What Vehicles Can Tow A Tiny House? (10 Examples with Pictures)

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In this article, we’ll discover 10 vehicles that are built to tow tiny hours efficiently.

The weight of a tiny house is what determines the type of vehicle that can tow it.

Tiny houses vary in size and weight, likewise the vehicle varies on the capacity of weight it can pull.

Building a tiny house or buying a tiny house is not the major issue, but the vehicle that will tow it around for you is what matters.

This has become a daily question for many who have acquired or are inspiring to buy a  tiny house. They want to know the weight of the tiny house that their vehicle can tow. 

The first thing is, analyze the total weight of your tiny house to know the exact weight it has. This will guide you to know the capacity of the vehicle that will pull it through.

In this article, we shall analyze 10 different towing vehicles and their capacity for you to be able to make a choice of which one can tow your tiny house.

Towing vehicles vary in pull power, pulling power range from 3,500-pound and above. 

Tiny House Weight 

If you have the weight of your tiny house measured already, then you are good to go, but if you’re in the construction process, this will be a greater help to you.

To determine the exact weight of your tiny house, kindly follow the procedure below.

Get the weight of your trailer in which you want to build your tiny house on. Just know the bigger the tiny house the heavier it will weigh, the more towing capacity you will need to move the tiny house. 

Generally, it’s  accepted that for every foot of a tiny house, your vehicle needs to haul at least 450 pounds. 

This simply means an 18-feet long tiny home needs 8,100-lbs of towing vehicle. Without that your tiny house might not get to the expected destination.

Let’s go into detail on tiny house weight determination.

Tiny House Size And Weight Classification

The important part of a tiny house when it comes to weight is the length, because the width and height is limited by the road legal standards.

There is a certain width and length a tiny house builder is allowed to construct. 

Hence, the major factor to consider when it comes to the tiny house weight is the size.

As the day goes by, people start to see tiny houses as a means to downsize expenses and a comfortable home to raise entire families, then, people are taking pleasure in lengthening the average size of a tiny house from 12-14 feet length to 20-24 feet length. 

The weight of a tiny house depends on the size. The table below shows average tiny house weight and length according to the Tiny House Bloom.

Tiny House LengthTiny House Average Weight
12 – 14 ft5700 – 6650 lbs
18 – 20 ft8550 – 9500 lbs
24 – 28 ft11,400 – 13,300 lbs
32 – 36 ft15,200 – 17,100 lbs

The table above is a rough estimate of a tiny house dimensions and weight, which serves as a guide when building your tiny house. 

Obviously, if the length of a tiny house is 12-14 feet then the weight will be 5700-6650lbs. 

Therefore, it gives you an insight into determining the capacity of a towing vehicle power you need to buy.

In addition, give your tiny house an allowance of 1,000 – 2,000 pounds to avoid damage to your vehicle when towing for a long distance.

Now that we have understanding of how to determine the weight of a tiny house, let’s quickly take a look at vehicles’ towing capacity.

Vehicles Classification

The capacity of a vehicle that will pull a tiny house all through matters a lot. Because many tiny house owners always use the tiny house. 

There are different types of vehicles for towing a tiny house. Likewise their towing power differs as well. 

Most times, the tiny house in the U.S, weight 10,000-lbs this includes everything inside the house. 

However, the preferred vehicle to pull this kind of tiny house are super-heavy duty trucks class.

Other towing vehicles with similar towing capacity are Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD, GMC Sierra 3500, and Ford F-Series.

Here are 10 towing vehicles and their towing capacity specifications:

Ford F-150


Ford F-150 has a capacity to tow a tiny house weighing 13,200lbs with a length of 32 – 36 ft . 

The capacity of the Ford F-150 has increased over the years. Ford F-150 has a well-furnished interior that accommodates 3-6 people, the backseat is spacious as well. 

It has good gas mileage. 

The advantage of using a large truck like Ford F-150 is that you’ll have some additional towing capacity when adding other personal belongings and gear to your tiny house.

This makes Ford F-150 perfect for towing most tiny houses.

Remember, every item inside your tiny house will definitely increase its weight.  

Assuming you want to make use of your tiny house while away from home, you might likely want to put some things like water in the water tanks — which will add up to the weight of the vehicle, Ford F-150 can still tow your tiny house.

Chevrolet Colorado


Chevrolet Colorado has powerful towing capacity and it’s fuel consumption is very efficient.

The Chevy truck engine has three capabilities, which gives the best fuel economy of the three.

Chevrolet Colorado has the capacity to tow a tiny house weight of 7,700 lbs with a length of 14 ft.

Jeep Grand Cherokee – Diesel


Jeep as a brand name is well-known for its capacity and off-road vehicle. Jeep can tow a tiny house, yes, it’s designed to do so efficiently.

The SUV has a 3.0 litre turbo-diesel with V6 engine that oozes with 237 horsepower and 550 Newton-meter of torque. Jeep grand has a lot of vehicle power and torque.

The jeep Grand Cherokee-diesel (SUV) has the capacity to tow a tiny house weighing 7,400 lbs, and is good for those 16-feet long.

It can still pull an extra thousand of pounds for those who want to add things in their tiny house when traveling for vacation.

Lincoln Navigator


Lincon Navigator is a sport utility vehicle with high predicted reliability rating, and it’s roomy three-row interior makes it conducive and good for hauling passengers.

Lincoln SUV has the capacity to tow a tiny house weight 9,000 lbs because it has a well packed strong V6 engine. 

Land Rover Range Rover


When it comes to towing tiny houses, Land Rover Range Rover is very unique and comes with some advanced tech features like advanced Tow Assist. 

The advanced Tow Assist is used to pack-up the trailer very well, most especially in a place where there is no packing space. 

This is helpful to those who aren’t good at packing in tight places.

Land Rover Range Rover is highly off-road with comfortable seats and a good luxury large SUV.

Land Rover Range Rover has the capabilities to tow a weight of 7,716 lbs and with average length of 14 ft.

Honda Ridgeline


Honda Ridgeline is designed for those who want to tow small tiny houses. Honda Ridgeline is practically good for those who aren’t expert in towing a tiny house.

It has the capacity to carry up to five passengers. Honda Ridgeline is more versatile and boasts safety. 

Honda Ridgeline has a larger storage space to  accommodate other things due to it’s flatbed.

Honda Ridgeline has the capacity to tow a tiny house that weighs 5,000 lbs and with a length of 12 ft.

Toyota Tundra


Toyota Tundra is built with a bigger engine. Outside the towing power, it has additional capacity to tow a tiny house with things like furnishings, water can etc.

Toyota tundra has the power to tow a tiny house with 10,200 lbs. weight of 16 ft. it also has a towing package of 7,000 lbs.

It has a comfortable interior. With a well fitted back seat. It carries passengers from 3 to 6.

Ram 3500 Turbo Diesel Dually


Ram 3500 Turbo diesel Dually is configured with a dual rear-wheel. Do you when it comes to towing a tiny house diesel engine it’s among the best? Yes, they’re.

Ram 3500 Turbo Diesel has the capacity to tow a weight of 31,210 pound limit. 

Also, has 900 pound-feet force of ration around the axis from its 6.6 -liter Cummins engine.

Ram 3500 Turbo Diesel is good for hauling.  It has six-speed transmission and with auto leveling rear air suspension which balance it on the ground when towing a tiny house.

Chevrolet 3500HD


Chevrolet 3500HD is a strong truck with a 6.6-liter turbo-diesel engine. It has an average horsepower of 397 and with a feet force ratio of 765 around the axis.

Chevrolet 3500HD has an improved cooling when hauling a tiny house with extra weight. Chevrolet 3500HD is also B20 biodiesel economical.

Chevrolet 3500HD has the capacity to tow a tiny house of a length of 32 ft and weigh 23,200 lbs wit 

Nissan Titan Turbo Diesel PRO-4X


Nissan Titan Turbo Diesel PRO-4X has a gasoline V8 engine, which makes it strong to haul a tiny house.

It has a 555 force feet ratio around the axis from the available 5.0-liter Cummins turbo diesel, which makes it a contender with other trucks.

When it comes to towing a tiny house, it has the capacity to tow a tiny house with a weight of 12,300 pounds.


The weight of a tiny house is very important, because is the determinant of the vehicle capacity to be used. 

Hence, you need to know your vehicle capacity to pull a tiny weight through.

For these reasons, let us quickly look at various weights of a vehicle and the terms used to describe vehicle’s weight.

Here are 3 terms used to describe vehicle’s weight, which are as follow:

  • Curb Weight
  • GVWR
  • Payload Capacity

Curb weight

The direct weight that comes with a vehicle from the manufacturer is curb weight. 

This weight is also known as the shipping weight of your fully-fueled vehicle with normal equipment from the manufacturer without any upgrade.

You can easily find this weight writing on the VIN sticker, or the truck original equipment from the manufacturer.


The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the official certified maximum weight of a vehicle by the manufacturer, which every vehicle can safely weigh.

The GVWR includes the weight of the towing cargo, the fuel, the people inside the vehicle and the vehicle itself.

It’s advisable not to allow your vehicle weight more than the GVWR because it’s dangerous for the passengers, and the vehicle itself.

Overweight might result in malfunctioning of your vehicle.

Payload Capacity

Payload capacity is the total weight of the vehicle’s cargo and occupants exclude the curb weight. 

In other words, payload capacity is the vehicle’s curb weight less GVWR. 

For example, if your GVWR weight is 17,000 lbs. and the curb weight is 7,000 lbs., the payload capacity is 10,000lbs.


You don’t need to worry about the vehicle that will tow your tiny house, since you have an ideal of the weight. 

Remember, the bigger the tiny house’s weight the larger the capacity of the towing vehicle will become.

So, what is most important is the understanding of how much weight your tiny house weighs.

Once you know the weight, there are many vehicles outside there that can tow your vehicle.

One of the reasons for knowing the rough of your vehicle’s capacity is to know the weight  it pulls to avoid overloading the vehicle beyond its capacity.

You might not withstand the stress if your vehicle breaks down the road.

Therefore, why not make your journey memorable by getting a vehicle that will best tow your tiny house?

Don’t just assume that your vehicle can tow your tiny house. 

For example, If your tiny house weight is 8,550 lbs with 18 ft, use a towing vehicle that has towing capacity of 20,200 lbs and additional weight of 900 pounds. 

This simple math will save you from a whole lot of stress.

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