How To Open A Combination Lock With 3 Numbers?

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A code lock is an excellent tool to protect the inviolability of a home or property.

The key in it cannot be lost or forgotten.

 The code that serves as the key is stored only in the owner’s head. But there are situations when the code “fades” from memory.

How to open a combination lock

To open a combination lock, you need to know the combination of unlocking numbers, which you can either ask the salesman in the store where you are buying a product or make a combination yourself.

There are all possible combinations of numbers, which, depending on the locking model, can be 64000 combinations.

 In this case, it will take too long to check the number of combinations. But this method is only suitable if you have time.

In the same case, if you do not have time, you can look for other options.

 For example, opening such a lock is possible with aluminum beer cans. To do this, a thin plate is cut out of thin soft aluminum. 

Next, wrapping this board around the pull-out of the device, try to insert it into the slot to jump off its lock tab.

With door locks, they are well known to anyone who has ever tried to enter the apartment building, where there are often guards at the front door.

As a rule, when installed, a combination of the factory-wide lock code is left, which can be recognized even from the Internet by simply searching in the search tab for the lock model and its factory settings.

You can also use the Sherlock Holmes deductive method:

  • If you carefully look at the numbers and space around each of them, it is possible to determine which ones are used, and which are not, for example, some of them can be polished, erased, or smeared by frequent use;
  • Even often push buttons are very stretched and more comfortable to move or even sink when pressed, so they do not click when they are used, unlike unused buttons;          

Opening the lock on the suitcase/bag

Often people forget the code number of their suitcases, bags, or lock cases, and in panic or some urgency, they start losing hope of opening it ever again.

Locks on them, as a rule, are not very reliable and have few combinations.

Therefore, it is not necessary to destroy your property in the moment of anger, because in most cases, even if you do not know or remember the code, you can open them in a few minutes.

To do this, it is necessary to understand the principle of operation of such devices, which consists of the fact that when the desired figure is entered, the lock mechanism fits into this.

Often this gutter can also be seen on the side of digital wheels, especially if you press it with a screwdriver or knife.

When all numbers are selected, in front of which the gut was visible, and the lock opened, without physical hacking and damage to property.

In the event of a lack of high-quality screwdrivers or trim parts of the unit, when the gap between the parts is too small, and the opening can not be seen, you can pick up the code by the ear.

After all, although you do not see the mechanism, there is still noise from its work and a unique click from the trigger of the gutter, especially in cheap models of the device.

However, this requires absolute silence and a quality stethoscope. 

However, it can not help if you need to open an expensive suitcase with a branded lock that does not make any sound when choosing a combination.

Technical hacking

The method of physical breaking allows the use of tools such as plates, wires, knives, and scissors, as well as other fine devices for breaking the lock. 

They will penetrate any technological openings of the locks and with the effort to open the closing groove of the internal mechanism.

It is necessary to perform this operation very carefully. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage to the internal parts of the lock or jamming the piece from the main key within it.

In both cases, the lock will probably be completely damaged, and you can open it only in that case.

To do this, use a rawer method of physical pressure, implicating that you are breaking your outer hull, using the demolition tool. 

In most cases, it is, for example, through strong pliers, hammers, chisels, hacksaws, or metal grinders.

The efficiency of these methods is to a large extent dependent on the capacity and quality of the lock, as the arc in the cheap locks can collapse, even hitting it with ordinary cobblestones. 

But the most expensive products of high strength quality can be opened very hard and can be a long-lasting situation.

How to open a combination lock – devices for automatic code selection

If you do not know the secret combination, you can open the lock using hackers. 

Many companies today produce special devices and machines equipped with programs that automatically recognize the code from the lock.

They are usually made specifically for locks of a particular type or one manufacturer

The program, which is equipped with the device, quickly “moves” thousands of combinations and gives it the right one. Such devices are not cheap and not available to everyone.

The advantages and disadvantages of opening a combination of a safe

In most cases, an optional method is recommended, because it allows you to open virtually any code locks without any tools, without damaging the lock mechanism itself.

 However, not all the keys are subject to such hacking, and this operation in most cases requires a lot of time and persistence, which do not all have.

Technical hacking is optimal for critical situations when it is urgent to open something, and the time goes on for seconds or minutes. 

It also saves this option in the most sophisticated situations, when the lock is too complicated and reliable.

However, in the heat of anger or panic, do not immediately take the tools to open it, after all, after such physical intervention in the construction of any locking mechanism, it will probably become unusable. 

It’s better to act gradually if you want your property to remain usable for later and thus save your home budget.

In the factory for new locks, as a rule, by default, the simplest combinations of digits are set as codes, for example, “000” or “111” and other variants with a single repetitive symbol.

The password is set to any code device it is always desirable to associate with the actual digits present in everyday life, for example, birthday, series or passport dates, and so on.

Forgotten password – as a lost key, it should always be with the person, even if it is in the subconscious, which can be removed by simply reminding the code setting of the code, it is often the date of birth or just a lucky number.


If possible, it is recommended that the methods of the most important opening of the locks are used.

The choice, and only at the very end, when there are no other options, and what is hidden under the lock is at least more valuable than it, you can continue the physical hacking of the lock mechanism.

The suitcase is a travel companion, and experienced tourists know that even unusual and small locks will help keep the luggage untouched.

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