10 Modern Tiny Houses For College Students

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Are you considering leaving the dorm for a tiny house? Are you financially stressed because of the increase in rent or distance from your resident to your school?

Modern tiny house for college students is the best way to rigor out of the financial burden.

Going of the rising costs of living, students are therefore looking for various means to cut down expenses.

According to research by Washington Post, Christopher Clerk, a web-development major at the University of Michigan, said his desire to save money and invest in his future motivated him to ditch dorm life and instead build a tiny house to reside in, which cost him $15,000.

The whole idea for tiny houses springs up on the campus as students’ expenses go up; therefore, students have to devise other means to ease the effect of the high cost of living.

One way to downsize this rising expense is to consider building a tiny house. Tiny houses give students some financial freedom.

Are you a student who is thinking of how to cut down the high cost of living? Don’t worry, this article is here to guide you on how to achieve your dream tiny house and as well have financial freedom.

The first thing to do is to make up your mind that you want to build a tiny house. Write down your plans concerning the tiny house and work towards achieving it.

This ideal will motivate you to think of how you can save money to achieve your dream tiny house.

Saving from your little income can be difficult sometimes, but you have to cultivate the habit of saving. Saving will help you get the money you need to build your tiny house. If you only propose without working towards it by saving, chances are you might not achieve your tiny house.

Modern tiny houses for college students are not that expensive. As a student, you can build a tiny house.

This article is to guide you on how you can build your tiny house. You might be asking, “how much does it cost for a college student to build a tiny house?”

The cost of tiny houses for college students varies.

Here are ten modern tiny houses for college students on how much you can save to build your tiny house.

Tiny House in The Trees Costs $4,000

tiny house

This is an amazing tiny house for students. This house is built under the trees. The cost is as low as $4,000

Mostly, students like a quiet environment for study. If you are in this group of students that likes quiet environments for study, why not consider this type of tiny house.

It’s not just the environment that makes the house nice for students, but it has some basic things that will make you improve in your study.

It has a raised wooden deck where you can enjoy the pleasure of the outdoors. The raised wooden deck will allow you to view outer space and have fun when you’re in the outer space of your house.

The trees that surround this house produce a natural cool breeze that keeps the house cool — it is more enjoyable during a heat period.

This house has natural wooden siding that covers the exterior of the building, which works as an insulator that regulates the temperature of any season — its roof with aluminum roofing completes the cabin-like mood.

As a low-income student, you can afford this tiny house. It doesn’t require too much space for construction. It has a low cost of maintenance.

However, you might not necessarily build your own with an aluminum roof. Better still, you turn over to a fairly used roofing sheet to complete your tiny house.

The good thing about fairly used materials is that it helps you to save more money and spend less beyond what you planned to spend.

Fancy Shell Cost $12,900

Are you a student that likes fancy things? Then fancy shell tiny houses will blow your mind.

This tiny house is not just beautiful, but the cost of building this fancy shell tiny house is affordable.

This is a classic tiny house with low maintenance.

The fancy shell tiny house is built with materials that have an insulator, which regulates cold and heat in the interior side of it.

Are you worried about the space it will occupy? Don’t worry; it’s built on a trailer. Fancy shell tiny houses only occupy 8-by-24 square-foot trailers. The weight of the trailer is 18-000-pound.

Another advantage of a fancy shell tiny house is that you can tow it to any location you desire. This house has a very fine interior design with ponderosa pine lap siding.

The room inside a fancy shell tiny house has a loft that increases the living space to 312 square feet, with a covered patio.

The amount of room space most time is what determines how conducive the room will be. No matter the property you have, this room space will accommodate all.

8 x 16 Tiny Home Build – About $10,000 to Complete

This tiny house is beautified with a staircase, even though it’s not a story building. This beautiful feature of the staircase makes this tiny house unique.

This tiny house is cost-friendly and is affordable for students who wish to have a tiny house. The cost of constructing this tiny house is $10,000.

Also, one of the features of this house is the deck. Nature has a way of teaching us some things — this tiny house creates a deck for students to enjoy nature in outer space.

This tiny house is built on wheels for approximately $10,000. The beautiful part of this house is that you can build it by yourself without the help of anybody.

As a student, you can afford a tiny house by saving.

The practical way to achieve this is by do-it-yourself. The only labor you may need is an electrician, roofing, and plumb.

This type of tiny house has a solar panel that gives the house a light without incurring another bill of light.

This tiny house is built on an 8 x 16 trailer. This allows you to easily and legally tow the small house or move it to any location when the needs arise.

Compact Cabin

The compact cabin is all in one house that has what students need to have a great life during the school period.

This is a 14-by-24-foot house with air conditioning all over. It has a full-size bathtub and shower.

The house is coated all around, which makes it durable. The cost of this house is $15,000.

The buyers have access to a well-furnished kitchen, two loft sleeping or storage space, and an outdoor porch for pleasure.

Gorgeous Tiny Cabin, $5,000

As a student, leaving Luxury doesn’t always mean living in a big apartment where you have more gadgets than you can use. No, it sometimes means living in a cabin that has basic home amenities.

Also, a place that is comfortable for you to study and host friends for educational purposes.

This type of tiny house is just out for your good. As a student, you need basic amenities that enhance life in a house. This house has those basic amenities you need to upgrade your study during your lifetime in school.

These basic amenities are as follows:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Sink
  • Heater
  • Stove
  • Toilet

This house design is beyond imagination for students who deserve the best and also to save for the future.

This is uniquely designed specifically for students who want to downsize expenses. This comes with a solar panel.

The student who desires to have freedom leaving alone can let go of the dorm and build this house at a cost of $5,000.

Tiny Vacation Home Cost Less Than $3,000

Students who love to have the same comfort as usual, like home or dorm, can build this house during vacation.

It’s perfectly good for vacation or retreat. This will enable you and your girlfriend to have a great time during your vacation.

This Cheryl Cabin is a 107-square foot vacation retreat with a 47-square foot porch. It has enough space to accommodate two persons at the same time.

You can build Cheryl Cabin tiny houses at the rate of $3,000. This tiny house is designed to make your vacation memorable.

Tiny Home Built With Recycled Materials, $500

You might imagine, how can this price build a tiny house of this magnitude? It’s doable, but it requires you to think out of the box. Plan it out, work it out to achieve this tiny house.

Most average people won’t believe that $500 can build this type of tiny house.

However, you can’t build this type of tiny house at this price if you make use of new materials. This can only be possible with fairly used materials. That’s the only way you can build this type of house.

Make up your mind to use recycled materials all through the construction period. Accept gift materials from other people like friends.

Visit local shops that sell recycling materials to buy recycled materials. Getting help from friends when constructing this building will also go a long way to bringing your dream to fulfillment.

Students who desire to save for the future will build this type of tiny house. This type of tiny house helps students to avoid unnecessary spending.

Self-Sufficient Solar Powered Cabin, Under $2,000

This tiny house has most things you may need in a house. It’s self-sufficient and hosts friends, unlike other tiny houses.

This tiny self-sufficient house has

  • Electricity
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Full loft and enough space for a bedroom
  • Home office
  • Spacious living room

It occupies 400 square feet of living space. The house is spacious enough to host friends.

Also, this tiny house has a space that can accommodate six people at the same time. This makes the cost price quite fair for students.

Decked Out House

This tiny house is built on a trailer of 170-square-foot. It has a rooftop deck and big windows. Decked out, the tiny house is spacious enough to accommodate a whole family.

Decked-out house is designed to accommodate a group of students of the same department — this group of students can come together to build this kind of house.

There is a deck outside where they can have fun while ready. Decked-out house is built with nice facilities that aid ready and school time enjoyable.

Decked-out houses cost $20,000 to build. Decked-out houses might be expensive for one student, but coming together as a group gives the financial capacity to build this type of house for a conducive environment for study.

Cozy Wooden Cabin, $2,500

This cozy wooden cabin tiny house looks nice and fair for the price. A cozy wooden cabin is nice for students who want to stop too many expenses.

The tiny house doesn’t require much savings. With $2,500, you can build this type of tiny house for your comfort.

Imagine the beauty and the joy you will get when sitting in the wooden cabin in the outer space of your house to catch the cool breeze of nature.

A cozy wooden cabin doesn’t require you to be an expert before you can construct it. With a little experience, you can construct it.


This article outlines ten modern houses that best suit college students.

As a student, you may not be financially stable to pay for a dorm or stay off-campus, a tiny house is a next option you may choose.

You may be asking, “how can you achieve this type of house?” The truth is, you can achieve any tiny house as a student if you follow this write-up.

Follow every point we’ve discussed here to help you get an affordable tiny house.

Cultivate the habit of saving little by little; before you know it, you have all the money you might need to build your tiny house.

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