How to Convert Toy Hauler Garage to Bedroom

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Converting a toy hauler garage to a bedroom is a fantastic idea.

But the room will be much more practical if you place a wall bed or sofa bed instead of a conventional bed.

Also, the room can serve double functionality if you leave a space for exercise.

Here are the steps to transform your hauler garage into a bedroom:

Step #1: Remove the garage door
Step #2: Insulate the walls of the garage door
Step #3: Install a closet and fix the lighting
Step #4: Decorate and install an alternate heating source
Step #5: Make the entry door from the garage inviting
Step #6: Paint the inside of the bedroom

Full-time RVers always seek to maximize and manage the available living space. One way many RVers choose to do this is by modifying the space.

We’ll discuss some ideas for toy hauler garage makeovers to inspire your life on wheels.

Your success lies in the garage conversion looks like a natural part of your toy hauler and less like a modified space. Alongside, it is crucial to manage the available space and make the room auspicious enough.

The simplicity of the Toy Hauler Garage really offers a lot of room for customization. In a typical trailer or RV, you have sinks and ovens and beds to remove and replace.

But in a toy hauler, you typically have four walls and a floor, and little else getting in the way of your decorating ambitions.

Here are a few ideas that will help to convert your garage into a bedroom.


Managing the floor is the crucial element when converting a garage into a bedroom. Usually, the floor of a garage is rough and grimy.

The first thing to consider in conversion is the floor. Just go with vinyl, it’s cheap and wears pretty well and water is not a concern. You don’t need much (6 or 7 sq yds) to buy the heavy stuff.

Do not bother to cement it down other than at the edges. Avoid the Pergola or anything like it as it will swell up with any moisture.

Avoid using an OSB-type flakeboard in a vehicle and particularly on the floor. This type of flakeboard swells and has no longer lifespan.

If you use something like Advantec flooring, you will have no trouble with swelling or warping. An ordinary OSB sheet can create problems for you. One problem

though is OSB or Advantec are not a good substrate to glue sheet flooring to.

It’s recommended you use the OSB as a pattern for a floor made of marine-grade plywood or at least a good veneer-grade sheet with no voids. OSB and water/moisture have a terrible reputation.

If you upgrade to plywood, you can just paint it — thereby saving the price of the discarded OSB and having a great floor.

Windows Insulation

You better know the perils of poor insulation if you ever bear cold weather in your RV. There’s nothing worse than suffering a sleepless night in your rig because it’s just too cold outside.

In a recreational vehicle like your toy hauler, windows are one of the largest sources of heat loss.

In modern houses, double-paned windows are used. Double-paned windows are actually two pieces of glass that are positioned parallel and with a gap that is filled with a certain gas.

But in a typical RV, windows are single-paned. Single-paned windows allow heat loss and do not act as an effective barrier when there is a crucial difference between inside and outside temperatures.

Use a substrate called Reflectix for the better insulation of bedroom windows. You can use additionally, a pillow, pillowcase, and some cardboard for the sake of thermal barrier.

Reflectix is a great product.

Its reflective insulation is made from two outer layers of 96% reflective film, with an inner core of two layers of heavy gauge polyethylene bubbles.

Polythene bubbles provide strength and insulating capacity to the reflective substrate and also act as an effective thermal barrier. Heavy gauge polythene bubbles are a better choice to apply.

You can add it to the inside of garage doors, cinder blocks, and all kinds of surfaces – including your RV windows.

Get Creative with Storage space

Storage is vital for the small spaces and particularly in the bedroom where most of your belongings are kept.

When you lack sufficient storage capacity, you have to be innovative with your available storage space.  You can use under-bed storage boxes to slash out-of-season clothes away.

You also have an option of using custom shelving to store things like shoes and books, alongside placing a storage ottoman at the foot of your bed.

This ottoman can provide you with extra storage and seating space as well. Storage beds are an excellent choice for the toy hauler bedrooms.

Bedroom Shelf Rack

Secure a two-tier metal rack according to the measurements of your room. It would be a better idea to measure the space where the rack is supposed to place.

Then, go to the market with a small measuring tape and grab the rack that fits your required size.

Usually, a small-sized metal rack comes for $10. And it has enough room to put all extras that can be found in a bedroom.

The metal rack has two options to fix it along the wall. One way is to just simply screw it into the wall.

The other option is to use a drywall fastener to give the screws secure bile to hold them.

Room proportions

Visually change the proportions of the room by using paint colors that make it feel bigger and brighter.

Leave the windows simple and do not add unnecessary crafts. Hang some light-reflecting pendants from the ceiling and walls that can reflect light and virtually stretch the space.

Buy the furniture that matches the room’s proportion.

Create the Illusion of Space

Hanging a drapery, as close to the ceiling as possible, works amazingly well. This trick can create an illusion of space by bringing the eye up effect.

Another good trick to creating an illusion of extra space in the room is choosing curtains the fabric is similar to the wall color.

Using wall color curtains is a modern trend. It can be nice in a smaller space because your eye won’t be distracted by contrasting colors.

Keep the Layout Simple

Laying out of a small bedroom is not that difficult. It is quite simple and feasible. You can notice one or two obvious main walls in the room.

Just hit that wall and place the bed alongside the wall. It would be better to place the bed in the center of the main wall.

However, considering the space available, you can choose the best option yet accordingly. Having room to walk on either side is best not only for the room flow but also gives you space to make your bed.

When in toy hauler keep the layout simple and creative.

Add Valuable Seating and Sleep Surfaces

The vertical bed-lift is a predominant fixture in many of today’s toy haulers.

However, this option is not for all budgets. Wall-Mount Sofa is best to provide smaller budget toy haulers with an efficient and comfortable seating and sleeping solution that also easily stores when not in use

Room Decor

Match the decorating basics to the rest of the house, but particularly to the room adjoining the conversion. This means sourcing (or having made) similar windows, doors, fittings, skirting, flooring, and light fittings.

Natural daylight

If you can fit in extra windows to make the new space feel more like a room and less like a conversion, do so.

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