Is an Air Mattress Good for Camping

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Air mattress is one of the substantial things that you use on your camp. Though there are traditional sleeping beds or cots, people are now leaning more toward air mattresses because of their advantages. 

An air mattress is excellent camping gear, and many campers consider it a luxury camping item. If you intend on camping near your car, this air mattress is easy to carry and pack. 

You’ll wake up feeling revitalized and free of pains associated with sleeping on the ground or the car floor. When choosing your air mattress, consider those with a built-in air pump.

Is an Air Mattress Good for Camping

Is an Air Mattress Good for Camping
Is an Air Mattress Good for Camping

When you’re a camper, you need a good sleeping mattress That can take away all your stress after a heavy hiking day. Here are some advantages that will help you to know is your air mattress good for camping or not-

Easy To Use And Storage 

Different types of inflation exist, ranging from traditional foot pumps to battery-operated hand pumps. Think about how essential convenience is to you and what will work brilliantly for your camping trip.

Battery-operated pumps are helpful because they will always bring along extra batteries, but batteries add weight to your overall kit. The air bed is extremely simple to store. 

You just need to roll your mattress from end to end. Then try to pack it into its carry-on bag. Then you’re all ready to go. And it’s small enough to store at home, too. Simply wash it occasionally, and you need to dry the mattress completely  and put it in its bag. 

Water and Puncture Resistant

Some special air mattresses are waterproof, which is really essential for pet lovers. If you want to go to a camp with your pets, you need the best air mattress for camping with dogs

When your dogs or cats make your mattress filthy, cleaning your air mattress will be more easy and fun. There are some puncture resistance air mattresses for campers that are very helpful for pets.

Weight Less

Air mattresses, including manual pumps, are often lighter. If their weighing is between two and three kilograms, making them ideal for hiking. When you’re camping near your car make sure that it has a built-in pump

And it must weigh 9 to 12 kg. If your air mattresses are heavier than the regular one, there must be a self-inflating capability as well as a built-in pillow.

However, if you’re camping more and more choose an air bed with a manual pump rather than a self-inflating mattress.

Offers Utmost Comfort

When you sleep on the air mattress on a camp, you’ll feel the same coziness when you sleep on your home. As these air mattresses are quite higher than the regular sleeping bags, you’ll be safe from the ground. 

Even with a single bed, there is plenty of room to move around. A hammock provides less freedom of movement , and you need to sleep on your back. And you are not restricted from moving around. 

Protect From Rocks And Roots

While sleeping on an air mattress, waking up directly on top of that middle-of-the-back root is not uncommon. This is usually unavoidable if you’re in the bush and away from your car.

However, automobile campers can carry an inflatable mattress, which solves the problem. While sleeping on a big air mattress you will get a lot of area to cuddle. 

There will be a large gap in the midst of you and the surface which you don’t want to get in touch with. If there are any pokey or hard things on the ground they will not touch you anymore.


PVC and TPU air mattresses are frequently supplemented with textiles which are required for a softer, warmer top. While some air mattresses contain an R-value, which measures warmth on a scale of 1 to 5. 

In those air mattresses, insulated sleeping pads are more commonly used. Check the weight restriction as well; it can give you an idea of the product’s overall durability.


Regular air mattresses are quite affordable. A twin-size air mattress prize range will be 40 bucks to 80 bucks. You can get an air mattress, including a built-in electric pump, for 70 bucks. On the other hand, sleeping bags will cost you 40 to 70 dollars.

Select Your Ideal Size

The capacity of the mattress is determined by the materials used. Therefore reading the user’s manual before purchasing will be a good option. The capacity of the air mattress is also determined by the quality of the seams, valves, and material. 

There are twin, full, and queen-size mattresses for which you’ll get a maximum of 300 pounds to 600 pounds.

How You Can Choose The Best Air Mattress For Camping

Here are some tricks that will help you find out the best air mattress for camping-

  1. You will find a lot of mattresses that are made to be used outside. They’re composed of sturdy materials, are simple to assemble, and pack down effortlessly for travel. 
  2. While camping in winter for added warmth, you can choose flocked air mattresses.
  3. Check out some customer feedback while looking for a camping mattress. Inspect all the user feedback to see what they had to say regarding comfort, durability, and portability.
  4. We only recommend brands that have a reputation, honest business procedures, and high-quality standards.
  5. While a warranty covers not all air mattresses, the majority do. Check the company guidelines before you select the one.

Some Disadvantages Of Having An Air Mattress For Camping

Frankly speaking, an air mattress is not required for camping, although it can be beneficial if you desire a peaceful night’s sleep. 

There are other sleeping cots, sleeping bags, and even hammocks as alternatives to an air mattress based on your demands. Highly susceptible to leaks and punctures, which could leave you with a deflated mattress in the middle of the night. 

They are bulky and require additional attachments. Also, they are not suitable for backpacking sometimes. Once reaching your camping spot, you’ll need a pump to inflate it. Some mattresses can be quite costly if you’re not a regular camper.

How To Maintain Your Air Mattress

How To Maintain Your Air Mattress
How To Maintain Your Air Mattress

The easiest method to look after an inflatable is to make sure no sharp items are poking through it or under it. Wipe any branches, stones, or other sharp objects from your tent. 

When an air mattress is punctured, it deflates and becomes uncomfortable. Look for long-lasting materials, such as vinyl. Simply roll and store your bed after it has been reduced. Ensure that no leaves, twigs, or other damp materials are stuck to your bed, as this may cause it to rot. 

Suppose you think it got dirty while camping. Wash it with normal water and mild detergent to keep it clean. After washing, let it air dry completely before storing it in its bag. Remove the bag.

Wrapping Up

While you’re in a camp for the night, sleeping is a must after a full day of hiking and exploring. That’s why you require a good air mattress that will offer the best sleep time with comfortability. 

Before choosing your air mattress, consider your location and the weather. The surface you’re going to sleep on is also a significant option which you require to consider. Overall it depends on your habits and comfortability how you want to enjoy your camp.

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