Should I Buy a High Mileage Land Cruiser?

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Oftentimes, people think that high mileage cars are riskier than low mileage cars.

Because high mileage goes with high kilometers (speed) while low mileage goes with lower kilometers (speed). Before we proceed, let’s quickly answer the question.

Yes! buy a brand new Land cruiser with high mileage because it’s durable, low maintenance, economic friendly, and less risk.

In addition, buy a fairly used Land cruiser with low mileage because of part of the car, especially the rubber aspect under-go deterioration over time irrespective of the mechanical services and regardless of the mileage.

In this article, you will learn how mileage plays a major role as a determining factor when it comes to buying either a new or fairly-used Land cruiser (car).

Let’s get started;

Why You Should Buy High Mileage Land Cruiser

High Mileage Land Cruiser
High Mileage Land Cruiser

The brand new Land Cruisers with high mileage are cost-effective compared to low mileage.

The higher the mileage for a fairy-used car the higher the services the car may have undergone. They pose a lot of mechanical disadvantages to buyers.

It’s more beneficial to buy a higher mileage newer Land cruiser than to buy an older Land Cruise with fewer miles.

Because the part of the fairy-used Land cruiser, especially the exterior and interior rubber components deteriorate over time, regardless of mileage.  

Cars are built to be driven, therefore cars with high mileage last longer than the ones with low mileage. 

This is possible because cars are designed to lubricate themselves often and burn carbon buildup, which helps the engine to last longer as you drive it continuously.

But when cars aren’t driven as much as they are supposed to have, the engine lacks the capacity to burn carbon that is built up, which affects the performance of the engine.

So, brand new Land cruisers with high mileage are better than the ones with low mileage.

However, it’s preferable to buy a fairly used land cruiser with low mileage to high mileage. The low mileage signifies that the car has more mileage left used.

The higher the mileage used, the higher the car has undergone several services and at the same time, the exterior and the interior body have deteriorated. 

According to the research by American Research Company iSeeCars chief executive Phong Ly, Land cruisers with high mileage are designed to last at least 25 years than lower mileage.

Land cruisers with high mileage have the capacity to last longer up to 300,000 km, which qualifies them as the best car to be used off-road, especially in developing countries.

The higher the mileage the higher the speed. Land cruisers with high mileage have maximum speed with excellent stability.

Consider the features of built-in Land cruisers with high mileage; coupled with many components working at the same time and the maximum comfort is ensured, then it’s fuel-economic compared to low mileage with less functionality.

High Mileage Land Cruiser — Depreciation Favors Who?

Mileage is one of the factors that determines how the value of cars at any point in time. The amount of depreciation a car will undergo depends on the mileage. 

Cars undergo depreciation over time irrespective of whether they’re driving or not. But mileage is one of the factors that count when a Land cruiser is to be depreciated. 

The higher the mileage of the cars the higher the depreciation. Mileage is among the factors that determine the life span of any vehicle. Likewise, the higher the mileage the higher the kilometer per hour it runs.

For a brand new land cruiser with high mileage, depreciation will work to your advantage but for a fairly used land cruiser, low mileage will definitely work in your favor.

The higher the mileage of land cruisers, the cheaper the cost price at first purchase. The lower the mileage at the first purchase, the higher the cost price.

This is true because higher mileage Land cruisers have more reselling value than the ones with lower mileage.

The land cruisers’ life span and depreciation curve will move outward in the direction of the mileage. 

Land cruisers with high mileage have more life span compared to the ones with low mileage.

The brand new Land cruisers with high mileage favor the buyers over the sellers because they’re cost-effective coupled with depreciation.

The second-hand value Land cruisers with low mileage and depreciation favor the sellers, not the buyers.

It’s convenient, appropriate, and beneficial to buy a second-hand value Land cruiser with low mileage than the ones with high mileage.

The higher the mileage left on the fairly used car, the better the car and the life span that is yet to be used.

So, if you’re planning to buy a newer Land cruiser, go for the one with high mileage than the one with low mileage. 

In both short and long runs, depreciation will favor those who purchase high mileage Land cruisers.

High Mileage Depreciation Calculation 

It’s important you know how mileage affects the depreciation, which favors the buyers, not the sellers.

With this knowledge, you’ll greatly appreciate high mileage for a brand new Land cruiser more than the ones with lower mileage. 

Let’s take a look at the simple mathematics of how depreciation affects Land cruisers with the mileage.

For example, you have the 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser (VDJ200R) GX wagon that has an average mileage of 75,000 miles. 

According to KBB the “private party” value for this car is $28,750. Assuming you have driven 20,000 miles, and with 95,000 miles on the odometer, the car at the present will be worth $24,715

The simple calculation shows that if you buy (VDJ200R) GX with 75,000 miles and then drive it for 20,000 miles, the depreciation will be roughly $4035, or about 18 cents per mile.

If peradventure the same Land cruiser of (VDJ200R) GX has 145,000 miles on it, the private party value KBB value would be $18,649. 

Assuming you have driven the Land cruiser GX for 25,000 miles, and you arrived at 170,000 miles on the odometer, then the depreciation value will be 16,345.

This simply means that you would lose $2304 or about 9 cents per mile to drive that same Land cruiser GX.

This calculation simply gives a clear picture of how the depreciation curve will definitely play out over time because a car’s worth will never be $0. 

The high mileage Land cruiser will be cheaper at both ends either during the first purchase or during the driving period. 

If you’re planning on buying a Land Cruiser, go for the one with high mileage instead of the low mileage because you’ll benefit more in the long run. 

Is a Land Cruiser With a High Mileage Has a Durable driveline?

Generally, cars with high mileage have a durable driveline life span compared with the ones with low mileage.

The capacity of an engine with high mileage is higher than the capacity of a low mileage car. 

According to the research carried out by Farmer Weekly, the Land Cruiser with high mileage of 380,000 miles with little more mechanical intervention has a durable driveline. 

The components of the high mileage cars like the engine, and gearbox tend to last long as well, though they require periodic services as it stated by the manufacturer.

It also includes the clutch, exhaust, turbo, alternator, battery, starter motor, and wheel bearing as well.

Mostly, the high mileage Land cruisers have a rock-solid engine. The engines have a cast block and an aluminum head with a valve per cylinder.

High mileage cars have excellent fuel delivery systems with variable nozzle vane turbochargers. 

This combined together make the high mileage cars last longer and durable driveline as well.

The durability of the driving power of high mileage Land cruisers are functions of the engine make-up. 

The components of the cars are well put together to satisfy consumer needs at any point in time. 

So, buying a high mileage Land cruiser will go a long way to save you money and have maximum comfort on the drive.

Does High Mileage Land Cruiser Have Issues?

Apparently, every car has one default. Every car is bound to develop mechanical faults at some point. 

Likewise, the Land Cruisers with high mileage develop mechanical faults at some times during the process of usage.

But these sets of cars with high mileage are more durable than anyone with low mileage.

Land cruisers have been in existence since 1951, and ever since then, there have been continuous improvements in the designs.

The rate at which it will develop mechanical faults has been reduced greatly over the years, especially the ones with high mileage.

The easiest way to keep the rock-solid cars new all the time is continuous services of the vehicle as it is instructed by the manufacturers.

Taking your Land cruiser for periodic services will make the car last longer than you may be expecting.

According to research by iSeeCars, Land cruisers are built by Toyota to last at least 25 years subject to regular services as it’s instructed by the manufacturer. 

Invariably, high mileage Land cruisers last longer than the low mileage. 

Everything about the high mileage Land cruiser is good and it’s built to provide customers with maximum comforts.

Is Land Cruiser Top-Rated Safety?

Safety is what everyone who wants to buy a car considers most. That’s while every car’s manufacturers take it as paramount.

Safety is crucial to everyone that uses and drives vehicles that’s why it’s included in the features; the brake brings the vehicle to a stop, advanced airbags, child safety locks, and traction control.

The newer model of Land Cruiser has more features that guide the drivers to avoid dangers during driving.

So is Toyota which built Land Cruisers. Land Cruiser over the years till date has top rating-safety vehicle in circulation.

Land Cruisers are among the vehicles that have excellent safety delivery features that help drivers enjoy maximum comfort while driving.


You are on the safer side when you buy a newer Land Cruiser with high mileage because of the features that are built into them. 

The high mileage Land Cruiser has high re-seller value compared to the ones that have low mileage.

But if you’re going for a fairing used Land Cruiser, buy the one with low mileage because you will at the advantageous side.

Fair-sued Land Cruisers are better with low mileage than the high mileage ones. 

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