Do Napoleon Grills Rust? (What Material is Used?)

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Napoleon Grills do not rust. The high-quality material and heavy-duty construction make Napoleon Grills a household brand, very durable and resistant to rust – most Napoleon grills are made of partly ceramics, stainless steel, and other materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Grilling is one of the best ways to handle your outdoor cooking, especially with gas grills. 

Gas grills are easy to use, fast, easy to clean, and will cook your food to perfection.

If you’re looking for a porcelain-coated cast gas grill, with side handles for easy carrying, get the Napoleon TravelQ PRO285E-BK Portable Electric Grill on Amazon. It comes with a durable cast iron lid and heat control. It’s the best we’ve found after researching over 50 gas grills and testing more than a dozen.

Best Napoleon Gas Grill and Accessories

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Napoleon TravelQ PRO285E-BK Portable Electric Grill

Napoleon Commercial Charcoal and Smoker Tray, One Size, Cast Iron

Napoleon 70012 PRO Cutting Board Grill Accessory, One Size, Multi

Choosing a gas grill

Gas grills enable you to cook a wide range of foods for family and friends with minimal effort and fuss. 

Though there are lots of grill brands in the market to choose from, the Napoleon brand is one of the best brands to consider in the market. 

However, the Napoleon brand has lots of different grills, which makes choosing the right one a bit tricky.

More so, many savvy customers are concerned about the material used in building Napoleon grills and whether Napoleon grills will rust or not.

To answer these questions and many others that may arise, we’ve made a detailed list of the best napoleon grills on the market as well as their features and reviews.

Brief Information About Napoleon Brand

The Napoleon brand is well-known as one of the best grill brands in Canada.

The company has received several awards, which include the Vesta Award for the best gas product in 2017 and the Best Managed Company in 2018.

Napoleon Grill Company, originally The Wolf Steel Ltd, is dedicated and committed to producing products of balanced designs, superior technology, and exceptional quality. 

The company has been in operation for over 40 years and has continuously challenged the status quo in the grill industry with great performance and innovation.

How Napoleon Grills Handles The Growing Competition?

Due to the many grill brands on the market, the Napoleon brand has to develop some outstanding features to fare in comparison. Here are a few of them:

  • Affordable Pricing and Excellent Performance

With excellent performance and continuous innovation, Napoleon’s grills have constantly stood out from other grills out there. The exemplary performance has also helped Napoleon to earn numerous awards.

More so, Napoleon grills are very affordable and less expensive compared to other brands.

  • Great Features and Accessories

Napoleon grills are easy to use and very suitable for those who love outdoor grilling sessions. Napoleon grills also boast a wide range of features and accessories.

For instance, they come in compact sizes and provide a larger cooking area compared to their counterparts. 

Napoleon grills, especially the Napoleon LEX models, are also equipped with a rear infrared burner, a sizzle zone, a built-in ice bucket, a cutting board, and much more.

More so, Napoleon grills are built with premium quality stainless steel, which protects them against rust.

  • Versatility and Longtime Warranty

Napoleon grills can either be used with liquid propane or natural gas, depending on the user’s preference. The company also offers a lifetime warranty on the cook box, lids, and grates.

The main burners have a 10-year warranty, and the infrared rotisserie, as well as the rest of the unit, has a two-year guarantee.

Review of The Best Napoleon Grills

Now that you know what material is used in building Napoleon grills – high-quality stainless steel, which makes the unit resistant to rust – let’s take a look at the reviews of some of the best Napoleon Grills on the market.

Napoleon LEX 485 BBQ Grill

Napoleon LEX 485 BBQ Grill is a high-quality propane gas grill made of premium stainless steel.

It has a sturdy, heavy-duty build that will last for a long time without rusting or needing any replacements.

This grill comes with top-notch construction and impressive power.

This model preheats in as low as four minutes, and the generated heat is magnificent, grilling your steaks and pork in no time. If you want to look like a master chef, get this grill!

This grill is exceptional. It comes with infrared rear and side burners that generate a large amount of heat.

This grill is also fitted with an innovative, wave-shaped grid that distributes the heat evenly and an instant failsafe ignition mechanism that instantly fires up the burners using a small jet of flame.

Napoleon LEX 485 BBQ Grill is the best for you if you’re the type that throws parties in the backyard, loves to do outdoor cooking, or grills some juicy and delicious steaks or pork for friends and family. 

It will provide premium-quality performance with the high levels of heat that it produces. Plus, the sturdy, heavy-duty build will last for a long time without needing any replacements.


  • Instant failsafe ignition
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Innovative wave-shaped grids
  • Infrared rear and side burners
  • Sear station with a cast-iron cooking grid
  • Resistant to rust
  • Ten years warranty
  • Barbecue Gas Cart
  • Backlit Control Knobs


  • Slightly difficult to clean

Napoleon Grills LEX485RSIBNSS-1

This model is a high-quality natural gas grill completely made of premium stainless steel.

Napoleon Grills LEX485RSIBNSS-1 has an incredibly sturdy build, which will enable you to use the unit for many years without rusting.

It has a large cooking area, which gives more room to grill your food, and the infrared bottom and rear burners are made of ceramic.

It also has six burners that generate about 74,000 BTUs of heat for maximum efficiency. All these make this unit an exceptionally well-made grill that provides great performance.

Despite its exceptional features and great performance, this grill is quite affordable and comes at a reasonable price to provide ultimate satisfaction.

Napoleon Grills LEX485RSIBNSS-1 has a nice, large cooking area and a spacious cabinet.


  • 74,000 BTUs of heat
  • Comes with six burners
  • Infrared bottom and rear burners made of ceramic
  • Large, 805-square inch cooking area
  • Premium-quality stainless steel


  • The cabinet is slightly open at the top and bottom.

Napoleon LEX 605 Built-In Grill With Infrared Rotisserie

​Napoleon LEX 605 Built-In Grill With Infrared Rotisserie
Napoleon LEX 605 Built-In Grill With Infrared Rotisserie

Napoleon LEX 605 is a white, high-quality, propane gas grill made of premium stainless steel.

This unit makes a wonderful addition to your outdoor cooking gear. It looks flawless and blends seamlessly with your other cooking utensils.

This grill offers premium performance and is more affordable than other grill brands of the same model.

It is fitted with a wide range of features, which include an ice cutting board, an infrared burner, a rear infrared burner, etc. It has a sturdy, heavy-duty, build, with stainless-steel burners.

Aside from its exceptional features and accessories, Napoleon LEX 605 also comes with high performance and great innovations. This grill is ideal for those who love to cook in the open air.


  • Great value with an affordable price
  • Large, 850-sq. Inch. cooking surface
  • Robust, stainless-steel grill grates with sear plates
  • Sturdy build with stainless-steel and chrome accents
  • Three main burners, one infrared burner, and one rear infrared burner


  • This unit doesn’t come with the rotisserie.

Napoleon Grills Rogue 425 Propane Gas Grill

Napoleon Grills Rogue 425 Propane Gas Grill
Napoleon Grills Rogue 425 Propane Gas Grill

Napoleon Grills Rogue 425 is a compact, high-quality propane gas grill made of premium stainless steel.

This grill comes with a great design and has a large cooking area that enables users to cook lots of foods.

It comes with a great design, and it’s a joy to cook with. Its high-quality materials and heavy-duty construction make this grill a great choice for those who love BBQ-ing.

This grill comes with infrared burners and provides an exceptional grilling experience.

It also comes with nice and exceptional features. 

For instance, Napoleon Grills Rogue 425 has three main stainless-steel burners, an infrared sizzle zone, stainless-steel wave cooking grids, and folding shelves. 

More so, it generates heat of about 45,000 BTUs. Considering all these, this grill will help you make good quality meals right within the comfort of your home.

Why don’t you show off your cooking skills with this high-quality, professional Napoleon grill?


  • Generates 45,000 BTUs of heat
  • Compact folding shelves
  • Infrared side burner
  • Innovative ignition system
  • Wave cooking grids made of stainless steel


  • May flare up if care is not taken.

Napoleon P500RSIBPSS-3 Prestige 500

Napoleon Prestige 500 is a high-quality propane gas grill made of premium stainless steel that allows for extended periods of use.

Its great and robust design will make your cooking experience phenomenal. 

It also comes with the Jetfire ignition system that enables you to easily ignite the burners.

Also, it is fitted with safety glow control knobs that will prevent you from accidentally leaving a burner open.

Napoleon Prestige 500 has four main burners made of stainless steel. These burners generate an exceptional 48,000 BTUs of heat.

It also has an infrared side and rear sizzle zones that will both make your cooked meat or steaks look and taste wonderful. 

Why don’t you invite your family and friends to your backyard and show off your great cooking skills with Napoleon Prestige 500?


  • Jetfire ignition system
  • Includes a rotisserie kit
  • Plenty of cooking space
  • Premium-quality materials
  • Infrared rear burner
  • Infrared sizzle zone side burner


  • Fat may fall onto the sizzle zone, creating small fires.


Listed above are some of the best Napoleon Grills on the market. As stated above, premium quality stainless steel is the major material used in building Napoleon Grills.

The high-quality material and heavy-duty construction make Napoleon Grills very durable and resistant to rust – and with a 10-year warranty.

However, just like every other Kitchen utensil, Napoleon Grills require adequate maintenance.

Although this grill is built tough with high-quality material and backed by a strong warranty, poor maintenance culture may cause the unit to deteriorate within a short time.

To answer the question, “Do Napoleon grills rust?” Yes, Napoleon grills rust after a very long period of use and with poor maintenance practices.

Also, note that Napoleon grills are not “all stainless steel.”

Though stainless steel makes the most part of the grills, you will also find ceramic, cast aluminum, and porcelain enameled steel parts in the grills, too, like the back panels and cart legs.

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