7 Tips for Buying a Used Jet Ski: The Simple Guide to Get Best Deals

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So you’re interested in buying a used Jet Ski? In this article, we’ll share the 7 tips to get the best deals, what to look out for, and how much you’re expected to pay.

In case you’re not aware, Jet Ski is a brand name for Kawasaki.

However, most people will mean any kind of watercraft even when it was made by another manufacturer.

Somehow, you may be confused about whether it is a synonym for personal watercraft. In this case, the Jet Ski may refer to all other brands.

This blog will discuss what you need to know before you buy the Jet Ski, just any kind of personal watercraft.

During the summer period, you may be tempted to ride a Jet Ski. The allure of riding on the water may make you rent or buy a jet ski for fun.

Renting a jet ski may be too expensive. Furthermore, you may be subject to limitations like how far and how fast you will ride among other rules that come with the rented Jet Sk.

It will cost you a lot of money renting jet skis every season you want to ride on the water. Unless you are willing to spend quite a big amount on a brand-new Jet Ski, you need a plan to buy a used one.

Purchasing a used jet ski is not easy, the market is full of sellers both genuine ones and fraudulent sellers.

Thus, you need to know what to look for to get a good deal on your Jet Ski. The following tips will help you to make a good purchase decision for a used Jet Ski.

What to look for in a used jet ski

A used Jet Ski is the solution to fixing your allure in water sports when you have a tight budget.

Like other used automobiles, you need to do your homework to ensure you purchase a quality Jet Ski for the money.

Here are the 7 tips for buying a used Jet Ski:

1). Maintenance records

Before you close your purchase deal for a used Jet Ski, ask for the maintenance records.

There is a need to be knowledgeable about whether the Jet Ski received proper upkeep or not.

Ask t know if the Jet Ski has had any accidents that may need major attention to rebuild or repair.

Ensure the maintenance records entail detailed information of the entire lifespan in case it has been owned by more than one person.

Rusts and corrosions may be bad. If the Jet Ski was used on salt waters, the fittings and bolts may have rust and corrosions when if it is not maintained properly.

Avoid any instances that may indicate faulty parts, especially those that may cause major engine damage.

2). Functionality

While looking for a used jet ski, do not rush to purchase one before testing its performance on the water.

There are several instances you need to pay attention to. get started by ensuring the jet ski takes off instantly.

The power of the engine is not crucial here because not all of them take off with high power. To ensure proper functionality of the Jet Ski, ensure you understand the location where you will ride.

Whether you are riding on freshwater off salty water, the mechanical parts and engine should be able to sustain the condition to enhance better performance.

Always insist on a thorough inspection and a water test because verbal assurances will not do much.

3). Hours Covered

You will easily know how old a Jet Ski is by checking the number of hours it has been operated.

Considering the hours will help you to know how much wear and tear you will expect from the Jet Ski.

A Jet Ski that has been used for less than 50 hours is a low hour while 150 hours or more is considered to be high.

The approximate lifespan of a jet ski is about 300 hours; therefore, you should pay attention to the hours as well as the maintenance details. You may find a jet with as low hours as 20 that is poorly maintained.

This is even worse than a 200-hour jet ski that is well maintained. You should develop a picture of what you expect from a particular Jet Ski by considering the hours and maintenance history.

4). Mechanical inspection

The mechanical check is crucial when buying a used Jet Ski. Check out the parts including the engine, the condition of the hull, pump, and propeller, loose wires, and corrosion.

Performing a mechanic check by you may be challenging.

Use the help of an expert to check both the exterior and interior of the Jet Ski before purchase. Make sure the engine starts normally, the battery should be working.

Test the Jet Ski for a few minutes to ensure the engine doesn’t overheat. Now is a good time to see if there are loose wires that make the jet stop unnecessarily.

The terminals should be secured and hanging wires are taped up and fixed properly.

5). Where do you intend to use the Jet Ski?

Before you purchase a Jet Ski, find out if it is legal to use that brand where you plan to ride.

Some bodies of water may restrict certain types of personal watercraft for various reasons, especially for safety purposes.

On the other hand, some states restrict riding jet skis during certain seasons. You should be sure what the rules are before you decide to purchase a used Jet Ski.

Inquiring with the relevant authority about the riding policies will save lots of money from buying a Jet Ski that you will only use for a limited period.

6). The seller should have a title

Before you purchase a Jet Ski, ensure your seller has a title. Almost all states require people to register personal watercraft before they are taken to the lakes, rivers, or waterways.

Do not buy from sellers who do not have a title whether they lost it or never had one.

When you have been given the title by the seller, it is important to verify the identification number to ensure that the ownership details match.

Some Jet Skis have a secondary identity tag found below the battery or under the fuel tank.

Ensure that these tags are not tampered with, this is a red flag. If the titles do not match with the identity tags, do not buy the Jet Ski because you may fall victim to fraud cases.

7). Look for water and oil leaks

Water and oil leaks are an indication of prior damage, old or cracked hoses, bad seals or gaskets, or loose fittings of the Jet Ski parts.

You will easily tell if the Jet Ski has been serviced, all fitting done regularly, hoses replaced periodically, and proper general maintenance. You should also check for oil leaks in the motor of the jet.

If there are oil spills at the bottom t the ski hull, it indicates that there is a leakage and this is a red flag. You will not want to purchase a Jet Ski that will leave stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Run the jet for at least 5 minutes to check if there are any leaks in the exhaust system or any hoses inside the hulls.


When you are purchasing a used jet ski, you need to be attentive because you may be exposed to expenses that you may not have anticipated.

The tips above will help you to buy a quality Jet Ski with your tight budget.

Some Ski Jets may require some experts to discover hidden red flags. You should consult a professional to inspect the specifications of your prospective Jet Ski.

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