if your e-bike has tipped over and bent up the braking disk. In such cases, your bike’s brake disks fail to properly grip the brake while pulling the braking handle.

Throttle System Issues

The throttle system makes e-bike rides much smoother and easier. As you know, its throttle system is located close to the handlebar in the form of a twisting cycle or pressing a switch.

The common problem with the twisting system throttle is it gets miss aligned and stops working properly.

With pressing throttle sometimes wiring gets miss aligned from the motor and battery thus making it stop working.

Paddle-Assist Issues

Most of the paddle assist is operated by a magnetic disk located close to the paddle section. The magnetic disk has a small sensor located close to it, which helps to operate the paddle assist system.

Over time these magnetic disks get separated from the sensors and the sensors can’t read the disk and fail to operate the paddle system properly. Also, its misalignment could cause paddle-assist issues on your electric bike.

Motor Issues

Just like a battery motor is also an important component for your electric bike. Without it, the paddle assist and throttle won’t be able to provide the necessary support to your electric bike.

Worn-out motors over time are a common problem on an electric bike. Over the year after long-term use, the motor becomes less effective. Of course, replacing it solves the issue completely.

How To Troubleshoot & Repair Electric Bikes Problem?

If you’re facing problems with your electric bike and don’t know what’s causing the problem.

You need to troubleshoot the bike to find out the exact problem on your bike. To do that you must go through a few steps, as you know it’s a process of elimination.

When you know what’s causing the problem with your e-bike, it becomes much easier to fix/repair.

Here we’ll go troubleshoot each part of an e-bike and show you how to repair it. But before you’ll need a few things. Such as:

  • An e-bike repairing tool kit.
  • A voltmeter.
  • A screwdriver.

After gathering the necessary tools for the troubleshooting and repairing process, you can start following the given steps below.

Step-1 Check A-Bike’s Power

When facing a problem with your e-bike, first, you need to check the power of your e-bike. Whether it’s getting power from the motor to the control system.

If everything is powered on, then there’s no issue with your battery, however, if it does, then your e-bike isn’t getting power from the battery.

To repair it, first, make sure battery power cables are properly connected. After that see if the battery is plugged in properly.

Then check the battery’s prong status if it’s okay or not. After that take a voltmeter and check the voltage of the battery. If the battery voltage is too low, then it’s time to change the battery.

Step- 2 Inspect The Wiring System

If you’re getting power to the control hub and motors but still your e-bike isn’t working properly. Then you have to assume something is wrong with the wiring.

So double check the wiring system of your electric bike and make sure it the properly connected to its right place.

Step- 3 Check The Motor Inhibitor

Sometimes if your bike tips over or fall the motor inhibitor get budged and loses connection to its motor system.

If that’s the case, make sure the motor inhibitor control is straightened, thus fixing any issue with the motor inhibitor.

Step- 4 Check The Motor

If the motor inhibitor control is working properly and there isn’t any sort of cut-off, then you need to assume that there’s a problem with motor wattage.

Check if the motor wattage is what it should be or not with a voltmeter. If it’s not then replacing it is a good idea to fix the issue.

Step- 5 Check The Paddle Assist System

As you know paddle assist builds with a magnetic disk, over time some it gets misaligned and causes paddle assist system failure.

To fix a paddle assist’s magnetic disk, take a screwdriver and carefully align the magnetic disk to the pedal assist’s sensor. Then your bike’s pedal assist system should be working fine. If not then try installing a new paddle system.

If you face a problem with your e-bike and don’t exactly know what’s causing the problem you can follow the given steps to troubleshoot and fix the problem with your electric bike.

Tips For Maintaining Your Electric Bike

Tips For Maintaining Your Electric Bike
Tips For Maintaining Your Electric Bike

Undoubtedly your electric bike will need repair at some point of use. However, keeping the repairing process to its minimum is the goal, right?

To achieve that you must maintain your electric bike properly and regularly. Without it, your electric bike will start showing problems in no time, no one wants to go through it.

We’ve gathered a few essential tips for you, which will help you maintain your e-bike better and provide it with a long-lasting lifespan with very few repairing processes.

Battery Maintenance

Maintain your e-bike’s battery properly. Make sure you charge your e-bike’s battery regularly. Try to keep it fully charged if you use it on a regular basis.

If you don’t use the e-bike that often, then avoid charging it to 100% while storing the bike. In doing so you’ll be able to keep the battery’s voltage in good condition even while storing the electric bike.

High Tire Pressure

Tire pressures are neglected by many e-bike users, they tend to think it’s not important, but they’re wrong. An electric bike’s tire pressure drops much faster than your average motorcycle tire pressure.

A good tire pressure not only increases your e-bike’s speed but also helps make its battery life longer. So always keep your e-bike’s tire pressure in check and make sure to fill it after 2 to 3 weeks after.

Keep The Chain Clean

Whether it’s an e-bike or regular MTB it’s natural the bike’s chain is going to get dirty from time to time. Keeping the chain clean is a good way to maintain your e-bike.

You can use a WD-40 to clean the chain and to keep it clean as long as possible to lubricate the chains. Lubricants help your bike’s chain to get less dirty over time.

Regular Maintenance

You’ll be surprised how efficient a well-tuned e-bike can become if you regularly maintain it. Not only does it reduce the problem but also it lengthens your electric bike’s lifespan.

Every once a month or less, you should properly clean the whole e-bike while maintaining proper safety for the braking cables and control box. Then your e-bike should provide you with great service no doubt.

To find out more about e-bike maintenance you visit the given link and watch the provided video to get a better understanding of it.

Final Thoughts 

With an electric bike repair process, most of the time you need to adjust or reconnect some wiring or do an R&R (Remove and Replace).

However, first, you need to determine the problem and then find a possible solution. Follow our given guidelines to troubleshoot your e-bike when facing a problem.

Then gather the necessary tools and start repairing your e-bike, keeping the given instruction in mind. Also, make sure you properly maintain your e-bike to lower the chance of needing repair for your electric bike.

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